Things are trucking along nicely, I think.


David loves me so much. He loves me the mostest and I know it because last night, after we tucked ourselves into bed and were in prime sleeping position, I realized I had forgotten to close up the bag of white cheddar popcorn I had been munching on and when I said that out loud, he immediately popped out of bed to go take care of it for me. He’s such a sweetie that I don’t even care how mushy I’m being on the internet. And so I don’t sound completely selfish, every morning I wake up hours before I need to so I can tie David’s long locks up into a manbun because he just doesn’t want to figure out how to do it himself. Whenever I tease him about it (usually when he’s wincing because I snagged a tangle) he tells me he’s planning on practicing… tomorrow. I think he just likes having me take care of it, and that’s something I’m okay with.

My hair is still growing out and looking at how short it was over the past year makes me never want to cut it again. That buzz cut was an intense decision that I’ll be very happy to never repeat, even if I’m happy that I can at least say I did it once. Right now my hair is about two inches away from it’s final resting place, I think. I’ve been thinking about my hair a lot (don’t I always? I have quite the internal struggle with my hair, don’t I?) and about how I deserve to enjoy the way my hair looks. I’m tired of always having it in some stage of a grow out and I want to really try to celebrate the way I look with a hairstyle I like. I’ve also been blowdrying my hair and putting on a light brush of makeup on in the morning. It makes me feel really put together in a way that feels new and responsible. Maybe it’s just shallow, but I don’t think so. It feels more like embracing myself as I get older and leave the college me behind. She’s ready for that change just as much as I am.

One of my besties invited me to accompany her to an amazing play at Seattle Repertory Theater, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. It was an absolutely amazing performance that blew us away, and it was made all that much better because the leading lady was also Arnold Schwarzenegger’s partner in Kindergarten Cop.  I mean okay she’s also the actress who plays Amy Poehler’s character’s mom in Parks & Rec, but David and I watched Kindergarten Cop a few days ago so it was in the back of my mind when I saw the play. It was excellent. Other bonuses from the night include finding amazingly close parking and I wore my tall wedges that make me feel like a drunk baby giraffe without any arthritis flaring up!

My previous date with my aforementioned friend was going to a gross, grungy rock concert. The band was one we loved in all it’s ridiculously offensiveness during high school and it was a hilarious way to “relive our youth”. We’re in our mid twenties, so I think I’m legally required to sandwich that phrase in a quotation. Our next planned date is a camping trip because apparently we just have a wide range of date ideas. I love that her and I are reconnecting.

Other than that, we spent last weekend driving down to Oregon and back to celebrate our good friends’ engagement. We’re both just ecstatic for them and it was really good to remember that Oregon really isn’t that far away, and that we can make a trip over the weekend if needed. Granted I work until 130 on Saturdays so really it should only be a trip over a three day weekend but still. The point stands and I think it’ll help motivate us to take more trips over the weekend. It was a great trip nonetheless and Sunday morning when we were all sleepy and stumbling around for coffee and breakfast, the three dogs in the house were wandering around underfoot and it made me think about babies and cousins and what our world is going to look like a few years. One of my best friends already made that jump into motherhood and it just feels like the beginning of a really exciting phase in life. And because I just mentioned babies on the internet, I think I’m require to also say I’m not pregnant. I’m not pregnant and no one should anticipate that changing for at least a year.

Summary? I want to be intentional about how I live my life. That means be realistic and focused. Steady the rhythm has been the phrase tucked in the back of my brain as a reminder of that. I want to find that steady rhythm between all the ups and downs and look for that baseline in between everything else.


One thought on “Things are trucking along nicely, I think.

  1. I LOVE the way your hair looks in those pictures. It’s adorable! I have also decided to never again go into the realm of the shortest-I’ve-ever-cut-it. I like my hair best when it’s just past the top of my shoulders a little. But the cut you have now, with the waves and the shape of your face, looks magnificent.

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