Random Phone Photo #002


art table black and silver triangles glowinthedark hi triforce onsie triforceLike I mentioned yesterday, one of my best friends is pregnant and I had a ton of fun figuring out what I wanted to make for her tiny little soon-to-be-arriving offspring. I know next to nothing about babies, but I am definitely a big fan of them and think they rock. I also have lots of opinions on babies (because really, who doesn’t?) one of which is that 85% of what you need is onsies. Onsies, burp cloths, and diapers, and that’s basically it. Well, you know, warm place to sleep, loving caretakers and basic nourishment too but details, people, details. So I got a pack of onsies and had a ton of fun coming up with some designs. The dad-to-be is a huge Zelda fan so a triforce was a given, right, and then the word “hi” in glow in the dark letters, for the midnight parties and then a cute pattern of triangles. It makes me excited to be a mom, because I want to spend the whole nine months painting and embroidering onsies and blankets, gearing up to be the most hipster of moms ever. For now, though, I’ll be content making them for the newest cutest little arrival in our friends’ group.


4 thoughts on “Random Phone Photo #002

    • Just tshirt paint I found at the fabric store. I’ve heard you can do it with acrylic, but I think it’d wash off when you clean it. Like, I’ve heard it doesn’t, but I think it would.

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