It’s basically impossible to ignore how awkward writing an ‘about me’ is, but there’s no use getting hung up on it. Blogs are written for a gazillion reasons because people love having a platform to talk about whatever they want.  I’m not really an expert in anything, but I like talking out loud (just ask my partner, David–I can ramble on a topic for hours) so why not take it to the internet, eh? The way I see it, just the act of spelling out my logic for an idea helps cement it in my head, so writing it for public is taking that exercise one step further. Having an audience forces me to clarify my thoughts, to clean up the loose ends, so to speak. It refines the ideas in a way that expands my own understanding.

Sooooo I live with my best friend/ soul mate/ life partner / any-other-gross-couple-term-you-can-think-of David and we’re disgustingly in love and try not to be too gross about it. We usually fail, so sorry about that. We’re also very happily not married and have no intention of changing that. And we live with my dog Lyra, whom I’ve had since her birth. I’ve been known to have long conversations with her because I believe she talks, in her own little doggy way (it involves a lot of staring, ear twitching, and pointing with her nose).

Other than that I paint a lot, I come up with tons of projects that I plan every detail for and may or may not follow through on, I play video & board games, I read a ton and I love giving out book recommendations, and I write. A lot. Oh and I have a thing for autobiographies–I just love the idea of  autobiographies, even if it sounds super narcissistic. I just think self-reflection leads to unlimited potential for growth, and I love the idea of my grandkids or great great grandkids finding my art journals and whatnot and being shocked at how much grannie loves using curse words. Because that’s probably my other favorite thing. Curse words. They’re hilariously awesome.

Oh well and I’m also bipolar, which is a bitch and a half. I was diagnosed after around a decade of being treated on and off for being occasionally depressed. It’s kind of like a roller coaster, says Captain Obvious. I like being upfront and honest about it, because there really is an intense stigma about mental illness and I don’t want that to stop me from being comfortable with who I am. However I’m really just not an advocate–I don’t have it in me. I would rather melt into a puddle than talk about My Struggles with basically anyone.

Ta da! And the About Me is finished. If you didn’t like it (which is totally cool) you should probably ignore the rest of the blog because it doesn’t get any better. Or, if you’re an optimist, it doesn’t get any worse!

Like a lot of people on the internet I’m definitely an introvert but if you want to chat or something, or if you have random pictures of animals with clever captions, you should definitely send them my way! I may not have the answers to your deepest, soul-searching queries but I’ll still respond, probably. Anything’s better than the nEwEsT h0773$7 t!p about enlarging the size of my various organs, after all.




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi marci! I’m doing the Liebster blog award thing and I’ve included your blog on my list of nominees. If you’re interested in participating, check out my blog for instructions.

    • Aww, thank you! That’s really awesome that you thought of me for it. I’ve actually already done that style of post a couple times, so I think I’ll pass this time, but yay!


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