I confess, I don’t actually like brussel sprouts

It’s true–I’ve never liked them. Neither does my sister. When we were little, we refused to eat brussels sprouts* because the neighbor girl Amanda said they were gross. Before that we had no idea. Imagine–going the first six years of your life never knowing that brussels sprouts were, in fact, absolutely disgusting. Granted we weren’t sure if we had ever eaten them, but we’d be damned if we’d get trapped into it in the future. The whole thing took place over dinner, where Amanda was in attendance and round, leafy veggie balls were on our plates.

“I don’t like brussels sprouts,” she quickly informed my mom.

“We don’t either!! They’re gross!!” chimed my sister and I simultaneously.

My mom looked at us and made one more of the many snap decisions of parenting.

“Well then it’s a good thing these are baby cabbages


I know it’s silly, but it’s stuck as a nickname. And, to be perfectly frank, my sister and I both love baby cabbages. We love them to bits. And every time I share a picture of them on instagram it’s a guaranteed hit. Which is all that matters? (That’s a lie, there are things that matter than instagram responses… just not a lot of them). Anyway I’ve been on a massive brussels sprout kick and it’s awesome. Pinterest has only fueled this addiction so yup. From me to you my friends.cookingthemup

I’ve done this one once, and it was alright. I think the teriyaki needed a little tweaking, which is usually par for the course in online recipes. No one knows how to do teriyaki sauce properly. I have one recipe I use, but I always have to make some changes and I only half like half of them written down. I haven’t made it in a while, so I imagine if I dust up on my skills it’ll still take a few meals to get it right. Still, though, it tasted good!

This one, however, this one is the holy grail of delicious. I’m so in love with any and everything with craisins. Or cranberries. I took out the croutons and added bacon to this, and I threw in some mustard with the dressing. Just a smidge. Perfection. I make it super spicy, too, which is just an amazing mix. Omnomnomnomnom.

Otherwise I just cut them up, chop some potatoes and mix them both with oil, balsamic vinegar, a dash of red wine vinegar and some baby carrots. Bake till ready.

Oh and also? I figured out how to properly cut a brussels sprout so that it doesn’t flake into a gazillion pieces. The trick is aiming. After you cut the bottom and peel off the outermost layer, you cut between what is now the outside. I don’t know, maybe everyone knows this, but I felt like a fucking genius when I figured out how to keep my brussels sprouts from falling apart.

one solo

*I wrote this whole post using “brussel sprouts” and getting irritated that spell check said it was wrong. I finally googled it and who’d a thought–it’s brussels sprouts. How does that make any sense?? Anyone?


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