Random Phone Photo #001

hama flowerhama beads

I want to call them hama beads because of a couple captions on Pinterest but I keep worrying that I misread it or misremembered it, because the name on the box said perler beads and I’m not sure which one is a brand name and which is the original name. But hama beads is the name that stuck. So anyway.

I saw a few really good hama bead designs and they inspired me to want to go out and puck up some of my own to play with. My friend’s recent baby shower seemed like the perfect change to test out the medium with a fun craft. I wanted to make coasters with the color scheme so I went through and pinned a bunch more pins looking for flowers or something cute. I didn’t find quite what I wanted to look for, but I found tons and tons of other cool things. Which was exciting and inspiring, but I ended up just google image searching for the patterns I wanted to use on the baby shower coasters. Because really, it’s almost embarrassing to admit how often google image searches trump Pinterest in actual assistance. Whatevs.

The flower is actually my own design, just eyeballing it color by color. After I sorted color by color, which I shared a little bit of on instagram. Holy crap that was hell, guys, it’s like my eyes couldn’t stop sorting even if I wanted to! After two days though the bucket is entirely sorted and contained in little plastic baggies, so hurray.

I know this can be fixed with a wikipedia article or google search, but after this whole think what I really can’t figure out is how you’re supposed to iron them. I mean, if you see my above one, that’s how melted it go to stay together. It looks kind of neat, but is it supposed to look that way? The Pinterest photos all show  separate circles of independent beads–do you just iron on one side? I almost prefer it all melted together, but it’s really hard to do it evenly without the colors starting to melt together. Maybe if I iron it on a cooler setting? I tried that but it didn’t seem to work.

It kind of took me by surprise how hard this is for me. I think it’s funny that I can’t figure out hama beads on my own, but it’s definitely a ton of fun trying. There are all sorts of things that I’m excited to try and I usually postpone it with a “I can’t wait to have a kid to do this with!” like shrinky dinks and hama beads, but whenever I say it out loud whoever hears usually responds with a solid “Um why are you waiting to have a kid to do this?”

Point taken. Now I’m playing with Hama beads. Maybe for my birthday I’ll ask for shrinky dinks 😉


3 thoughts on “Random Phone Photo #001

  1. I hadn’t played with these beads for YEARS and then I saw a package right before I went to visit my nephews last summer and decided I’d give it a go with them. I was totally surprised with their patience (they were four and five at the time), but they sat there pretty willingly for about an hour, placing beads or directing me where to place them. It was so freaking fun! We made an amazing gator. I’d like to think they still have it. 🙂

    When I do it, I usually iron one side for longer than the other, so that on one side it’s all melted together and the on the other you can see the separate beads. I figure it’s preference.

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