Wait, what faces are in season this year?

Marci 9-21-13 FullMarci 9-21-13 Goofy

Outfit// Shirt & Skirt, Thrifted | Scarf: Sears (?) | Shoes: Madden Girl

I mean sure I’ve got the ballerina pose down, but what comes after that? Monster faces? If monster faces aren’t in season this fall, if they have been trumped by the all-powerful all-knowing pumpkin spice latter, then I just don’t know how to handle life and humanity. Sidenote: the first time I saw the PSL abbreviation used in my reader I was stumped for a solid twenty minutes before context clues finally tipped me. Also, is it only me who has a conspiracy theory that Starbucks is secretly promoting their stuff through the bloggers? Because I was in one the other day, and even they had the same omg psl=fall perfection type attitude. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a PSL hater. Haterz gonna hate.

Today is Day 2 of work and I’m pretty stoked. Day 1 went fabulously and, as cheesy as it is to say it, I have a lot of the This Is The Right Place For You Right Now feels. After a year of unemployment-except-for-the-six-months-you-were-employed-somewhat-before-that-company-went-under-followed-by-more-unemployment, it feels really amazingly awesome to get back into the working saddle. I know it’ll wear off after a week or two of waking up at 530, but until then, I say BRING IT ON.

Oh right! This is an outfit post! Okay so this is my unofficial What To Wear For You Anniversary post, I guess, because this is what I wore on our anniversary. Bright colors to the max. I always forget I have this skirt, but it’s kind of a joyous moment when I remember it again. Except the hem refuses to lay flat, even on the admittedly rare occasions that I iron it.


Whoa guys I’m writing about clothes again

Marci 91813 WTW Bookstore Face

I know. I know, it’s been a while. But for what it’s worth, that entire time I didn’t do outfit posts? I was still at least wearing clothes. Be grateful for the little things. Anyway I’m participating in this week’s What to Wear, hosted by the one and only Nicole at Gypsy in Jasper. So. The bookstore. Or, at least according to these photos, what to wear when you’re sporting the worst hangover. Yesterday my mom picked me up and took me to the Third Place Books, which is my happy place. I ate a delicious bbq baked potato and we browsed books for much longer than we intended to. I opted for the most comfortable outfit in my closet, so a jersey skirt and a chunky knit cape poncho thing felt perfect. The whole point of a bookstore (to me) is cheering up and feeling calm. Something about a good bookstore centers me, so when I have an off day that’s the first place I want to go. Also I broke out these tights, which are the color of an almost-too-ripe pumpkin and I’m pretty sure the Fashion Police have rules against wearing them in any season that isn’t fall. It felt right. My feelings were further justified when I saw my breath this morning on Lyra’s walk. Hi there fall!

Marci 91813 WTW Bookstore Full

I just realized I don’t remember where I got like any of these items of clothing. The bag is Modcloth and the dress is old navy and the rest is only heaven knows. Sorry.

An Easy Outfit

Marci 4-6-13 1

Marci 4-6-13 2

Marci 4-6-13 3

The thing about changing the color of your hair is that you can’t pretend that old photos are anything but. Still, I found these photos buried away and realized I never posted them (right?! because being wrong would be so embarrassing…) This outfit is one of the easy outfits in my closet, and by easy, I mean I can wear it without triggering my anxiety. Have I mentioned? Getting dressed in the morning is always a battle, because somehow it’s one of the things that triggers my anxiety. We’re not talking fashion-diva-anxiety, but full on panic-attack-anxiety. Ask anyone who’s had to deal with me getting dressed in the morning. David told me during the photo shoot that he was having fun playing with angles, and he used that same excuse when I asked him why there was no full body shot to show off my shoes. They were comfy black wedges, for those who were curious.

Spring uniforms demand stripes & hats

I asked my ever-loving patient partner to snap some updated photos of my face so I could play around with a new blog design because I’m sure I’ll always be in transition with this blog design and because he’s such a sweetie, he made sure to get some full outfit photos as well. What a keeper. Also, sorry for the bland background. We were looking for something that would be easy to crop out.

Marci 4-20-13 Full

Sweater & Tights: Target | Dress: Old Navy | Shoes: Marshalls | Hat: Sojourner

Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with this dress? Oh and these shoes. And the tights. I sweat those are the three most commonly worn items in my closet. Followed closely by the sweater. I’m so unimaginative. What to do? Add a hat, clearly. It’s the perfect temperature out for a hat now–dry and blue skies, but still chilly and brisk. Ideal hat weather.

Marci 4-20-13 Fish FaceMarci 4-20-13 Boob Shot

So I know it looks like a boob shot, what with the whole image and all, but David assures me it was a necklace shot. He was showcasing my necklace with this picture. The necklace that was my birthday present from him 😉 I mean does the guy know me or what? I have a bad habit of losing all of my favorite necklaces so I’ll have to keep a close eye on this one and make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. I’m still mourning the disappearance of my typewriter necklace.

Marci 4-20-13 Top

What to Wear to Work!

Before we get started, I want to let you guys know that I am an amazingly blessed and spoiled lady who receieved a Wacom Tablet for her birthday, and I’ve been a little obsessed with it. So don’t be alarmed when my outfit record isn’t quite what it used to be…

what to wear

Alright, so thanks to everyone who’s joining in on the What to Wear action! This week it’s What to Wear to Work and if you’re new here, let me just say that I gripe way more than could possibly be considered interesting about my work’s dress policy of pure black and white. I guess somehow that became the stereotype of what photographers wear? (Have I mentioned I’m a studio photographer?) Anyway, while I think it’s the most boring restriction ever, it has led to me to explore a lot more with silhouettes and shapes, which I previously only ever considered in passing as I threw on the brightest and boldest pieces from my closet.

WtW to Work

I’ve finally managed to pinpoint my ideal work silhouettes, depending on what my mood is. This first look is my go-to girly-but-bike-friendly outfit, the best version of a Little Black Dress outfit that my closet is capable of concocting. A jersey-knit dress (Old Navy) is comfortable and cute, and the weight of the fabric lets me feel comfortable bending and moving around little kids. The flats (Marshalls) are comfortable enough to stand and walk around in all day, and the studded toes keep them interesting. I’m supposed to hide my tattoos at work, and if that wasn’t enough of an incentive I like to hide my scars when working around kids and the occasional judgy parent, so I have a cozy sweater (Kohls) that I bling out in my pins and flower brooches–the little bit of color I sneak into the ‘uniform’. Since the whole outfit has a sweet and girly feel, I like wearing a simple and delicate charm necklace (Lisa Leonards) that my mom gifted to me for my birthday.

WtW to Work 2

This is my second-favorite silhouette, and what I wore to work the day I typed this up (Wednesday because I’m kind of a slacker). I love this pencil skirt (H&M) and I’ll admit unabashedly that I have three total. The one pictured above, one in mustard, and another black one with a white bird pattern. It’s amazing, super easy to bike in, and comfortable as all get out. I layer it with some cable knit tights (Kohls, and I don’t recommend them. Weird fit) to keep me decent while biking, slouchy boots (Fred Meyers), and a slouchy white tee (Old Navy). Strong arguments have been made that all my necklaces are statement necklaces, but this deer one is my favorite and it usually gets a good response from kiddos. The blue sweater is perfect to disguise my ‘uniform’ while I’m on my lunch, although I’ll admit that sometimes I’m sneaky and wear it while I’m at work.

WtW to Work 3

The third and final outfit–is actually so boring I fell asleep while drawing it. Okay, not really, but seriously. Black skinny jeans (Kohls) with a black polo (Sears). It’s the most boring thing I’ve ever worn, but I will admit–some days it’s just the only thing that works. I fell in love with metallic flats (Payless) after Kels would not stop about how much she loved her own pair. They’re pretty much the best, and this is an outfit that I swap out necklaces for pins (misc gifts).

Well that’s really it for my work silhouettes, but be sure to go visit Nicole at Gypsy in Jasper and check out all the other fantastic ladies who are participating in What to Wear: to Work! And if you want to link up with us next time, in two Thursdays on the eighteenth, we’re doing What to Wear: while Exercising so you should join in!

Birthday Trip to the Dog Park

I really hope you guys aren’t tired of hearing about the dog park yet, because it’s definitely becoming my favorite Happy Place. I love meeting all the cute little dogs and being that close to the Puget Sound and hanging out with my favorite doggies and my mom. Also, that being said, I don’t know if I’ve actually even talked about the dog park a lot, or if I’ve just thought about it a lot. So maybe you guys don’t even get the chance to be tired of the dog park. At least, not yet. Be ready for a photo-exclusive -heavy post. And a big thanks to mom who took all the photos that have me in them!

Marci wSkipperLyra 1 Lyra 2 Marci Standing Collage Marci Tattoo ShotMarci wLyra 2Marci wLyra 1Syd 1 Syd 2

When you get inked

This, apparently, is what you should wear? I don’t know–I just like taking outfit photos, I never promised clever titles or segues. Two things of note about this outfit, though.

Dress: Romys 6ya | Sweater: Target | Shoes: Payless | Bag: Office Max

Dress: Romys 6ya | Sweater: Target | Shoes: Payless | Bag: Office Max

First, I kept in the age of this dress for a reason, namely that in six years I’ve worn it maybe three times. I remember two off the top of my head, and I’ll assume there’s another time in there as well. Mostly, I never felt like it fit right. In fact, I felt like it made me look a lot bigger than I am, which left me feeling uncomfortable. Apparently the magical recipe is wait six years, let your body gain twenty pounds, and the dress fits like a dream. I was seriously so comfortable. How’s that for irony?

Marci 3-25-13 11

Secondly, though, is this bag. Yes–I bought it at Office Max. It’s technically by the Swiss Army company, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. I bike everywhere with this bag, I fit my whole life in this bag, and it’s smaller than a backpack. It’s sturdy, durable, and cushioned enough for me to travel with my laptop. Love. Love love love. Even if it’s not a designer handbag. 😉

Marci 3-25-13 3This is my before shot for the tattoo! Sometime this weekend I’ll be sure to get an equivalent after shot, although you guys are probably close to being exhausted with photos of my tattoo. At least, you probably are if you’re following me on twitter or instagram. Fair warning, I’m not going to stop showing it off anytime soon. So, you know, there’s that.

Oh and thirdly! I know, I’m a dirty rotten liar, but seriously. Thirdly, this is the first day that I wore bare legs! With no tights! Outside! Without feeling cold! It was magical. Since then it’s been pretty drizzly, so no such luck for a repeat anytime soon, but that’s okay. Spring is coming…

What to Wear on St Paddy’s Day

what to wear

It isn’t easy being green–in fact, for me, it’s pretty difficult and I’m sure I’m the lamest participant this week on What to Wear. But you know, that’s okay, because I love my outfit. Even if it isn’t the greenest of the green!

Marci 3-7-13 full

Sweater & Skirt: Thrifted | Sequined Tank: Charlotte Russe | Leggings: Gift | Shoes: Madden Girl


I’m really not one for celebrating this holiday. I don’t like beer and I don’t like Irish food. I do however like wearing green when I have pink hair. It’s a weird thing but when I dyed my hair completely pink in college, I had this moment of freaking out about what to match it with. At the time I had this really comfortable military green long sleeve thermal with owl print on it that I loved and I was so sad that it wouldn’t match my hair. Then this light bulb clicked in my head and I realized that *gasp* I can wear whatever I want to, color of my hear be damned. I know, it’s a silly epiphany, but that’s what college is about. Right? Anyway…

Marci 3-7-13 collage


I used Sarah’s, from SillyGrrl, collage to make that one and man I love her templates. So easy peasey, and I was even using them on Gimp! Yay for cross compatibility! Oh and that face I’m making on the right photo? That’s the face I make when David and I get busted taking pictures by my little old lady neighbor. Awkward… Also, the ridiculous pose on the left is what happens when David says “well, any other poses you want to do?” Speaking of David (does this post feel rushed yet? Because I feel absolutely scatterbrained writing it), I got him to pose for a few photos as well, since he ended up decked out in green too!

Shirt: Kohls | Tie, Pants & Shoes: no bloody clue

Shirt: Kohls | Tie, Pants & Shoes: no bloody clue

Lesson learned–next time I want to feature one of David’s outfits on the blog, ask him where his clothing came from, I guess. I only know where the shirt is from because I picked it out. I love when he wears that shirt. He has a matching eggplant sweater that looks fabulous with it, and the first time he wore them together to work Kels (who he works with because, you know, small world) was like “Marci dressed you today, didn’t she?”

David 3-7-13 Collage


Well be sure to check out the rest of the fabulous ladies who are participating in What to Wear! I’ve already seen some and trust me when I say you’ll be green with envy!

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I Miss Posting My Outfits

So when my darling dearest Alicia from Break Out of the Bell Jar came to town for a much-anticipated shopping trip, I definitely dragged her outside for a photo shoot. It even included outfit changes. I’m only showing one outfit off today, but I’m showing it off specifically to Marie, from These Faded Eyes. She’ll know why.

Marci 2-10-13 Top

I’ve had a subtle but definite Thing for skull prints lately. I’ll try and get a close up of this dress, but the skulls are made up of intricate little detailing, like classic candy skulls. I love them, and this outfit is now my instant go-to outfit. So comfortable and easy.

Marci 2-10-13 Full

Sweater: Target | Dress: H&M | Leggings: Who knows | Shoes: Outlet store?

Also yes I trimmed my bangs. And yes, I trimmed them far too short. But that’s alright, since they’ll grow… Right? Oh also your tip of the day–H&M has a ton of cotton stretch mini skirts for like $6 that you should consider filling your closet with. And I’m definitely not being paid to say that–rather the opposite. I took home a skirt in black, for work, and a skirt in mustard yellow, for fun. That style skirt is an essential piece in the laziest outfits I ever create.

What to Wear in Blue

what to wear

You guys might want to brace yourselves. I heard the prompt Blue and immediately thought of an outfit I wore a while back, which is my all-time favorite blue combination. I wanted to change things up, though, since I have a thing about repeating outfits. It took some random grabbing of clothes, but I even managed to wear a skirt I usually ignore.

Sweater & Tights: Target | Shirt: Romy | Skirt: Thrifted | Shoes: B&G

Sweater & Tights: Target | Shirt: Romy | Skirt: Thrifted | Shoes: B&G 

Saturday is coming to be our reliable date day, and this past Saturday I dragged David to the middle of the big city we moved right next to and off to my favorite free art museum, Frye. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of this gem in the middle of Seattle than you should definitely get on that. In true hipster mode, I’ve been going there since my age was barely in the double digits and it’s just totally my happy place. I used to skip class in high school and hop a bus to go downtown and spend the day in the museum. Fond memories.

marci blue top half

More exciting than blue, though, is definitely the colors pink and purple! If my bangs look brighter that’d be because I re-dyed them the other day. I picked up a bottle of red dye as well, thinking to lighten up my brown a bit to blend with the pink. It didn’t work, though, since my hair is way too dark, so I dumped a bunch of purple on top to see what happens. Because that’s how I roll.

Marci blue hair

Magic is what happened. I love love love this color and I’ve decided that if purple was a color that appeared naturally on humans, this would be the shade. Right? Granted, I did the dye job a little sloppily, so it’s fading pretty fast. But it’s fading rather well, I think, which makes it a little magical. Not magical? The length of my bangs. Bloggers out in the world are convincing me that I should cut them a bit shorter and not let them get so darn shaggy.

Be sure to check out the rest of the lovely ladies who participate in the fun What To Wear series–especially if your closet is looking a little blue and you’re not quite sure what to do!