Camping this weekend was one big reset button

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I know it’s like the most basic thing on the planet, but being outside, camping or even something more casual, makes me feel more connected and grounded to my world. David and I have had a rough couple of weeks, dealing with everything from understaffing at work to speeding tickets to a couple of bleck social interactions. I think it was mostly the shifting weather, though. Springing forward is never easy for me and it tried it’s best to take out David as well.

But! BUT! We went camping! It was beautiful and so much fun. There were potatoes cooked in delicious bacon grease right over the campfire, marshmallows dipped in baileys, toasted over the fire, and then shoved into strawberries. Chocolate-cashew-marshmallow-bacon bark. Turkey burgers. David and I spent all of Saturday laying low with headaches, but we just sat by the fire literally the full day and it was amazing. We walked down to the Puget Sound in the middle of the night and laid at the end of the road listening to a booming loud chorus of frogs.

We took Lyra with us and she was just a champ! There were lots of other dogs and she stayed pretty mellow about it. She also showed off her completely domesticated self–while all the other canines hovered beyond their humans, she tried her best to lay by our feet, even when it meant being less than three feet away from the fire. At the end we just gave up and laid her across our laps where she snored for a couple hours before bed.

The friends who put this event on do it as a way of celebrating their marriage, which I think took place in that same area. I’m not actually that sure because I wasn’t at their wedding. I met (the wife) during the two months I worked at this store when I took a year off from college. Like seriously, two months of her being my manager and they’ve included me in their adventures ever since. These friends are amazing. Their talents at cultivating and developing friendships is a fucking superpower it’s so impressive, and I’m just so thrilled I managed to find myself in their orbit. David is, too. The power couple brings their parents and family along, too, and the father of the groom is David’s spirit guide, basically. He gets his accordion out, David tunes his guitar, and they just jam for hours. It’s seriously one of the cutest things ever, and I love watching him fit in this group so seamlessly.

The only part even close to meh was not actually bringing my phone charger and needing my phone to last the whole trip. I mean, it was totally liberating and kept me from distracting myself with the internet (mostly) but also meant that I took like less than a handful of photos the whole trip. Still, though. I did manage to get a video of the guitar + accordion jam session, although it’s completely pitch black and very unfiltered.



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