Like stills from a movie

David has been having a blast playing with my new phone, particularly the camera. His new favourite thing is not saying when he’s taking the picture and just taking a million pictures without you noticing. Besides being irritating-kidding of course-, it can occasionally capture a complete moment.





A Golden Tree Grows in Edmonds

Gold Leaves with Green

For the first time in a long time I had my camera on me while I was walking the dog. David was there, too, and he was going to take some outfit photos. This tree is growing in the middle of my very ugly parking lot and it took my breath away by how brilliant it just seemed. Very glad I had my camera on me! We don’t get a lot of stunning foliage in the Northwest, after all. Mostly it just gets soggy.

Brown VeinsI can’t remember where I heard this from (maybe from this book?) but there’s this idea (theory? proven, irrefutable fact? imaginary statement that I’m coming up with as I’m typing this up? I have no clue) that all the core color combinations we use are based off of color combinations we see in nature. Blue and gray, like the ocean, or green and brown, like ferns and dirt. My favorite example is the combination of red dirt & turquoise, a color combination seen a lot within the art of the native American tribes in that region.

I’d like to dress up according to this photos. To grow out my hair really long and let it be wavy, and wear a tighter shift dress the color of the leaves with small bits of blue and brown embroidered on it. It’s so cheesy writing this, but I love that everything that makes up people–all of our cultures and art and imagination–all of it has roots with our experiences and observations of the world around us. I like playing that game in my head every now and then–to look at something very clearly designed, whether it’s an outfit or an abstract design in a magazine, and see what elements root back to nature.

Gold with blue sky

The August Break: Taste

Update: uuuuuugh it works perfectly everywhere except when I actually post. Click the image to see what I’m talking about.

Lunch with my sister was the magic jolt I needed to get out of my funk. Yay! Anyway, as for the prompt taste, well… After a recent photo session with David, he voiced the opinion that I don’t share enough of my goofy nature. These photos catch a pretty good taste of what it’s like, so here you go.

The August Break 2013

The August Break: Self Portrait

Marci & Lyra self portrait

Staying home so long has a way of shrinking my universe during the daytime**. It’s weeks like this (weeks where I give myself five life points for just getting dressed in the morning, five more if it doesn’t take me four hours to get up for lunch*) where I’m so intensely grateful to have Lyra. She might not keep me sane, but she keeps me company which is almost better.

*I’m fine. It’s just a mild dip in a never-ending rollercoaster

**As I was typing this, my sister was on her way to pick me up for lunch, if for no other reason than bitch has timing

The August Break 2013

The August Break: Love

080413 LoveThis was an easy prompt. My man, my dog, and the beach. We took Lyra to the dog park today and it’s hilarious how not into other dogs she is. She just stands there impassively while they smell her, not moving until they leave. She likes making people friends, though, and it’s nice to let her roam off leash. Not that she roams more than three feet from us, but still.

The August Break 2013

The August Break: Yellow

080313 Yellow

I’m jumping on Kaylanaut’s suggestion to participate in The August Break so you guys won’t have to ready anymore ‘gosh I just don’t know what to say’ posts. Today’s yellow theme was a little bit perfect since my two August books are yellow. Also, today I wore a yellow shirt that I thrifted. It was exciting because a long time ago someone told me I should never wear yellow because it makes me look like I’m dying. I took pictures and I’ll let you decide, but I think I look remarkably not-dead in those photos (as opposed to undead)

The August Break 2013

The August Break: Circles

080213 Circles

I keep all my art supplies sorted in repurposed containers. David has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich almost every single day for lunch. He says he doesn’t get bored but whoa man that’s a lot of pb&j! As a result, we go through a lot of Adams peanut butter jars. They’re my absolute favorites to store things in, so he knows he’s not allowed to recycle them.

The August Break 2013

Ignore that it was over a week ago because I have photos

After all, you don’t model for a living, you don’t intend to fit into a teeny bikini any time soon, and you don’t worry about being able to wear your favorite denims. the one study in this category has a PEDro score of 8. Chronic back pain is the cause of 14% of long-term disability in the UK.

I don’t know why, but man this spam comment just tickled me. Can not stop the giggles, although also insulting much? How do they know I don’t intend to fit into a teeny bikini whenever I damn well please? Harumph.  Well I know that Memorial Day was aaaaaages ago, but here I present my photos from our trip to Oregon, visiting David’s bestie and his adorable lady. My favorite part of the trip? Where the guys cooked us dinner. It was a nice change of pace!

Memorial Day DMemorial Day K    Memorial Day Dog Memorial Day MMemorial Day TD1Memorial Day TD2Memorial Day TKDD     Memorial Day T

Memorial Day TK