Balloons, ice cream, and of course Bob Ross

bobross mejanae2Those are the three things I requested from David. He woke me up this morning with balloons floating above the bed which was super sweet and also it made me fear for my life for a couple seconds right after waking because my sleep brain thought I was being attacked by a jellyfish from space. The ice cream we bought on Sunday, when we were fetching some fun snacks for our Bob Ross night. It was funny, after telling David I wanted to have a Bob Ross night, but I had two separate friends reach out to me to set up a night for it. The first one was Sunday, with my mirror and it was a ton of fun. I’m exciting to have another one set up, too, next Saturday with my original Bob Ross cohort! Sunday was a happy day sandwiched between a bunch of other happy days, which is pretty amazing. I tend not to write blog posts when things get tumultuous in my head, which is why my posts have always been a bit… sporadic. I’m on a pretty stable upswing, though, AND I get to spend the whole day to myself and painting. So happy birthday to me! ❤ Seriously, though, it’s not even 9:00 and this already feels like one of the best birthdays I’ve had. I feel like I’m at the point in my life I was always looking forward to, even though I spent a lot of time thinking I’d never get here. I love my partner, I love our life together, I love our friends and I’m so excited for all the cool things that are going to happen this year, and in the years to come!

bobross david1bobross janae1bobross david2bobross janae2bobross me1bobross david3bobross janae3bobross me2bobross mejanae1



Random Phone Photo #002


art table black and silver triangles glowinthedark hi triforce onsie triforceLike I mentioned yesterday, one of my best friends is pregnant and I had a ton of fun figuring out what I wanted to make for her tiny little soon-to-be-arriving offspring. I know next to nothing about babies, but I am definitely a big fan of them and think they rock. I also have lots of opinions on babies (because really, who doesn’t?) one of which is that 85% of what you need is onsies. Onsies, burp cloths, and diapers, and that’s basically it. Well, you know, warm place to sleep, loving caretakers and basic nourishment too but details, people, details. So I got a pack of onsies and had a ton of fun coming up with some designs. The dad-to-be is a huge Zelda fan so a triforce was a given, right, and then the word “hi” in glow in the dark letters, for the midnight parties and then a cute pattern of triangles. It makes me excited to be a mom, because I want to spend the whole nine months painting and embroidering onsies and blankets, gearing up to be the most hipster of moms ever. For now, though, I’ll be content making them for the newest cutest little arrival in our friends’ group.

I crashed my bike but that’s not why I haven’t blogged


It’d make a pretty damn good excuse, though, wouldn’t it? I feel so silly but I went headfirst over my handlebars on Monday, landing on my forehead. I earned myself a mild concussion and a couple of xrays (hand and jaw) but nothing broken, no stitches, and all around the luckiest crash ever.

But still not the real reason for my silence. Mostly, life is just going well. It feels like some weird type of boasting to write that, but it is. Life is going nicely right now. I have a ton of energy, a ton of projects, and I actually feel like I’m managing my time well enough to get through it all! Such a concept.

I made a list of all the art (&etc) projects I want to work on and do, and I have it saved to my desktop. It makes it less overwhelming, somehow, to look at a list. Right now it’s sitting pretty at 32 concepts, each with a few sub elements. I probably won’t ever get through the whole thing, but that’s not really the point, is it? I have gotten through my most recent art journal, though. I mean I’m like eight pages too early to boast, but I’ve filled up a whole notebook full of art journaling. I spent some time today sorting through it and scanning my favorites. Those’ll be up on my tumblr over the next week or so.

And to leave you with something a little esoteric and navel gazing, here’s one of my new theories about the world. I think that even if every idea I come up with is one the world already thought up and answered better than I ever will, that just by being someone who wonders these things I add to a certain, subconscious human awareness that spreads through a web of subconscious energy. I wonder if by focusing on being a happy, loving and curious person, you can create a pocket of beauty in the world and positive energy. Like maybe when a whale breaches, it is beautiful without the intent to be, or even awareness of being, beautiful, and even if no one or thing ever witnesses it, that moment of beauty still creates this pocket of energy. It’d kind of like if the world is this big blank board and every thing, person, animal, inorganic little material is a cutout pasted on it, making parts that are beautiful and boring and angry. Those impressions stay on their spaces and are eventually covered up by new impressions in that same place, which is why maybe walking behind someone who is happy could make  you happy without ever realizing why you’re suddenly so happy, and why the ocean is mostly, but not always, such a beautiful and easy place because the air above the water has the least amount of experiences pasted over it, and why space fills people with bigger emotions of fear and hope and wonder than they know how to handle because experiences in space are created by things so so so big, like by planets and the universe being created, and they are so much more than we are, so much more than we can ever handle.

two halves make a whole



I’ll try to keep this from getting too cheesey but four years ago I went over to this really cute guy’s house to bake a chocolate beet cake. It was the best first date ever and man am I glad I gave him my number after we met at our friend’s game night. I’m so lucky to have in my life and the best part is how he feels exactly the same way. And it’s safe to use his anniversary card as the picture for this post because if there’s one thing I know about him, it is that he will never look at this blog unless I tell him he has to because he’ll like a post.


*Oh and for my facebook friends who are all like but facebook says your anniversary isn’t until tomorrow, that’s because we’ve forgotten what day it is a long time ago and so we kind of flip flop between the 20th and the 21st.

Crafting as I live and breathe

A few years ago two of my close friends* teased me about I am always doing some type of art project or another, taking the extra effort to drive their point home that I’m unusual in how much I art it up.  I won’t lie, it kind of stung when they first said (clearly, since I’ve remembered it over a the course of a few years), but the basic truth is that they’re right. I’m the friend who crafts the crap out of party decorations, who schedules art journal dates with her mom, and who hand made her sister’s wedding guest book. I am always working on some art project or craft project. At the end of the day, when David comes home and we watch tv or he plays video games, I curl up on the couch with him and pull out my art journal or a painting I’m working on. So… what do I wear for it all? An assortment of pajamas, mostly, but I do have a designated painting shirt.

Marci 6-27-13 Full1

Welcome to an unedited view of my living room. I used to have a dedicated art studio in our second bedroom, but since I’ve never been good about using it I had no qualms when one of my best friends moved into it. I have a good set up in my living room now, and by good, I definitely mean I like it even though everyone else now has to deal with watercolor water on the coffee table and scraps of paper all over the rug.

Marci 6-27-13 LeftMarci 6-27-13 Right

This shirt is my favorite thing to do crafts in, and I know I’ve shown it off in a few other posts. It’s absolutely covered in paint and glue and you can’t hardly see that unless you’re reeeeeeally looking hard. And as for my skinny jeans, I’ll admit–all of my jeans are fair game when it comes to painting. Except maybe my black ones–I try to keep those clean, but even they have some white paint marks on them.

Marci 6-27-13 Horiz

Alright so you should check out Nicole’s blog for her craftastic fashion, as well as everyone else who is participating. In two weeks check back in for what I believe is a wine tasting outfit, and have I got the dress for that!

*Two close friends who read this blog, and who should know that I love you guys a ton. And I think you’re both beautifully crafty ladies!

Busy hands keep the devil at bay

Flower Jar

LuckyPeach I4Sum’12

The devil in this case being boredom. I’ve always been one of those people, even as a little kid, who takes a full backpack with me where ever I go. Book, check. Notebook, check. Sketchbook, check. Headphones, check. Pencil case full of art supplies, check. One time my mom and I went to the grocery store and she convinced me that I didn’t need to bring a book, and then we ended up waiting almost an hour in the parking lot to hear back from my sister who needed a ride. Lesson learned–books come with me everywhere. Similar behaviors whenever David and I watch something on tv. Unless it’s something I’ve actively been jonesing to watch, odds are I’ll be sitting sideways on the couch with an art project in my lap. The best projects are one that don’t require too much brain energy, but a lot of busy work.

I’ve been cutting out a bunch of random people photos in magazines and turning them into these little tiny mini-masterpieces. If you enjoy, there are more on my tumblr.


The Loneliest Mustache

So in the new found freedom of unemployment, I’ve had some time on my hands. It’s been kind of fun to use that time to wrap up the loose ends on old projects and planning out new ones. I mentioned that I got a wacom tablet for my birthday (thanks mom!!) and it’s been the best tool for me to finish up some sketches that had been bubbling on the back burner as I tried to figure out what medium would be best.

>>cue The Loneliest Mustache. It’s the worst kind of nerdy hipster dorkiness that I can muster, but if you read it to the end you might even see a tiny hint of a social commentary.

page 1


Also? Keep bearing with me as I stretch this blog revamp over the span of eternity! Sorry it’s taking so long. I’m indecisive, I guess.

What to Wear to Work!

Before we get started, I want to let you guys know that I am an amazingly blessed and spoiled lady who receieved a Wacom Tablet for her birthday, and I’ve been a little obsessed with it. So don’t be alarmed when my outfit record isn’t quite what it used to be…

what to wear

Alright, so thanks to everyone who’s joining in on the What to Wear action! This week it’s What to Wear to Work and if you’re new here, let me just say that I gripe way more than could possibly be considered interesting about my work’s dress policy of pure black and white. I guess somehow that became the stereotype of what photographers wear? (Have I mentioned I’m a studio photographer?) Anyway, while I think it’s the most boring restriction ever, it has led to me to explore a lot more with silhouettes and shapes, which I previously only ever considered in passing as I threw on the brightest and boldest pieces from my closet.

WtW to Work

I’ve finally managed to pinpoint my ideal work silhouettes, depending on what my mood is. This first look is my go-to girly-but-bike-friendly outfit, the best version of a Little Black Dress outfit that my closet is capable of concocting. A jersey-knit dress (Old Navy) is comfortable and cute, and the weight of the fabric lets me feel comfortable bending and moving around little kids. The flats (Marshalls) are comfortable enough to stand and walk around in all day, and the studded toes keep them interesting. I’m supposed to hide my tattoos at work, and if that wasn’t enough of an incentive I like to hide my scars when working around kids and the occasional judgy parent, so I have a cozy sweater (Kohls) that I bling out in my pins and flower brooches–the little bit of color I sneak into the ‘uniform’. Since the whole outfit has a sweet and girly feel, I like wearing a simple and delicate charm necklace (Lisa Leonards) that my mom gifted to me for my birthday.

WtW to Work 2

This is my second-favorite silhouette, and what I wore to work the day I typed this up (Wednesday because I’m kind of a slacker). I love this pencil skirt (H&M) and I’ll admit unabashedly that I have three total. The one pictured above, one in mustard, and another black one with a white bird pattern. It’s amazing, super easy to bike in, and comfortable as all get out. I layer it with some cable knit tights (Kohls, and I don’t recommend them. Weird fit) to keep me decent while biking, slouchy boots (Fred Meyers), and a slouchy white tee (Old Navy). Strong arguments have been made that all my necklaces are statement necklaces, but this deer one is my favorite and it usually gets a good response from kiddos. The blue sweater is perfect to disguise my ‘uniform’ while I’m on my lunch, although I’ll admit that sometimes I’m sneaky and wear it while I’m at work.

WtW to Work 3

The third and final outfit–is actually so boring I fell asleep while drawing it. Okay, not really, but seriously. Black skinny jeans (Kohls) with a black polo (Sears). It’s the most boring thing I’ve ever worn, but I will admit–some days it’s just the only thing that works. I fell in love with metallic flats (Payless) after Kels would not stop about how much she loved her own pair. They’re pretty much the best, and this is an outfit that I swap out necklaces for pins (misc gifts).

Well that’s really it for my work silhouettes, but be sure to go visit Nicole at Gypsy in Jasper and check out all the other fantastic ladies who are participating in What to Wear: to Work! And if you want to link up with us next time, in two Thursdays on the eighteenth, we’re doing What to Wear: while Exercising so you should join in!

The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

A few nights ago I got the best text ever from Kels that basically asked how I felt about using up some of her canvases on a Bob Ross adventure. Words can not accurately describe the enthusiasm with which I said yes. So much win. I also don’t know how to express how lucky I am that I have amazing friends who send me texts like that!

Bob Ross Painting 1 collage

Painting with Bob Ross is one of my favorite PBS shows ever. I have this perfect memory of my sister, BIL, David and I after my dad’s wedding a few years back, watching Bob Ross. It had been a super stressful day (as weddings tend to be) and we all just decompressed in the hotel room by watching Bob Ross. I was the only one who had apparently remembered this show, and it held up magnificently to my childhood memories.

Bob Ross Midway Collage

The only hang up was that I don’t have the color paints Bob Ross was using. Our palette was a little… bolder. I love how everything turned out, and think it looked great that we all had such different visions and approaches!

Finished Marci 1

I couldn’t pull off a hipster face–too excited about my picture! I’m also so stoked to finish painting white around the border and filling that in with other details, more in line with my usual style.

Finished Kels 1

“What face does an artist make?” “A hipster face, duh!”

Finished David 1

Hands down my all-time new favorite picture of David. This might get printed out and framed for the wall


Oh and PS, I’m totally using Sarah from SillyGrrl‘s photo collage templates. I’m in love with them. 

[Art] Rules I Need to Forget


I thought of this series when I was having a conversation with my mom about all the ways in which I limit myself by arbitrary rules I keep for myself, particularly as an artist. I want it on the record that even calling myself an artist breaks the rules–I’m not a professional, I don’t make my living that way or any money at all, and I didn’t go to art school. Apart from one community college class on screen printing, I have absolutely no professional training beyond elementary school. I was a band geek.

That feels like the whole point, though–to share my perspective as someone who isn’t a professional. I hope you share your feedback and your experiences as well. I’ll keep this post updated with the links for each rule as I post them, starting with the last week of 2012.

Rule Number One If you can’t replicate it, it doesn’t count.

Rule Number Two If your art spends its entire life in your sketchbook, it was a waste.

Rule Number Three If you can’t draw something nice, don’t draw anything at all.

Rule Number Four If it can’t fiscally sustain you, it doesn’t count.

Rule Number Five If it has no purpose beyond aesthetic, it doesn’t count.