I’ve been looking for my own place ever since we moved

I figured I should probably cut it out with those titles and start coming up with random sentences instead, since this groove of blogging seems to really be working for me. Spoiler alert, but that groove consists of looking through my phone’s photos and deciding which ones inspire me to write about them, or about what they make me think of. Voila! Because I’m not sure if you guys are catching this, but I’ve totally blogged every weekday for the past couple weeks. Gotta keep the weekends to the me time, eh?

sharing with lyra smile

Anyway. I’ve talked a bit before about how the new roles in our relationship are a bit of an adjustment. It came to a head when I was in the apartment and everything just looked like work. That swampy, inescapable, bone-crushing kind of claustrophobic work, you know? It’s inescapable when a big part of your ‘job’ is your home. I wanted to get out of the house and it was really nice out, so I thought I’d take Lyra for a walk and maybe find the nearby park and write outside. I took her for a walk but I still haven’t quite worked up the nerve to adventuring out yet (big city! a man murdered down the street a week ago! scary!) but I realized we have this beautiful little outdoor area with nice wicker chair-couch things. It felt super weird to just go out and sit in them, since the apartments kind of look down on them, but whatevs, right? If I don’t, then who will? Plus as a bonus, if I ‘claim’ these chairs now (no one ever sits in them) then come sunny warm weather, no one will question it and I’ll already feel settled, right? I feel like a lot of my calm time involves spending money. Not like shopping, but like going to coffee shops and such. It’s one of my goals to cut that out, and find a satisfiable replacement that doesn’t feel like I’m missing out on something. This new space I’m claiming? That is that replacement. Well, that and the coffee maker my mom is handing down to me. (David uses a french press and for the love of god I’ve tried for five years to get behind it and I just can’t. Can’t. I miss brewed coffee SO BAD)

Oh and I’m sharing another short video at the end of this. It’s literally five seconds, but if you know what to look for you can see the best part of Lyra’s personality. She’s stubborn and will refuse to do something if she doesn’t want to. She insisted on sitting next to me on the seat, even though she had barely any space. It was hilarious. She finally stretched out and laid down nicely once her sweater was on (it was a bit chilly, after all). So yeah that pause? Where she stops for the brief moment? That was her moment of considering, before her answer of “no, no I don’t think I will”

sharing with lyra sweater


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