I crashed my bike but that’s not why I haven’t blogged


It’d make a pretty damn good excuse, though, wouldn’t it? I feel so silly but I went headfirst over my handlebars on Monday, landing on my forehead. I earned myself a mild concussion and a couple of xrays (hand and jaw) but nothing broken, no stitches, and all around the luckiest crash ever.

But still not the real reason for my silence. Mostly, life is just going well. It feels like some weird type of boasting to write that, but it is. Life is going nicely right now. I have a ton of energy, a ton of projects, and I actually feel like I’m managing my time well enough to get through it all! Such a concept.

I made a list of all the art (&etc) projects I want to work on and do, and I have it saved to my desktop. It makes it less overwhelming, somehow, to look at a list. Right now it’s sitting pretty at 32 concepts, each with a few sub elements. I probably won’t ever get through the whole thing, but that’s not really the point, is it?Β I have gotten through my most recent art journal, though. I mean I’m like eight pages too early to boast, but I’ve filled up a whole notebook full of art journaling. I spent some time today sorting through it and scanning my favorites. Those’ll be up on my tumblr over the next week or so.

And to leave you with something a little esoteric and navel gazing, here’s one of my new theories about the world. I think that even if every idea I come up with is one the world already thought up and answered better than I ever will, that just by being someone who wonders these things I add to a certain, subconscious human awareness that spreads through a web of subconscious energy. I wonder if by focusing on being a happy, loving and curious person, you can create a pocket of beauty in the world and positive energy. Like maybe when a whale breaches, it is beautiful without the intent to be, or even awareness of being, beautiful, and even if no one or thing ever witnesses it, that moment of beauty still creates this pocket of energy. It’d kind of like if the world is this big blank board and every thing, person, animal, inorganic little material is a cutout pasted on it, making parts that are beautiful and boring and angry. Those impressions stay on their spaces and are eventually covered up by new impressions in that same place, which is why maybe walking behind someone who is happy could make Β you happy without ever realizing why you’re suddenly so happy, and why the ocean is mostly, but not always, such a beautiful and easy place because the air above the water has the least amount of experiences pasted over it, and why space fills people with bigger emotions of fear and hope and wonder than they know how to handle because experiences in space are created by things so so so big, like by planets and the universe being created, and they are so much more than we are, so much more than we can ever handle.