Whoa guys I’m writing about clothes again

Marci 91813 WTW Bookstore Face

I know. I know, it’s been a while. But for what it’s worth, that entire time I didn’t do outfit posts? I was still at least wearing clothes. Be grateful for the little things. Anyway I’m participating in this week’s What to Wear, hosted by the one and only Nicole at Gypsy in Jasper. So. The bookstore. Or, at least according to these photos, what to wear when you’re sporting the worst hangover. Yesterday my mom picked me up and took me to the Third Place Books, which is my happy place. I ate a delicious bbq baked potato and we browsed books for much longer than we intended to. I opted for the most comfortable outfit in my closet, so a jersey skirt and a chunky knit cape poncho thing felt perfect. The whole point of a bookstore (to me) is cheering up and feeling calm. Something about a good bookstore centers me, so when I have an off day that’s the first place I want to go. Also I broke out these tights, which are the color of an almost-too-ripe pumpkin and I’m pretty sure the Fashion Police have rules against wearing them in any season that isn’t fall. It felt right. My feelings were further justified when I saw my breath this morning on Lyra’s walk. Hi there fall!

Marci 91813 WTW Bookstore Full

I just realized I don’t remember where I got like any of these items of clothing. The bag is Modcloth and the dress is old navy and the rest is only heaven knows. Sorry.


Friends Worth Keeping

It’s the most awesome (also selfish) thing ever, but my friend Violet, who blogs at List Love Laugh, is always willing to drive multiple hours to hang out with me. And that makes her pretty amazing. She even bribed me with outfit photos–which you can see on the fashion blog. We had a really fun time touring the cute downtown to my new area, which I hadn’t before discovered, and we laughed at each other because all we wanted to do was hit up the bookstores. So we did!

Super dorky, but I love using a sleeve on cold drinks as protection from condensation | This coloring book looked like a ton of fun. It wasn’t about naughty adult things,Β per say, but joked about finding the hipster and post-college unemployment | We did not let the literal rain fall on our figurative parade, not even when I stood in it for the outfit shots | The food is really awesome here, with amazing pastries, but something about that angry angry bear gets me every time! | We’re pretty good friends. And we’re in front of my favorite book store. ‘Nough said.