An Easy Outfit

Marci 4-6-13 1

Marci 4-6-13 2

Marci 4-6-13 3

The thing about changing the color of your hair is that you can’t pretend that old photos are anything but. Still, I found these photos buried away and realized I never posted them (right?! because being wrong would be so embarrassing…) This outfit is one of the easy outfits in my closet, and by easy, I mean I can wear it without triggering my anxiety. Have I mentioned? Getting dressed in the morning is always a battle, because somehow it’s one of the things that triggers my anxiety. We’re not talking fashion-diva-anxiety, but full on panic-attack-anxiety. Ask anyone who’s had to deal with me getting dressed in the morning. David told me during the photo shoot that he was having fun playing with angles, and he used that same excuse when I asked him why there was no full body shot to show off my shoes. They were comfy black wedges, for those who were curious.