Does the air taste a little stale around here to you, too?

I think the theme for this year is just me wincing and ducking, asking if it’s over yet. Not the year, persay, but just whatever mound of shit is being flung my way at any point in time. Srsly guys it’s a been a rough one. I predicted that at the start, with the move. I thought that’d be it, though, and that in around March things would pick up. They didn’t. Instead the year seemed nose dive like a plane whose pilot decided to steer like a roller coaster. Fortunately, every nose dive has ended with a grand swooping upward full of answers and right choices, but sheesh.

It’s made blogging pretty nonexistent. This place was always somewhere I could vent and experiment, where I could write without worrying too much about what it was all supposed to lead to. That feels like too much freedom now, a little too unfocused. Even the name feels wrong. I admire people who could stay with one blog for forever but that’s not me, so I’m over at The Glittered Pterodactyl now. I’m excited about it, the way you get excited about a makeover that just feels all kinds of right. it’s about projects, and showing off progress as it happens and allowing all of my different hobbies to tie into longer, more complicated ideas. Hopefully see you over there?


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