It felt like a high school reunion, kind of

msi marci

I get a lot of well-intended and lovingly-given grief about being such a fucking hipster. I take it in stride and I’ll totally make jokes about being a hipster too because how can I not when I have two translations of Anna Karenina on my shelf and had to tell a recent visitor that yes, I have read both of them. It makes me cringe to remember, but c’est la vie. That’s french, you know. But just wait, though, because my obnoxious hipster cred is about to quadruple.

I think the story starts with my brother in law back when we were all in high school, ish. Or right after he graduated, I suppose, since he was in the Marines. He found out about Mindless Self Indulgence  from a platoon buddy, converted my best friend into a fan and then they ganged up on me and for whatever stupid reason we just found it hilarious. We even went to a show when they were in town and it was awesome. My best friend & I danced in the middle of the crowd while my BIL stood over us daring anyone to come even remotely near us. No one did.

So when they came back in town, almost ten years later, it felt like a high school reunion. My BIL couldn’t make it this time (he had tickets to the ballet, lawlz) but my bestie and I still managed to have a ball. I was amazed at how many of the lyrics I still remembered, ten years later! We screamed, we jumped, we even drank a little and it was pretty much the best (and only) way to honor my high school years 😉

msi singermsi marcijanae


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