Don’t Bee A Grumble Bumble

pillowandnoteAbout four years ago, David and I were studying in a coffee shop up in Bellingham. Well, he was studying. I think I was just reading, but I remember I wasn’t actually doing any schoolwork. Maybe I had graduated? Whatever. Point is, David was studying and just in the grumpiest of moods. If you know the guy IRL, you know that he’s a ridiculously mellow person and very good natured, so the fact that he was snappy and short tempered was very out of the norm. I wasn’t sure how to deal with it so I stepped out for some air and I called my mom. We chatted for a bit, I whined about David’s grumpy mood, and then we hung up and I returned to the table. When I slid into my seat I saw that on top of my book was a note. He apologized for being such a “grumble bumble” and the phrase stuck. We still use it whenever one of us is having a rough time, and it’s our easy way of apologizing when we can’t quite rise above our mood to actually apologize.

David’s mom brought back some beautiful fabrics from France and I’ve been (metaphorically) sitting on them, trying to decide what the perfect project would be. It’s a little daunting, isn’t it, to find the perfect project for sentimental materials? Anyway turning it into a grumble bumble pillow felt like a perfect fit, and I love how it turned out. It makes me smile to think about hvaing this pillow down the line, and using it the way Megan Nielsen uses her grumpy cloud pillow*


sideshotbackofpillownote*So I forgot? Didn’t realize? Didn’t know? How similar our pillows are and while I think I came up with my idea independently, I’m not sure so by all means–she definitely should get the credit for the idea of a grumpy pillow. Also, though, everyone in the world needs a grumpy pillow.



Where it all started

xPiggy couple Last week I showed you the makeover I gave to my Moose, but he’s not the only thing getting a makeover round these here parts. I’ve been having a ton of fun giving updated looks to a my thrift store finds collection and it’s basically the best hobby in the world. Especially since it involves lots of coats of paint, so whenever I’m not sure what project I want to work on I can slap a fresh coat of paint onto whatever little trinket is lined up. These guys are the ones who started it, though. They’re basically the cutest, sweetest little couple in the world and they wanted to update their look a little bit. They were so polite and reserved and very very very cheap that I figured what the hell. I’d see what I could do. Eventually I’ll start remembering to take before photos, but just take my word that their looks need a little updating. And I think the glitter tie is my favorite part.

xPiggy maam xPiggy sir

Bringing back The Moose

Moose close up

Which isn’t to say I’m bringing back the joint fashion blog I made with my bestie Kels, so let’s just nip that little implied meaning in the bud, shall we? No, a while back Kim gave me an adorable moose that she found. It was a moose in desparate need of a makeover–not that he was ugly or anything, but he was just a standard moose, painted brown with lighter shades of brown and motley white antlers. He was holding a little cage that contained one of those battery-operated lights. He was super cute, but I mentioned casually what a paint of coat might do to update him a bit and Kim was immediately on board. “That’s why I got him for you–I knew you’d give him an awesome makeover.”

Moose fullMoose birdfriend

It took a while, but I did my best and I fucking love him to bits. I swapped out his light in order to give him a little bird friend, which was an ornament gifted to David. I also threw on a patterned keffiyeh because he’s definitely inspired by the Moose blog and needed to be a little fashionista. My favorite part is definitely his glasses–I twisted them myself with some wire I had laying around and felt like Martha Stewart, basically. All he needs now is a name, so if you have a suggestion, by all means. It’s welcome. I’m thinking something starting with an H, like Henry or Harold.

Kelsey don’t read this post until your check your mailbox, okay?

snail mail 1 first

So I had a ton of fun participating in Lisa’s ProjectLife swap*, and it has me just itching to really sink my teeth into the scrapbooking project world. I’m all sorts of inspired and getting into my sparkly glittery things, but I’m still not quite at a point where I can devote enough time into jump starting this new hobby. I still wanted to make some stuff, though, so I started making cards. And I’m sending them to basically everyone I have an address for. So, if you know I already have an address for you and I’ve send you something in 2014, then you have something coming your way within the week. If you want one, though, email me your address marci.likeasmallfire at gmail dot com. It’ll be great. Well, it’ll be great it you’re into sequins and magazine cut outs. If you hate that stuff, though, you probably don’t want a card. From me, at least. Or tell me and I’ll make a different one 😉

*Honestly, it’s embarrassing to admit but I feel like I dropped the ball, mostly because I was mid-move when I mailed my package out and I couldn’t find the majority of what I wanted to send. I did, though, eventually find it so Nicole expect another package soon!snail mail 2 snail mail 3 snail mail 4 snail mail 5 snail mail 6 final

Ignore the holiday theme because srsly guyz this card is the most versatile thing ever

1 1

First things first: the longer my titles, the more paranoid I am about typos. Fingers crossed, eh? Okay but seriously, like I said, this card is the easiest thing to make and it’s the most versatile card in the world. If David and I were of the save-the-dates variety, this would totally be how we do it. Heck, we would probably do wedding invites like this, only with nicer paper and ribbon instead of bakers twine. Also it rocked that I had all of these materials laying around, thus making it the cheapest card I’ve sent out (the only project-specific purchase was printing the photos). You could also tuck in a cardstock with a written note, which I kind of wish I did. Next year I’ll be sure to put in a little year-summary letter, but this year was a little too boring and meh (lost a job, got a job, who cares). Oh and if you’re not lucky enough to have a change-as-needed text stamp, handwriting works great. 1 2 2 3 4 5 6

DIY Faux Taxidermy Brooch

DIY mounted animal head brooch

Hey guys! I was working on a project the other day and thought it’d be a fun DIY to share with you. First, gather your supplies.

You WIll Need


The next part is creating the baseboard for your animal head to mount on. I rolled out my clay using a wooden knitting needle, and it’s important to do it on top of wax paper or else the clay will stick to fucking everything. Trust me. Also I freehanded the mount after a quick google search.

step two

Okay so don’t actually do that last step. I did, though, after an irritatingly cocky moment of being a know-it-all when it comes to baking fimo clay. It was pretty bad, guys, and I almost didn’t redo the project. However, once you have properly baked the fimo clay, here’s what’s next.

animal beheading


It felt so dark and wrong, but it was also kind of fun. I’ve been waiting to behead a plastic animal for a long time now. Also, I’d recommend cutting at an angle similar to the one pictured, to make sure the animal sits right. You need to be careful that if antlers are involved, they won’t be smooshed into the mounting piece.

I didn’t take a picture of the next part, but when it dries, go ahead and paint your fellow. I painted him with two coats of white because I’ve been drooling over white faux taxidermied animal heads on Etsy. Especially this one. To cover the antlers in glitter I let the white paint dry, carefully covered the antlers in rubber cement and dumped a ton of Martha Stewart glitter on them. I tapped off the excess and used a dry paintbrush to de-glitter the non-glued parts. Then I covered the antlers in a coat of clear nail polish so the glitter won’t contaminate everything I pin my brooch to.

For the brooch part:




I opted to pin him to my suspenders and wear him to work. Where I received a half-hearted, confused compliment from one of my photography sessions.

pin on outfit

Boredom + Internet + Nail Polish

I was dicking around on the internet yesterday. Well, every day, really, because man oh man do I need a job, but anyway. I saw Buzzfeed’s 31 Insanely Easy & Clever DIY Projects. Few of them grabbed my attention, but I latched onto idea number 7 and went to town with my keys. Because here’s the thing, guys. I have a lot of keys.

Painting them with nail polish was a lot easier than I originally thought it would be. The only really obnoxious bit of trouble I ran into was holding three not-yet-dry keys and having to pee like a mofo. There is no good way to set down wet, polish-covered keys.

It was fun, though. All the different keys are coded specifically for their destination. Now I don’t have to keep them all segregated on different key rings! Woot! And hey, maybe I’ll even keep track of them this way!

Oh and funny story–the purple and yellow key? I completed forgot what its purpose was until this little crafting adventure.  My bike has this nifty locking feature on the back wheel and I keep a spare key on my ring just in case someone decides to be a dick or something. The back tire is unlocked as long as the key is inserted–removing it locks the wheel.