I just got rewarded for ignoring my Stranger Danger instincts, yay!

I remember being in middle school (like ages 12 – 14 ish) and my mom telling me that basically everyone on the internet is a psychopath stalker killer and that I should trust no one. Which is a really good thing to tell a middle schooler like me, except it stuck. The internet has been changed, mostly through Facebook and blogging, building pockets of space where people weren’t anonymous. They had names and faces and friends in real life, which is cool. But the problem was mostly that I didn’t let myself update with it. I read all these cool bloggers but I’m absolutely atrocious at reaching out and building friendships. Soooooo when the lovely Lisa talked about doing a Project Life swap, I was all in. All of you marvelous awesome dolls are so cool and it’s my goal for this year to work on being more involved, and more than half of you guys have gotten me itching to get into Project Life so this seemed just perfect. And I was rewarded for my efforts with all of these awesome goodies! The rest of this post is basically one big brag about all the things Lisa sent me–I definitely got pretty spoiled. And I don’t think I’m alone in nudge nudging and wink-winking to Lisa that she might want to consider doing it again…

open letter 2princess kate stamppostcard hearts closeuppostcard heartsboomephemera all star wing ephemera with yellowephemera flourish rose ephemera high voltagewashi tapeheart like close up 2


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