Where it all started

xPiggy couple Last week I showed you the makeover I gave to my Moose, but he’s not the only thing getting a makeover round these here parts. I’ve been having a ton of fun giving updated looks to a my thrift store finds collection and it’s basically the best hobby in the world. Especially since it involves lots of coats of paint, so whenever I’m not sure what project I want to work on I can slap a fresh coat of paint onto whatever little trinket is lined up. These guys are the ones who started it, though. They’re basically the cutest, sweetest little couple in the world and they wanted to update their look a little bit. They were so polite and reserved and very very very cheap that I figured what the hell. I’d see what I could do. Eventually I’ll start remembering to take before photos, but just take my word that their looks need a little updating. And I think the glitter tie is my favorite part.

xPiggy maam xPiggy sir


Ignore the holiday theme because srsly guyz this card is the most versatile thing ever

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First things first: the longer my titles, the more paranoid I am about typos. Fingers crossed, eh? Okay but seriously, like I said, this card is the easiest thing to make and it’s the most versatile card in the world. If David and I were of the save-the-dates variety, this would totally be how we do it. Heck, we would probably do wedding invites like this, only with nicer paper and ribbon instead of bakers twine. Also it rocked that I had all of these materials laying around, thus making it the cheapest card I’ve sent out (the only project-specific purchase was printing the photos). You could also tuck in a cardstock with a written note, which I kind of wish I did. Next year I’ll be sure to put in a little year-summary letter, but this year was a little too boring and meh (lost a job, got a job, who cares). Oh and if you’re not lucky enough to have a change-as-needed text stamp, handwriting works great. 1 2 2 3 4 5 6