What to Wear, brought to you by thrifting

full length skirt up

It’s not a sponsored post, it’s just the theme of Nicole’s What to Wear today. {lol, me do a sponsor post, as if} Although I didn’t manage 100% because I don’t thrift shoes or tights, and yet I have a bunch of thrifted skirts*. I have names for my clothes, do you have names for yours? I have my 90s HouseWife Dress, I have my Space Cadet Dress, I have my Taxi Cab Dress, my Where’s Waldo Dress. This skirt? It’s my Appropriated Mexican Culture Skirt. It was thrifted, which gives me a free pass on racism? It’s not racist? It’s an homage? I don’t know. I know my high school bestie could tell me, if I ever wore the skirt around her. I just like the print and try and roll with it, kay? Is that just the worst thing I’ve admitted on this blog? Probably. Also the next paragraph is just one big long rant about shitty dog owners who don’t leash their pets, so feel free to skip it. I was grumpy writing it and apparently I’m just going to post it as is. I have no disclaimer beyond that, really, except that it’s been a pretty shitty week dealing with shitty, irresponsible people who refuse to act like grown ups. It’s the kind of week where I feel like looking around and yelling “Oh come on, am I the only one trying here?” I can’t (and won’t) go into any of those details, so I stick to ranting about dog owners. It’s my thing.

grump face

It’s just that looking at these photos makes me just want to spend this whole post ranting about shitty dog owners. I hate them. I hate people with dogs**. So much unpicked-up poop and off leash dogs and bad doggie manners. We took these in our parking garage and this woman interrupted the photos (awkward!) when her tiny white curly haired dog went barking and running around the whole garage off leash. Because that’s totally not unsafe at allllll. Ugh. I know it can lose my friends, but man I take leashes seriously. I don’t care who you are or what your excuse is–if you have your dog off of a leash anywhere other than the middle of the forest or an off-leash dog park, I judge you. And yeah if it’s in the middle of the forest and I’m there and your dog runs up to me, I judge you. If it’s anywhere near a road, I will think you’re a fucking irresponsible jerk. If your dog runs around out of control while you frantically call for them, I will think you’re an irresponsible asshole jerk. My hard-lined dogmatic views are part of what makes me an asshole in real life, I’ll totally own up to it. Leash your dogs, because otherwise they’ll get hurt, killed, or hurt another dog, and when that happens, as sad as I feel for the dog, I just want to rub it in your face and remind you that it’s your fault, because you had fair warning. Says the girl who lost her dog (not Lyra, she’s fine)*** theΒ one time that dog (not Lyra) was off leash in a quiet, residential neighborhood with no cars. Well, one car. It was a truck and a cat across the street and no one could have predicted that our low energy, sweet, super smart & well trained dog (not Lyra) would bolt to catch a cat. She never even chases cats. She was raised with cats and couldn’t care less. Which goes to show…. you can’t predict what your dog does. Nor can you predict traffic patterns. So don’t be an asshole and leash your dog. I promise–be responsible and train them properly, and they won’t resent you for it. Dogs don’t hold grudges and just like being outside, regardless of a leash.

Oh hey look more pictures of clothes!lookingdownkeffiyehhmmparkinggarage


*I didn’t shave my legs = tights a necessity

**dog owners /= dog people. Dog people I take on a case by case basis, but I like most of them.

*** not Lyra. It happened with the dog we had growing up, when I was in high school, and the whole thing was just nightmarish.


11 thoughts on “What to Wear, brought to you by thrifting

  1. Confession: I shave my legs like twice a winter. There’s just no reason to do it more than that. I’ll do it if I have to go to a fancy affair, but otherwise, who cares. It’s far too cold outside to be showing bare legs and Ian doesn’t care… so, yeah, mine are a wee bit furry at the moment.

    In other news, I love the skirt and I’m not convinced I’m racist for loving it. πŸ™‚

    Also, as a non-dog owner, I can wholeheartedly appreciate the rant.

    • Yeah I’ve shaved my legs once this winter. I love that David isn’t bugged by it because it makes my life so convenient! And thanks, it feels good to know you’re on my side of the rant (I had instant regrets about posting it lol)

  2. dogmatic…no pun intended πŸ˜›
    On the serious note, it is the people’s responsibility and obligation as a pet owners to take care of and ensure the safety of the pets they “own”…so yes…totally on your side of the rant!

  3. Ha, glad i’m not the only one, i second nicole’s confession. more like once. i think i shaved right after the new year actually. it’s like not tights/pants weather anymore in Phx though so eh maybe i’ll get on that. maybe. and i’m on a pretty case by case basis w/ dogs in general, sometimes they’re just such spazes and stress me out. but others omg so cuddly and cute. and… fantastic skirt and scarf!

  4. Yes. Thank you. For many things.
    I get irritated every time I walk Dexter out at the park and see people who don’t pick up after their doggies. Nobody wants to accidentally step in that, and if I’m responsible enough to pick it up, so should everyone else.
    And I’m paranoid about (un)leashed dogs, too, among other things. It’s caused some disagreements between the hubs and me, but I stand firm. I’m also a stickler for keeping dogs on a super-short leash when walking around a neighborhood. Our neck of the woods is known for cars that like to go off road, walkers getting run over by a car, or cars’ side views mirrors getting hit. I don’t want to add my doggie added to that list.
    Also, with letting a past experience influence how you act in the present…with you, it’s leashes and what happened with your past dog.
    Me, it’s being a paranoid (read: annoying) backseat driver, wincing at every little thing, because too many of my friends/family have gotten into accidents lately.

    People I judge in my head? Owners who feel they can take their dogs into public places (i.e., the mall and the grocery store) when they’re clearly not a service dog. Drives me nuts. I have a dog, too, but you don’t see me taking him into the store (unless, of course, he’s allowed).

    In other news, your outfit is adorable. Love those colors together! πŸ™‚

  5. People with unleashed dogs is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Mostly because I always leash my dog and then their dog comes running up to my dog and their all like, “Oh don’t worry he’s friendly.” and I’m all like, “Yeah, well mine isn’t and she doesn’t want your dog all up in her grill and if she bites your dog it’s your own damn fault because Hello, leash laws are there for a reason.” I trust my dog, and I don’t think she’d ever bite. She gives off warning signs and let’s me know when she’s uncomfortable and I take her away from situations before she has to take the next step and yet I get nasty looks from people when my dog growls at your impolite dog. It’s just plan rude for a dog to run up and get in another dogs face. Manners people. You can teach your dog them. Just keep your dog away from mine and we’ll be okay. My dog is like the extreme introvert of dogs. People with extrovert dogs just don’t get it. And now you have me ranting! lol

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