This is the best outfit in the world, according to 16 year old me

hshoodie turned

I’m posting this photo first because no matter what the blog topic is, I always get at least two or three comments from family members who read the blog about my hair and how long it’s getting. I think it has something to do with how I always cut it short then grow it out, and the fact that my hair is always in some transition of sorts, but people talk about my hair a lot. It’s not just me (I swear it’s not just me), but usually it’s just my coworkers taking turns asking if I’m doing something different, or if I’ve gotten a haircut recently. But it’s just growing out. It’s getting to an amazing length and I love how straight it is when I use my blow dryer. That what I tell them, whenever a coworkers asks. I’ve recently discovered the magics that are my blowdryer and hairspray. The picture below was included solely because my hair looks like a seashell. Like a nautilus, kind of.

Okay but the actual reason I’m posting these photos is the mother fucking black hoodie. I might have scared my barista when I saw her wearing it. Well not this exact one, I promise. Just one similar. She told me she got it at H&M and best of all, she said she got in only a couple of weeks ago. That’s the best feeling, isn’t it, when you expect someone to be all “Oh I got this like years and years ago in a Goodwill three time zones away”. No, she got it only a few weeks ago. So when I was downtown for a doctor visit, it felt like the perfect after-visit treat  for myself. Yay!

It doesn’t disappoint at all and I’ve been reliving the glory days of my high school fashion. And by ‘glory days’ I mean “lazy days” and by “high school fashion” I mean “high school before I understood personal fashion”. Seriously though this is what I was all about–dark wash jeans, goofy shoes, and a black hoodie. I had three or four that I just constantly rotated through, along with my favorite five black tshirts. At one point I went a little crazy and started getting gray shirts too, but that phase was short lived. Even Lyra is part of my high school look! I think she prefers the world of color I’ve started embracing. hshoodie shmooshhshoodie bitchface hshoodie smiling hshoodie topangle


Man am I ready for some May flowers!

Hey look outfit photos! I think this marks one of the first times in a long time that I just threw on some clothes, liked them, and didn’t feel that compulsive need to change five times. It was really nice. Also I’m ready for some flowers! We keep having such beautiful weather and I’m just so ready to start enjoying it. I’ve been looking up recipes to cook up on our grill and I’ve unpacked our swim suits. Let’s do this!

slant sipping

collage feetface

facebraceletcollage standings


What to Wear: Pop Of Colours

what to wearimage

I never thought about having  specific colours represent you until I met David. David owns the color red more than anyone I’ve ever known. He possesses a full range from bright apple red to a deep, sunset maroon. I used to joke that I knew what our wedding colors would be, since it’s not like I’d have much of a choice (maroon and pale blue, with silver accents, if you must know). Over the years, though, my own colors have infected him as well, and now our apartment has a really great blend. Chartreuse, turquoise, bright red, and pops of coral. Funny enough, it’s similar to what I’m wearing in the outfit. Oh right, segue…


I was already thinking about the colors when my mom and I headed out for a play date at the art store They were having a beautiful and glorious sale that resulted in the utter annihilation of even the word budget, as well as the addition of a few beautiful paintbrushes to my collection. Paintbrushes that are a beautiful robins egg blue and bright red, because there is little in life I do better at than keeping to a color palette. Also go say hi to Nicole and see what all the other girls are wearing because it’s definitely a What to Wear week!

image     image


OOTD Making friends with my closet again

Marci Galaxy

I hope you guys don’t hate my selfie gifs because they’re definitely my new favorite thing. My mom figured out that the more photos she takes the more likely she is to get a GoogleSingularity AutoAwesome out of it, so this is what happens.

So I might have mentioned? I never know. One day I’ll actually research these things before I start writing, but that day is not today. Anyway I might have mentioned that I more than halved my wardrobe during the move. It was liberating, terrifying, and unfortunate and still though a necessary thing. It means I’ve been trying to be a lot more intentional about wearing what clothes I have left, since further cuts are probably going to be necessary down the line. Such is life. The shift has forced me to be a little more relaxed in pairing separate pieces that might not have ever seen each other in previous outfit rotations, which is really nice. It’s like a little, mild flashback to my Bellingham days when I wore the craziest shit. (Seriously, guys, whenever I go through the Moose Archives I just laugh and laugh and laugh. I was awesomely out of control with my style). I think next time around I’d want to change the shoes I wear with this outfit, but I have no clue what they should be. The whole thing isn’t overly my favorite, but it worked well enough for a brunch date with my mom.

Marci galaxylegs 1marci galaxylegs 5Marci galaxylegs 3Marci galaxylegs 2

Not that I’m overly eager to bring any more attention to them, but can I just say that posting these photos as my first after the whole talking incessantly about my boob awareness thing I am way too self conscious about how enormous they look in these photos. That’s all. We’ll return to your regularly scheduled and scarved outfits next week, folks.

OOTD New Year, New Look. Ish.

1 horiz

So in case you guys were wondering, I’m posting these outfits all kinds of out of order. If any of you are particularly observant, you’ll be relieved to know I don’t cut and trim my hair this often–you’re just seeing out of sequence grow out hair, lawls. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s a month later, this is what I wore on New Years. Anyway my darling dearest bestie Kels gave me this scarf a while back and it somehow managed to get horribly tragically lost. I’m so glad it reappeared during the Great Exodus because yum, amiright? Oh also? It’s not 100% consistently accurate, but I take photos even on my bad, depressed & grumpy days and you can usually tell because there will be a lot more ridiculous photos than nice smiling ones. Insider tips, y’all.

2dork full 3grr face 4dunno 5balancing act

OOTD Floral Dress

1 showingoff

I’m pretty god damn in love with this fucking floral dress. Like, in love enough to use some fairly crass words on the internet. Yeah. That much. I picked it up on a whim at F21 (side note: I’m such a hypocrite, I badmouth that store so much but man it’s good for a quick fix) and it’s just perfect. The fit is perfect and, before I washed it, the length was perrrrrfect. It shrunk a bit in the wash, but next time it goes in I’ll skip the dryer and let it hang to stretch it back out. Should do the trick, according to David’s mom. These photos are from my favorite outfit spot, the dog park we take Lyra. It’s a little tucked away ledge spot that works really well, especially since it’s a fairly deserted area in the park. Lots of privacy for those awkwardly public & narcissistic photos. Oh also? I’ll say it a million more times but black tights + brown boots = YUM. Really, though, black tights + ANYTHING = perfection.

2 coy full 2 full 4 joyful close 5 land ho

What to Wear: Layers

what to wear

This outfit is feeling like a brand new classic look. Sound like an oxymoron? Well pfft say I. Also, for those who saw a different outfit last Thursday when I screwed up which date I was posting, um shh. You saw nothing. And for those who saw it again when it accidentally posted on this Tuesday, well, um, shh x two. You saw double nothing.

Also also? Prepare yourself for a bit of a photo dump. David and I are on a bit of a roll when it comes to outfit shots. And for realziez this time, check out Nicole’s blog post to see her awesome-as-always outfit and everyone else’s!

1closeup 2closeup 3 1mostlyfull 3 2full 4horiz 5horizgoof

Time Traveling Red Polka Dot Pants

Side note? David and I saw a dress that had a scotty dog print on it and I called it a polka doggie dress. He thinks I’m the most cleverest. Anyway.

So I’m time traveling to bring you this outfit. Impressive, no? I figured I’d travel back to when I had a full(er) head of hair. It’s no secret (it shouldn’t be) that I have an ongoing war with anxiety, and that my closet is often the battleground. David is super patient when I change my outfit seven times on a bad day, and has lately been getting attached to my red polkadot pants. They were rejected on a stressful day and he tried to encourage them. “Maybe it’s a red polkadot pant day?” he suggested gently. I told him that I couldn’t handle it. He suggested that maybe that’s exactly when I need the pants the most. Sad to say, they weren’t worn that day.


But the next day, in a similar stressed out crisis, he suggested them again and it worked.

Marci 6-9-13 Full

Marci 6-9-13 2


But even more of an also? David looked pretty sharp that day as well, so I had to get some shots of him in. He’s a way better model than I am, and makes much nicer faces. I mean seriously, look at how cute this mug is:

David 6-9-13 Love Face

David 6-9-13 Full


Kels, who was David’s coworker for a while in addition to being one of my bffs, joked about how she could always tell when David showed up to work in something I picked out, versus something he picked out. To be fair (and to make me sound a lot less like a control freak) it’s usually a combined process. He’ll ask if he needs a sweater, or he’ll ask if the shirt is okay with the pants, and I usually yay, occasionally I will nay. Like this outfit–I bought him the sweater and picked out the shorts, but the shirt, shoes, and combination of all four was all him. All him and all awesomeness.



Ice cream should have been a requirement

what to wearI actually was on top of my game with this week’s outfit prompt, and even scheduled an ice cream date with my sister to celebrate her finishing up with the quarter’s paralegal schooling work. This and that happened, though, and we ended up bailing on ice cream. She took some cute photos of my outfits, though, so it still worked out. Oh and if you don’t follow me on instagram or twitter, don’t be alarmed. I got a haircut.

Marci 6-11-13 ice cream


I even added in a dorky ice cream cone for you guys. Adds believability, doesn’t it? Also it’s a lie. I hated cones even before I cut out wheat, and I don’t like pink colored ice cream. Unless it’s sherbert, I guess. Ice cream dates are all about being cutesy, in my book, so I kept it playful. A thrifted Big Bird pin, a handmade taxidermied moose pin, and bright cheery colors. The skull dress was needed to balance out the kitschy, and also because it has such an ice-cream-esque silhouette, don’t cha think?Marci 6-11-13 SittingMarci 6-11-13Outfit DetailsMarci 6-11-13 Face

Be sure to check out Nicole’s blog to see her ice cream outfit, as well as everyone else who linked up this week. Oh and I know, I know–there’s been some epic radio silence on my part around here, and that’ll probably continue for a bit. Although I have a long winded feminist rant coming up as an explanation for my hair, if that sounds appealing. Stay tuned? I guess?

Parking Lot Power Hour

what to wear


Marci 5-30-13Full

This week’s fashion link up was themed Power Outfit. Which seemed to (rightfully) baffle most of us. If I think my “business suit” power-hour attire, it’d be a lot more like a messy painting smock and short shorts. In fact, that’s almost what I picked for today’s outfit, except I actually did have to dress up for a mini-pre-interview (one that I’m really not holding my breath on. Pretty sure it was an utter fail). My mom snapped these shots as I was leaving the car.

Marci 5-30-13 Top


You can see what all the other ladies wore by visiting our gorgeous host, Nicole, and checking out the link up! Oh and if you want to join in, two weeks from now we’re going to be showing off our ice cream date outfits. Guess that might mean I have to drag my sister along to our favorite fro-yo place…