Things are trucking along nicely, I think.


David loves me so much. He loves me the mostest and I know it because last night, after we tucked ourselves into bed and were in prime sleeping position, I realized I had forgotten to close up the bag of white cheddar popcorn I had been munching on and when I said that out loud, he immediately popped out of bed to go take care of it for me. He’s such a sweetie that I don’t even care how mushy I’m being on the internet. And so I don’t sound completely selfish, every morning I wake up hours before I need to so I can tie David’s long locks up into a manbun because he just doesn’t want to figure out how to do it himself. Whenever I tease him about it (usually when he’s wincing because I snagged a tangle) he tells me he’s planning on practicing… tomorrow. I think he just likes having me take care of it, and that’s something I’m okay with.

My hair is still growing out and looking at how short it was over the past year makes me never want to cut it again. That buzz cut was an intense decision that I’ll be very happy to never repeat, even if I’m happy that I can at least say I did it once. Right now my hair is about two inches away from it’s final resting place, I think. I’ve been thinking about my hair a lot (don’t I always? I have quite the internal struggle with my hair, don’t I?) and about how I deserve to enjoy the way my hair looks. I’m tired of always having it in some stage of a grow out and I want to really try to celebrate the way I look with a hairstyle I like. I’ve also been blowdrying my hair and putting on a light brush of makeup on in the morning. It makes me feel really put together in a way that feels new and responsible. Maybe it’s just shallow, but I don’t think so. It feels more like embracing myself as I get older and leave the college me behind. She’s ready for that change just as much as I am.

One of my besties invited me to accompany her to an amazing play at Seattle Repertory Theater, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. It was an absolutely amazing performance that blew us away, and it was made all that much better because the leading lady was also Arnold Schwarzenegger’s partner in Kindergarten Cop.  I mean okay she’s also the actress who plays Amy Poehler’s character’s mom in Parks & Rec, but David and I watched Kindergarten Cop a few days ago so it was in the back of my mind when I saw the play. It was excellent. Other bonuses from the night include finding amazingly close parking and I wore my tall wedges that make me feel like a drunk baby giraffe without any arthritis flaring up!

My previous date with my aforementioned friend was going to a gross, grungy rock concert. The band was one we loved in all it’s ridiculously offensiveness during high school and it was a hilarious way to “relive our youth”. We’re in our mid twenties, so I think I’m legally required to sandwich that phrase in a quotation. Our next planned date is a camping trip because apparently we just have a wide range of date ideas. I love that her and I are reconnecting.

Other than that, we spent last weekend driving down to Oregon and back to celebrate our good friends’ engagement. We’re both just ecstatic for them and it was really good to remember that Oregon really isn’t that far away, and that we can make a trip over the weekend if needed. Granted I work until 130 on Saturdays so really it should only be a trip over a three day weekend but still. The point stands and I think it’ll help motivate us to take more trips over the weekend. It was a great trip nonetheless and Sunday morning when we were all sleepy and stumbling around for coffee and breakfast, the three dogs in the house were wandering around underfoot and it made me think about babies and cousins and what our world is going to look like a few years. One of my best friends already made that jump into motherhood and it just feels like the beginning of a really exciting phase in life. And because I just mentioned babies on the internet, I think I’m require to also say I’m not pregnant. I’m not pregnant and no one should anticipate that changing for at least a year.

Summary? I want to be intentional about how I live my life. That means be realistic and focused. Steady the rhythm has been the phrase tucked in the back of my brain as a reminder of that. I want to find that steady rhythm between all the ups and downs and look for that baseline in between everything else.


I pull most of my inspiration from books

1 inspiringbookshelf

So it’s super weird to think about, but I can’t remember the last book I finished. It’s pretty disgusting. But that’s not what this post is about–it’s about my craft book collection. It’s no secret to anyone who’s visited me in real life that I surround myself with books, and that includes books that are specifically there to inspire me. These are the books I could spend hours flipping through and where I get a lot of ideas for art projects. A couple of the books have actual crafts and tutorials in them, which is just an added bonus.

Find & Keep

find & keep 1 find & keep 3

I won’t lie–I found this book and immediately found my spirit animal in the form of the author. She’s basically everything I aspire to be, and reading about how she just dabbles in a little bit of everything to produce her art made me feel so inspired. Oh and she doesn’t have a driver’s license! It’s not just me! Anyway it’s taken me a long time to call myself an artist (I still stutter, hemming and hawing, feeling like I haven’t earned the title just yet) because a lot of what I love to do is learn new techniques and try out new mediums. Not all of it sticks, but when it does, it gets absorbed into the messy, nebulous field that is my art. It makes me feel really unfinished, though, and unpolished, and this book reminded me that that’s entirely okay. While I’m still trying to shift my focus onto making solid, stand alone finished pieces, it’s a good reminder that I can still play and get my hands dirty, and to surround myself by art that makes my space feel inspiring. Also this is another book I read cover to cover, tutorials and all. Also, bonus? It has some mother-fucking stickers based on her art in the back!


hoopla 1 hoopla 2My newest hobby has been embroidery and when I got this book I literally read it cover to cover, going through all the artists’ different stories and crafts. The projects and art in this book are just amazing and I’m already about a quarter of the way through the conjoined twins embroidery (I think it’ll look fantastic on my wall, don’t you? I’m thinking somewhere by the entrance way).


unfashion 1 unfashion 2 unfashion 3I’ve had this book for years, and I won’t lie, sometimes I completely forget about it. Yet whenever I stumble across it, I find myself flipping through it for hours. Everytime I see something new. A lot of it shows fashion in developing countries, often made out of the modern world’s litter and scraps, contrasted with high-end photo shoots in the fashion world & advertising. It has its own beauty and is a great way to stay in touch with the world outside of my own. It’s really just pictures but I always walk away from it with new ideas.

Imagining Ourselves
imagining ourselves 1imagining ourselves 2Okay so this isn’t even close to a craft book, but it’s still super inspiring and makes me feel like an emboldened, empowered woman ready to conquer my life. The layouts also remind me of all the parts I loved about being a features editor for a school paper.The design manages to be full and interesting without being cluttered.

Sticker Doodle Doo
sticker doodle doo 1 sticker doodle doo 2
I found this in the books section of a grocery store. More specifically, in the kids section of the book aisle, but that’s neither here nor there. This book is awesome. The pages are of the decorate-this-project-with-stickers variety, but the prompts are pretty good and can appeal to a larger audience than just kids. Like, it also appeals to adults who like kid-styled art projects. It’s also full of stickers and I don’t know if you’ve picked this up by now, but I just fucking love stickers. They’re the bomb.

Fashion Flip Book

flip fashion 1 flip fashion 2This book is so goofy and fun I just love it to bits. Basically anytime you need to invent someone, or indulge in ridiculous fashion, this book is perfect. I don’t know quite what to say about it, since the concept is pretty basic. Remember this style of books from elementary school? The art is amazing quality and it’s always pretty impressive how seamless the different pieces work together. Oh and the genres vary–21 outfits that you can remix together and they range from cyborg to film star to space cadet. It doesn’t take itself seriously and is a great way to just invent a new character.

I’ve never been much a cereal and milk person

I mean, I’ve never been much of a food person in general. Don’t get me wrong–I love to eat, I do. Food and I just have a complicated relationship, what with gastroparesis and allergies. Anyway though David loves cereal and milk in the morning, so we usually have a decent stock. I talked him into using almond milk for a while, and I joined him in his cereal ventures. He went back to cow milk (bleck) though so I stopped. I used to eat granola, yogurt and applesauce exclusively in the mornings a few years back but I’ve fallen off the habit of yogurt. I’ve swapped it out for cottage cheese at lunch, which is kind of weird but so much easier to eat in a staff breakroom than something packed from home. In the mornings, though, I’ve made the delightful discovery that Rice Chex and applesauce work perfectly together. You have to eat it fairly quickly, which can be rough since I’m a slow eater. Like, take a couple bites, wander off and draw for a while, come back for a couple more bites, etc. It can take me all day to drink a cup of coffee. Well, I mean, I refill it but I also end up microwaving it like seven times at least.

Rice chex and applesauce, though. Yum.

Talking about breakfast food might be a weird first post after a long absence, but I think by now it should be clear that consistency is one thing this blog probably won’t ever have. It’s May now, though, which hopefully means that the awful hellishness of February, March and April are over. Srsly guyz it’s been a rough start to the year. Still, though, happy things have happened. I’ve been scrapbooking them project life style, and hopefully soon I’ll get around the posting them. No promises, though, because you know. Consistency is for losers and awesome organized people, neither of which I consider myself.


Things are still good, though. We’ve been walking to the park in our neighborhood a bunch, which Lyra just absolutely loves. Yesterday afternoon we packed up a picnic of cantaloupe, apples and green peppers and walked down to eat it on a park bench. Lyra immediately hopped up on “outside couch”, as David referred to it, which was adorable. She was so pleased with herself neither of us saw it necessary to tell her to get down. She just sat between us watching the park goers run around while we passed our snacks back and forth in front of her. Also David wears his hair up now in a manbun, which I think has to be the sexiest thing on the planet. Which is a bit odd, since I’ve never been a fan of long hair. It’s cute, though, because he has no idea how to put it up himself, so in the mornings while he enjoys his bowl of cereal I end up doing it for him. I use hairspray on him and everything and he just sits there patiently.

Till next time, friends.

lyraanddavid marcilyra

Balloons, ice cream, and of course Bob Ross

bobross mejanae2Those are the three things I requested from David. He woke me up this morning with balloons floating above the bed which was super sweet and also it made me fear for my life for a couple seconds right after waking because my sleep brain thought I was being attacked by a jellyfish from space. The ice cream we bought on Sunday, when we were fetching some fun snacks for our Bob Ross night. It was funny, after telling David I wanted to have a Bob Ross night, but I had two separate friends reach out to me to set up a night for it. The first one was Sunday, with my mirror and it was a ton of fun. I’m exciting to have another one set up, too, next Saturday with my original Bob Ross cohort! Sunday was a happy day sandwiched between a bunch of other happy days, which is pretty amazing. I tend not to write blog posts when things get tumultuous in my head, which is why my posts have always been a bit… sporadic. I’m on a pretty stable upswing, though, AND I get to spend the whole day to myself and painting. So happy birthday to me! ❤ Seriously, though, it’s not even 9:00 and this already feels like one of the best birthdays I’ve had. I feel like I’m at the point in my life I was always looking forward to, even though I spent a lot of time thinking I’d never get here. I love my partner, I love our life together, I love our friends and I’m so excited for all the cool things that are going to happen this year, and in the years to come!

bobross david1bobross janae1bobross david2bobross janae2bobross me1bobross david3bobross janae3bobross me2bobross mejanae1


aoop face

So my hours are shifting at work and I’m starting to get that feeling of spending more time in the four(ish) outfits I can wear with my uniform. The monotony is starting to get to me and so my days off have become a rotation of leggings, a tank top, and sweater as I work on the never ending duties of the kind of stay-at-home partner while David brings home the bacon. It’s so boring and my friends from the good ol’ days would be shocked at the lack of tights, skirts and dresses. Also I’m not even a stay-at-home. But I guess that’s a different story that would be way more boring to go into. So for now, SKIRTS. DRESSES. ACCESSORIES.

Also sorry for the cop-out photos in the garage. I tried to edit them but realized I’m way too lazy to do anything more than lighten them a bit. David and I are getting so lazy. I see blurry ones and I’m all “meh, good enough”. Also you know what the magic trick to make short hair look longer is? Roll the top part, like the hair that you would cut if you wanted bangs. Roll them back and pin it secretly with a bobby pin. I just learned how to use a bobby pin properly and it blew my mind. I mean, it means I break them at a much higher rate (“break” meaning that they get twisted so that one prong’s inside touches the other’s outside, like fingers crossed for luck. But anyway, for anyone who doesn’t know how to use a bobby pin, you hook the part of your hair that you’re moving, then twist it underneath and try to hook it to the hair on your scalp, that ends up underneath the moved hair. If you do it right, you’ll have a moment of fear where you think it’s going to hurt but it doesn’t. It just feels planted. In my head every reader is like um really this is the part of life that stumps you? But whatever. I gave myself a gold star in life for figuring it out.

Also I don’t know how I feel about the belt with the sweater. I think I wrote back in the Moose about how belts intimidate me but a quick search couldn’t find it. Well–belts intimidate me. I never know how to use them, especially because I always self-consciously try to drown out the top of my pants and any potential fat bulges with a ton of tank tops and layers and sweaters. But I figured I’d give this a shot. The whole point of this outfit after all was getting a little creative with my clothes. Right now I’m wearing black tights, a black work dress and my jellyfish sweatshirt over it to keep me warm till I get to work and put on my work shirt and sweater. Glamorous.

skirt out head downwha i see


(this is my “walk away politely from paparazzi” pose, awesome I know)

I confess, I don’t actually like brussel sprouts

It’s true–I’ve never liked them. Neither does my sister. When we were little, we refused to eat brussels sprouts* because the neighbor girl Amanda said they were gross. Before that we had no idea. Imagine–going the first six years of your life never knowing that brussels sprouts were, in fact, absolutely disgusting. Granted we weren’t sure if we had ever eaten them, but we’d be damned if we’d get trapped into it in the future. The whole thing took place over dinner, where Amanda was in attendance and round, leafy veggie balls were on our plates.

“I don’t like brussels sprouts,” she quickly informed my mom.

“We don’t either!! They’re gross!!” chimed my sister and I simultaneously.

My mom looked at us and made one more of the many snap decisions of parenting.

“Well then it’s a good thing these are baby cabbages


I know it’s silly, but it’s stuck as a nickname. And, to be perfectly frank, my sister and I both love baby cabbages. We love them to bits. And every time I share a picture of them on instagram it’s a guaranteed hit. Which is all that matters? (That’s a lie, there are things that matter than instagram responses… just not a lot of them). Anyway I’ve been on a massive brussels sprout kick and it’s awesome. Pinterest has only fueled this addiction so yup. From me to you my friends.cookingthemup

I’ve done this one once, and it was alright. I think the teriyaki needed a little tweaking, which is usually par for the course in online recipes. No one knows how to do teriyaki sauce properly. I have one recipe I use, but I always have to make some changes and I only half like half of them written down. I haven’t made it in a while, so I imagine if I dust up on my skills it’ll still take a few meals to get it right. Still, though, it tasted good!

This one, however, this one is the holy grail of delicious. I’m so in love with any and everything with craisins. Or cranberries. I took out the croutons and added bacon to this, and I threw in some mustard with the dressing. Just a smidge. Perfection. I make it super spicy, too, which is just an amazing mix. Omnomnomnomnom.

Otherwise I just cut them up, chop some potatoes and mix them both with oil, balsamic vinegar, a dash of red wine vinegar and some baby carrots. Bake till ready.

Oh and also? I figured out how to properly cut a brussels sprout so that it doesn’t flake into a gazillion pieces. The trick is aiming. After you cut the bottom and peel off the outermost layer, you cut between what is now the outside. I don’t know, maybe everyone knows this, but I felt like a fucking genius when I figured out how to keep my brussels sprouts from falling apart.

one solo

*I wrote this whole post using “brussel sprouts” and getting irritated that spell check said it was wrong. I finally googled it and who’d a thought–it’s brussels sprouts. How does that make any sense?? Anyone?

Camping this weekend was one big reset button

david and marcipretty woodslyrasnugglesfirebreathing dog

I know it’s like the most basic thing on the planet, but being outside, camping or even something more casual, makes me feel more connected and grounded to my world. David and I have had a rough couple of weeks, dealing with everything from understaffing at work to speeding tickets to a couple of bleck social interactions. I think it was mostly the shifting weather, though. Springing forward is never easy for me and it tried it’s best to take out David as well.

But! BUT! We went camping! It was beautiful and so much fun. There were potatoes cooked in delicious bacon grease right over the campfire, marshmallows dipped in baileys, toasted over the fire, and then shoved into strawberries. Chocolate-cashew-marshmallow-bacon bark. Turkey burgers. David and I spent all of Saturday laying low with headaches, but we just sat by the fire literally the full day and it was amazing. We walked down to the Puget Sound in the middle of the night and laid at the end of the road listening to a booming loud chorus of frogs.

We took Lyra with us and she was just a champ! There were lots of other dogs and she stayed pretty mellow about it. She also showed off her completely domesticated self–while all the other canines hovered beyond their humans, she tried her best to lay by our feet, even when it meant being less than three feet away from the fire. At the end we just gave up and laid her across our laps where she snored for a couple hours before bed.

The friends who put this event on do it as a way of celebrating their marriage, which I think took place in that same area. I’m not actually that sure because I wasn’t at their wedding. I met (the wife) during the two months I worked at this store when I took a year off from college. Like seriously, two months of her being my manager and they’ve included me in their adventures ever since. These friends are amazing. Their talents at cultivating and developing friendships is a fucking superpower it’s so impressive, and I’m just so thrilled I managed to find myself in their orbit. David is, too. The power couple brings their parents and family along, too, and the father of the groom is David’s spirit guide, basically. He gets his accordion out, David tunes his guitar, and they just jam for hours. It’s seriously one of the cutest things ever, and I love watching him fit in this group so seamlessly.

The only part even close to meh was not actually bringing my phone charger and needing my phone to last the whole trip. I mean, it was totally liberating and kept me from distracting myself with the internet (mostly) but also meant that I took like less than a handful of photos the whole trip. Still, though. I did manage to get a video of the guitar + accordion jam session, although it’s completely pitch black and very unfiltered.


My best friend is my mirror


When I was in high school, I met the coolest chick on the planet. I thought she was gorgeous and amazing and smart, and I was just blown away by how advanced she was. She was everything I wanted to push myself to be, and she’s even the reason I’m interested in politics. It was the first time I ever became aware of her. I was loitering in the halls outside our shared class and overheard her talking to another classmate, another woman I fiercely admire for her politics and activism, chatting about Bush’s pushing the oil pipeline agenda in Alaska. She was holding her pocket folio , you know what I’m talkin’ bout, and it sporting a bold, clear bumper sticker. DONT BLAME ME I DIDNT VOTE. I was fifteen and so engulfed in my own tiny microcosm and I didn’t yet think I was allowed to know about The Adult World, the World of Grownups. I tried to figure out what her bumper sticker meant–was it because she was too young to vote but would have made the right decision? Or was it something deeper, a satire perhaps on apathy? My brain couldn’t quite form that last question, but it tried grasping at it. It wasn’t too long after that my brain traced a fragile line between the dots of fierce patriotic outpourings from 9-11 and the subtle ease of Bush’s success with Alaskan oil. Words like American Interests Aboard called out in a faint echo behind my ears and stayed there, developing and expanding and adding until I graduated with a BA in Political Science, a minor in Economics. A lot about my beliefs have changed and evolved, but my general fascination in political science, and the specific topics that keep my interest, remain tied to that first encounter with my best friend. Her and I have moved in a similar direction with our beliefs, although with me closer to the center. Whenever we get together and catch up, it feels like spinning around clasping hands together in the yard, only with my feet acting as the anchor while she spins in the wider circle. I want to join her, I think, in her beliefs but I’m not sure how to get there without losing my balance.

In the summer after that school year, we cemented a very close friendship. It was still too early for driving cars, but we found out that she was in walking distance to the house I just moved into. The convenience had a huge impact on our friendship, especially since we had the incentive of meeting directly in the middle where there was a convenience store that sold pints of ice cream for not too much money. We spent long days together walking her dog out in the trails behind her house and hanging out in parks and have a lot of very innocent and silly shenanagins. I remember one day in particular, where we spent the whole day with her dad’s camera, taking photos outside. Our adventure in vanity, way before the time of Selfies, was over 1000 photos. Mostly portraits of our faces in different expressions, showcasing us practicing a whole range of emotions. We took photos from a ton of different angles as we posed playing outside with her dog, goofing around in their vegetable garden and walking around the neighborhood block. It was a ton of fun and very awkwardly insightful when we sorted through the photos later. I think I’ve never learned so much about how I look, to myself and to the world, and about what level of control I have over it. It was fascinating. And hilarious, because oh man only the intensity of being a misunderstood adolescent could lead to that much introspective navel-gazing. I wish I still had those pictures, because I know they’d be a trip.

A lot of people thought (probably still think, really) that we were dating, which we always thought really funny since I spent the entirety of our relationship very openly and publicly dating a different girl. Still, we set ourselves up for that confusion in a way. At the end of the year, when our (very beloved) english teacher invited students to read pieces of literature or poetry in front of the class, I was one in the ranks. I recited Shel Silverstein’s Where The Sidewalk Ends as an homage to our time together, and it’s still a poem that makes me sentimental. We’ve stayed incredibly close friends, even when the times between talking stretch longer than either of us likes. Each time we get together it feels like two puzzle pieces clicking back into place and I love that person that she brings out in me. I feel smart around her, and curious. She makes me realize how much I’m actually paying attention to the world around me, which is a really good feeling as well as a reminder. I never feel I’m paying enough attention to what surrounds me, and I think it makes me lazy and grossly passive.

Anyway as I’ve said, this friend and I have stayed close, despite the huge changes in who we are as individuals.  And after I had been in college for almost a year, we had a date together where we spent the whole day together, exploring a new park, getting coffee with that english teacher, and finishing off the night with an epic Mario Kart battle. We had a camera with us and, for what I think was the the last time, we took a bunch of photos together. I mean, like, only a fucking eentsy fraction of the first batch, only like 40 or something, but still. A lot, for any normal outing standard (before lifestyle blogging, though, I guess,). I was looking through the only ones I saved from the outing and I thought they were just the coolest. For whatever reason, we traded the camera back and forth, recording each part of an adventure with matching photos, identical poses and backgrounds. When I saw the last one of me, the super intense happy face with the yellow shirt, my first thought was instantly “that’s the happiest moment I’ve ever captured”. It was like living in that moment again, feeling that giddy euphoria of a perfect day where you spend most of it trying to catch your breath from laughing so hard.


Anecdotally it’s almost a sad memory, in a way that’s more powerful than just nostalgia. I look past the tinted shading from my current perspective, the one reminding me the euphoria was more likely due to an unmedicated mania, and that I was grappling with a crippling trauma at the same time involving the person I was dating. Still, though, none of it mattered on that day, and it still doesn’t have to matter when I revisit the memory, which is freeing, letting me enjoy the best part.

The best part, my favorite part of this whole memory trip, was that each picture was only one half of a whole. I faintly remember doing it deliberately, trading off to make sure each of us had a photo like the other one. It turned into a joke, with us making sure we were copying the same expressions as well. I think we are like mirrors, though. At least that’s how it feels to me when I’m around her. Not that she’s the mirror, that is, but rather like when I’m with her, she’s holding up a mirror that I can look into and see what I used to be like. It’s a fascinating form of accountability, and it only works because we still let each other grow. Neither of us holds the other’s views or values against each other, but instead we’ve been free to grow our separate ways, and when we get together, we knit the new experiences and perspectives onto our memories of who we used to be. She lets me see not just who I used to be, but how I’ve grown since then, and what part of that growth is good and what parts might need to be pruned. Each time I see her is like the cosmic wellness check up, letting me see just exactly how much more Grown’d Up I am compared to last visit.


Oh and also? Having pink hair was the fucking bomb.

What to Wear, brought to you by thrifting

full length skirt up

It’s not a sponsored post, it’s just the theme of Nicole’s What to Wear today. {lol, me do a sponsor post, as if} Although I didn’t manage 100% because I don’t thrift shoes or tights, and yet I have a bunch of thrifted skirts*. I have names for my clothes, do you have names for yours? I have my 90s HouseWife Dress, I have my Space Cadet Dress, I have my Taxi Cab Dress, my Where’s Waldo Dress. This skirt? It’s my Appropriated Mexican Culture Skirt. It was thrifted, which gives me a free pass on racism? It’s not racist? It’s an homage? I don’t know. I know my high school bestie could tell me, if I ever wore the skirt around her. I just like the print and try and roll with it, kay? Is that just the worst thing I’ve admitted on this blog? Probably. Also the next paragraph is just one big long rant about shitty dog owners who don’t leash their pets, so feel free to skip it. I was grumpy writing it and apparently I’m just going to post it as is. I have no disclaimer beyond that, really, except that it’s been a pretty shitty week dealing with shitty, irresponsible people who refuse to act like grown ups. It’s the kind of week where I feel like looking around and yelling “Oh come on, am I the only one trying here?” I can’t (and won’t) go into any of those details, so I stick to ranting about dog owners. It’s my thing.

grump face

It’s just that looking at these photos makes me just want to spend this whole post ranting about shitty dog owners. I hate them. I hate people with dogs**. So much unpicked-up poop and off leash dogs and bad doggie manners. We took these in our parking garage and this woman interrupted the photos (awkward!) when her tiny white curly haired dog went barking and running around the whole garage off leash. Because that’s totally not unsafe at allllll. Ugh. I know it can lose my friends, but man I take leashes seriously. I don’t care who you are or what your excuse is–if you have your dog off of a leash anywhere other than the middle of the forest or an off-leash dog park, I judge you. And yeah if it’s in the middle of the forest and I’m there and your dog runs up to me, I judge you. If it’s anywhere near a road, I will think you’re a fucking irresponsible jerk. If your dog runs around out of control while you frantically call for them, I will think you’re an irresponsible asshole jerk. My hard-lined dogmatic views are part of what makes me an asshole in real life, I’ll totally own up to it. Leash your dogs, because otherwise they’ll get hurt, killed, or hurt another dog, and when that happens, as sad as I feel for the dog, I just want to rub it in your face and remind you that it’s your fault, because you had fair warning. Says the girl who lost her dog (not Lyra, she’s fine)*** the one time that dog (not Lyra) was off leash in a quiet, residential neighborhood with no cars. Well, one car. It was a truck and a cat across the street and no one could have predicted that our low energy, sweet, super smart & well trained dog (not Lyra) would bolt to catch a cat. She never even chases cats. She was raised with cats and couldn’t care less. Which goes to show…. you can’t predict what your dog does. Nor can you predict traffic patterns. So don’t be an asshole and leash your dog. I promise–be responsible and train them properly, and they won’t resent you for it. Dogs don’t hold grudges and just like being outside, regardless of a leash.

Oh hey look more pictures of clothes!lookingdownkeffiyehhmmparkinggarage


*I didn’t shave my legs = tights a necessity

**dog owners /= dog people. Dog people I take on a case by case basis, but I like most of them.

*** not Lyra. It happened with the dog we had growing up, when I was in high school, and the whole thing was just nightmarish.

It wasn’t so much a snow day as it was a snow afternoon.

Marci Lyra snowfall

thanks GoogleSingularity for my silly snow gif!

I mean, let’s be serious here. I read blogs about Canadians, I know we don’t get actual real snow. But we did get a little cold white and fluffy gift from the snow gods, a light smattering compared to basically everywhere else in this quadrant of this hemisphere. Lyra loves the snow, so David took a video of us playing fetch together while he took some outfit photos. Let’s watch that first because oh my god Lyra is the cutest thing on the planet. Also you might notice that Lyra wasn’t the only one super excited about the snow. I’m sorry in advance for my cackling.

marcisnowday 1real

neonscarf: fred meyer | fringscarf: paris | sweater: target | shirt: H&M | pants: kohls | jacket: jcpennys | shoes: rei

So my mom was raised in the northish part of Alaska and has some seen epic snow in her day. She is also never cold. Ever. Like, her hands are always toasty warm, which I think is the best mom trait on the planet, especially when you’re in elementary school and you’ve been playing in the snow with no gloves on. Well I’ve only been to Alaska twice, but we joke that I have it in my blood, because I wore a long-sleeved lace top, and scarf while we were out. I mean sure in the photo you’ll see my coat and snow shoes, but I was definitely wearing ballet flats when her and I actually went out to run errands. Because um pshh it was barely any snow. Also I totally doubled up my scarf because I’m so smitten with my neon infinity scarf. I think I found it at Fred Meyer or someplace silly like that and I just love it to bits.marcisnowday 2 marcisnowday 3 marcisnowday collage marcisnowday pteradactylface