Kelsey don’t read this post until your check your mailbox, okay?

snail mail 1 first

So I had a ton of fun participating in Lisa’s ProjectLife swap*, and it has me just itching to really sink my teeth into the scrapbooking project world. I’m all sorts of inspired and getting into my sparkly glittery things, but I’m still not quite at a point where I can devote enough time into jump starting this new hobby. I still wanted to make some stuff, though, so I started making cards. And I’m sending them to basically everyone I have an address for. So, if you know I already have an address for you and I’ve send you something in 2014, then you have something coming your way within the week. If you want one, though, email me your address marci.likeasmallfire at gmail dot com. It’ll be great. Well, it’ll be great it you’re into sequins and magazine cut outs. If you hate that stuff, though, you probably don’t want a card. From me, at least. Or tell me and I’ll make a different one 😉

*Honestly, it’s embarrassing to admit but I feel like I dropped the ball, mostly because I was mid-move when I mailed my package out and I couldn’t find the majority of what I wanted to send. I did, though, eventually find it so Nicole expect another package soon!snail mail 2 snail mail 3 snail mail 4 snail mail 5 snail mail 6 final


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