Bringing back The Moose

Moose close up

Which isn’t to say I’m bringing back the joint fashion blog I made with my bestie Kels, so let’s just nip that little implied meaning in the bud, shall we? No, a while back Kim gave me an adorable moose that she found. It was a moose in desparate need of a makeover–not that he was ugly or anything, but he was just a standard moose, painted brown with lighter shades of brown and motley white antlers. He was holding a little cage that contained one of those battery-operated lights. He was super cute, but I mentioned casually what a paint of coat might do to update him a bit and Kim was immediately on board. “That’s why I got him for you–I knew you’d give him an awesome makeover.”

Moose fullMoose birdfriend

It took a while, but I did my best and I fucking love him to bits. I swapped out his light in order to give him a little bird friend, which was an ornament gifted to David. I also threw on a patterned keffiyeh because he’s definitely inspired by the Moose blog and needed to be a little fashionista.Β My favorite part is definitely his glasses–I twisted them myself with some wire I had laying around and felt like Martha Stewart, basically. All he needs now is a name, so if you have a suggestion, by all means. It’s welcome. I’m thinking something starting with an H, like Henry or Harold.


I really hope this doesn’t lose me a friend but I can’t help myself

I have a friend–I won’t say who so as not to embarrass them–who has an amazing hidden talent. When she blows her nose, she does the best impersonation of what we imagine a moose call sounds like. It’s true–I’ve heard her do it a ton and it always slays me. She’ll even get into it, too, and wiggle her nose to make a wobbly snorting noise. Seriously, few things in life are funnier and I hope she won’t hate me for talking about it. Because it makes me super happy.

I have a picture of her doing it, too, although no on in the world will see it but me, for sure. It’s hilarious. She has a roundish forehead and it gets super wrinkled because her face is all scrunched up. She has big eyes, too, so she looks like this angry baby bird calling out for a moose. It’s awesome. I actually have a whole collection of her scrunching up her face at me and making the baby bird face, although each photo is really her way of saying “oh for the love of god get the camera out of my face”. NEVER.

Anyway I was going through old photos yesterday, looking for ones I want to print to put on the wall, when I stumbled on that photo and it made me smile, and today just seemed like a good day to talk about her talent.

Anonymous friend–you’re pretty bad ass.