Dusty parking lots and abandoned houses

I can’t remember what sparked it exactly but I think I was drawing out some random phrase and David laughed and asked if I was an emo hipster hip hop artist, coming up with lyrics. I think you’d probably get that impression with my blog post titles, lol, which means I really hope no one goes back through the titles. I think the really good ones are on the Moose blog, though, so there’s that. We were visiting friends, though, recently and I made us pull over to take some photos. The weather was beautiful and the valley we were in has such a nice, open feel that I miss after being in the city for so long. Also we went pant shopping for David the day before and he was super proud of his red pants. They’re amazing

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I was in middle school when I first discovered the amazing genius that is red pants. They’re seriously the bomb and you guys have no friggin’ clue how stoked I was when colorful pants came into fashion because it meant I could find red pants evvvvverywhere. But more importantly, David is now a card-pant-carrying member of the Red Pants Club. We found them at Target, 50% off, and they were perfect. He’s been wearing them all the time and it’s funny to see how well suited we are for each other in the dumb small things, like loving red pants.
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Time Traveling Red Polka Dot Pants

Side note? David and I saw a dress that had a scotty dog print on it and I called it a polka doggie dress. He thinks I’m the most cleverest. Anyway.

So I’m time traveling to bring you this outfit. Impressive, no? I figured I’d travel back to when I had a full(er) head of hair. It’s no secret (it shouldn’t be) that I have an ongoing war with anxiety, and that my closet is often the battleground. David is super patient when I change my outfit seven times on a bad day, and has lately been getting attached to my red polkadot pants. They were rejected on a stressful day and he tried to encourage them. “Maybe it’s a red polkadot pant day?” he suggested gently. I told him that I couldn’t handle it. He suggested that maybe that’s exactly when I need the pants the most. Sad to say, they weren’t worn that day.


But the next day, in a similar stressed out crisis, he suggested them again and it worked.

Marci 6-9-13 Full

Marci 6-9-13 2


But even more of an also? David looked pretty sharp that day as well, so I had to get some shots of him in. He’s a way better model than I am, and makes much nicer faces. I mean seriously, look at how cute this mug is:

David 6-9-13 Love Face

David 6-9-13 Full


Kels, who was David’s coworker for a while in addition to being one of my bffs, joked about how she could always tell when David showed up to work in something I picked out, versus something he picked out. To be fair (and to make me sound a lot less like a control freak) it’s usually a combined process. He’ll ask if he needs a sweater, or he’ll ask if the shirt is okay with the pants, and I usually yay,Β occasionallyΒ I will nay. Like this outfit–I bought him the sweater and picked out the shorts, but the shirt, shoes, and combination of all four was all him. All him and all awesomeness.