Dusty parking lots and abandoned houses

I can’t remember what sparked it exactly but I think I was drawing out some random phrase and David laughed and asked if I was an emo hipster hip hop artist, coming up with lyrics. I think you’d probably get that impression with my blog post titles, lol, which means I really hope no one goes back through the titles. I think the really good ones are on the Moose blog, though, so there’s that. We were visiting friends, though, recently and I made us pull over to take some photos. The weather was beautiful and the valley we were in has such a nice, open feel that I miss after being in the city for so long. Also we went pant shopping for David the day before and he was super proud of his red pants. They’re amazing

mtv david profile

I was in middle school when I first discovered the amazing genius that is red pants. They’re seriously the bomb and you guys have no friggin’ clue how stoked I was when colorful pants came into fashion because it meant I could find red pants evvvvverywhere. But more importantly, David is now a card-pant-carrying member of the Red Pants Club. We found them at Target, 50% off, and they were perfect. He’s been wearing them all the time and it’s funny to see how well suited we are for each other in the dumb small things, like loving red pants.
mtv housemtv marciahorizxmtv david fullxmtv house
mtv marci full


Man am I ready for some May flowers!

Hey look outfit photos! I think this marks one of the first times in a long time that I just threw on some clothes, liked them, and didn’t feel that compulsive need to change five times. It was really nice. Also I’m ready for some flowers! We keep having such beautiful weather and I’m just so ready to start enjoying it. I’ve been looking up recipes to cook up on our grill and I’ve unpacked our swim suits. Let’s do this!

slant sipping

collage feetface

facebraceletcollage standings


OOTD Making friends with my closet again

Marci Galaxy

I hope you guys don’t hate my selfie gifs because they’re definitely my new favorite thing. My mom figured out that the more photos she takes the more likely she is to get a GoogleSingularity AutoAwesome out of it, so this is what happens.

So I might have mentioned? I never know. One day I’ll actually research these things before I start writing, but that day is not today. Anyway I might have mentioned that I more than halved my wardrobe during the move. It was liberating, terrifying, and unfortunate and still though a necessary thing. It means I’ve been trying to be a lot more intentional about wearing what clothes I have left, since further cuts are probably going to be necessary down the line. Such is life. The shift has forced me to be a little more relaxed in pairing separate pieces that might not have ever seen each other in previous outfit rotations, which is really nice. It’s like a little, mild flashback to my Bellingham days when I wore the craziest shit. (Seriously, guys, whenever I go through the Moose Archives I just laugh and laugh and laugh. I was awesomely out of control with my style). I think next time around I’d want to change the shoes I wear with this outfit, but I have no clue what they should be. The whole thing isn’t overly my favorite, but it worked well enough for a brunch date with my mom.

Marci galaxylegs 1marci galaxylegs 5Marci galaxylegs 3Marci galaxylegs 2

Not that I’m overly eager to bring any more attention to them, but can I just say that posting these photos as my first after the whole talking incessantly about my boob awareness thing I am way too self conscious about how enormous they look in these photos. That’s all. We’ll return to your regularly scheduled and scarved outfits next week, folks.

OOTD New Year, New Look. Ish.

1 horiz

So in case you guys were wondering, I’m posting these outfits all kinds of out of order. If any of you are particularly observant, you’ll be relieved to know I don’t cut and trim my hair this often–you’re just seeing out of sequence grow out hair, lawls. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s a month later, this is what I wore on New Years. Anyway my darling dearest bestie Kels gave me this scarf a while back and it somehow managed to get horribly tragically lost. I’m so glad it reappeared during the Great Exodus because yum, amiright? Oh also? It’s not 100% consistently accurate, but I take photos even on my bad, depressed & grumpy days and you can usually tell because there will be a lot more ridiculous photos than nice smiling ones. Insider tips, y’all.

2dork full 3grr face 4dunno 5balancing act

Leggings as pants, a cold sore, and a wrinkled shirt. What could possibly go wrong?


Cozy night in


It’s cheating to admit I wore this out in public, but does it count that this is my ideal at home outfit? I really shouldn’t have been out in public so I think it counts. Because yeah so when I say I had a cold sore for this I mean it was the worst one in years. I had an allergic reaction to the meds I usually use and half

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What to Wear: Layers

what to wear

This outfit is feeling like a brand new classic look. Sound like an oxymoron? Well pfft say I. Also, for those who saw a different outfit last Thursday when I screwed up which date I was posting, um shh. You saw nothing. And for those who saw it again when it accidentally posted on this Tuesday, well, um, shh x two. You saw double nothing.

Also also? Prepare yourself for a bit of a photo dump. David and I are on a bit of a roll when it comes to outfit shots. And for realziez this time, check out Nicole’s blog post to see her awesome-as-always outfit and everyone else’s!

1closeup 2closeup 3 1mostlyfull 3 2full 4horiz 5horizgoof

Either I’m selfish or a little sister or awesome or all of the above

First off, thanks everyone who commented on my previous post about asymmetry. It’s embarrassing to admit but I had no idea about (nor did I intend for) the negative self-image tone in the post. You’re all such loving, awesome people so thanks for the gentle reality check. Okay now for more pictures of myself! Huzzah!

MarciEEp 111013

I may have impulse bought this sweatshirt at Target the other day, along with a watch and hot pink nail polish. The second I saw the sweatshirt, though, I was super stoked not just on wearing it, but how to make it MINE. Like I mentioned in the title, either I’m a selfish person who wants only one of a kind things, or it relates back to being a little sister tired of handmedowns. Or it relates to my amazing, creative spirit that wants to constantly be involved in what I wear, adding to the art of my wardrobe. Let’s stick with that last one, since it sounds the nicest, eh? I went through and embroidered around the edges of some of the hearts. I really liked it, but now I’m thinking (after a couple weeks of wear) that it isn’t enough, so I’m going to pick up some light greens, blues and yellows to go with it. Oh and with that picture of my watch below? So forever ago Nicole from this adorably awesome blog posted about nail polish on her list of Things I Don’t Understand (PS Nicole I miss those and think they’re hilarious). I can’t find the exact post, but her rant went something along the lines of not understanding nail polish, since it just seems to instantly chip and not look awesome hours after application. I remember when I read it, I was all hey that’s not true! My nail polish lasts forever! And then I went and found a bottle and painted my nails. And then a couple hours later I went to my art table, and then five minutes into painting something I remembered why I never paint my nails. Because um I also paint my nails. Acrylic sticks to painted nails harder than just about anything.

MarciFull 111013

Keffiyeh & Shorts: thrifted | Shirt Watch & Tights: Target | Shoes: Payless | Tank: Romy

Marciheart111013 MarciWatch 111013

Ice cream should have been a requirement

what to wearI actually was on top of my game with this week’s outfit prompt, and even scheduled an ice cream date with my sister to celebrate her finishing up with the quarter’s paralegal schooling work. This and that happened, though, and we ended up bailing on ice cream. She took some cute photos of my outfits, though, so it still worked out. Oh and if you don’t follow me on instagram or twitter, don’t be alarmed. I got a haircut.

Marci 6-11-13 ice cream


I even added in a dorky ice cream cone for you guys. Adds believability, doesn’t it? Also it’s a lie. I hated cones even before I cut out wheat, and I don’t like pink colored ice cream. Unless it’s sherbert, I guess. Ice cream dates are all about being cutesy, in my book, so I kept it playful. A thrifted Big Bird pin, a handmade taxidermied moose pin, and bright cheery colors. The skull dress was needed to balance out the kitschy, and also because it has such an ice-cream-esque silhouette, don’t cha think?Marci 6-11-13 SittingMarci 6-11-13Outfit DetailsMarci 6-11-13 Face

Be sure to check out Nicole’s blog to see her ice cream outfit, as well as everyone else who linked up this week. Oh and I know, I know–there’s been some epic radio silence on my part around here, and that’ll probably continue for a bit. Although I have a long winded feminist rant coming up as an explanation for my hair, if that sounds appealing. Stay tuned? I guess?

Spring uniforms demand stripes & hats

I asked my ever-loving patient partner to snap some updated photos of my face so I could play around with a new blog design because I’m sure I’ll always be in transition with this blog design and because he’s such a sweetie, he made sure to get some full outfit photos as well. What a keeper. Also, sorry for the bland background. We were looking for something that would be easy to crop out.

Marci 4-20-13 Full

Sweater & Tights: Target | Dress: Old Navy | Shoes: Marshalls | Hat: Sojourner

Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with this dress? Oh and these shoes. And the tights. I sweat those are the three most commonly worn items in my closet. Followed closely by the sweater. I’m so unimaginative. What to do? Add a hat, clearly. It’s the perfect temperature out for a hat now–dry and blue skies, but still chilly and brisk. Ideal hat weather.

Marci 4-20-13 Fish FaceMarci 4-20-13 Boob Shot

So I know it looks like a boob shot, what with the whole image and all, but David assures me it was a necklace shot. He was showcasing my necklace with this picture. The necklace that was my birthday present from him 😉 I mean does the guy know me or what? I have a bad habit of losing all of my favorite necklaces so I’ll have to keep a close eye on this one and make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. I’m still mourning the disappearance of my typewriter necklace.

Marci 4-20-13 Top

When you get inked

This, apparently, is what you should wear? I don’t know–I just like taking outfit photos, I never promised clever titles or segues. Two things of note about this outfit, though.

Dress: Romys 6ya | Sweater: Target | Shoes: Payless | Bag: Office Max

Dress: Romys 6ya | Sweater: Target | Shoes: Payless | Bag: Office Max

First, I kept in the age of this dress for a reason, namely that in six years I’ve worn it maybe three times. I remember two off the top of my head, and I’ll assume there’s another time in there as well. Mostly, I never felt like it fit right. In fact, I felt like it made me look a lot bigger than I am, which left me feeling uncomfortable. Apparently the magical recipe is wait six years, let your body gain twenty pounds, and the dress fits like a dream. I was seriously so comfortable. How’s that for irony?

Marci 3-25-13 11

Secondly, though, is this bag. Yes–I bought it at Office Max. It’s technically by the Swiss Army company, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. I bike everywhere with this bag, I fit my whole life in this bag, and it’s smaller than a backpack. It’s sturdy, durable, and cushioned enough for me to travel with my laptop. Love. Love love love. Even if it’s not a designer handbag. 😉

Marci 3-25-13 3This is my before shot for the tattoo! Sometime this weekend I’ll be sure to get an equivalent after shot, although you guys are probably close to being exhausted with photos of my tattoo. At least, you probably are if you’re following me on twitter or instagram. Fair warning, I’m not going to stop showing it off anytime soon. So, you know, there’s that.

Oh and thirdly! I know, I’m a dirty rotten liar, but seriously. Thirdly, this is the first day that I wore bare legs! With no tights! Outside! Without feeling cold! It was magical. Since then it’s been pretty drizzly, so no such luck for a repeat anytime soon, but that’s okay. Spring is coming…