Mostly I hope you notice his ears


So sure Sunday is Father’s Day but Saturday, June 14th is a way more important day in my dad’s life. It’s the day he graduates from college, thus completing what turned out to be a 38 year long academic career. David joked that maybe we should check the Guinness book of world records to see how he compared.

I don’t write about my dad basically ever on the blog and mostly it’s out of privacy. I’ve never really shared this space with him so it doesn’t seem fair to talk about him on here. It’s also why I opted for a picture of him when he was younger, as a big-eared kiddo living in a Cuba. Because seriously, those ears. Thank God they skipped my sister and I, but I just know they’ll reappear on at least one of our collective pool of future children.

But in all reality, my dad is my only dad and it only send fair to nod his way on this momentous day. Well done, champ. I’ll be in the stands, rooting for you.


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