OOTD Making friends with my closet again

Marci Galaxy

I hope you guys don’t hate my selfie gifs because they’re definitely my new favorite thing. My mom figured out that the more photos she takes the more likely she is to get a GoogleSingularity AutoAwesome out of it, so this is what happens.

So I might have mentioned? I never know. One day I’ll actually research these things before I start writing, but that day is not today. Anyway I might have mentioned that I more than halved my wardrobe during the move. It was liberating, terrifying, and unfortunate and still though a necessary thing. It means I’ve been trying to be a lot more intentional about wearing what clothes I have left, since further cuts are probably going to be necessary down the line. Such is life. The shift has forced me to be a little more relaxed in pairing separate pieces that might not have ever seen each other in previous outfit rotations, which is really nice. It’s like a little, mild flashback to my Bellingham days when I wore the craziest shit. (Seriously, guys, whenever I go through the Moose Archives I just laugh and laugh and laugh. I was awesomely out of control with my style). I think next time around I’d want to change the shoes I wear with this outfit, but I have no clue what they should be. The whole thing isn’t overly my favorite, but it worked well enough for a brunch date with my mom.

Marci galaxylegs 1marci galaxylegs 5Marci galaxylegs 3Marci galaxylegs 2

Not that I’m overly eager to bring any more attention to them, but can I just say that posting these photos as my first after the whole talking incessantly about my boob awareness thing I am way too self conscious about how enormous they look in these photos. That’s all. We’ll return to your regularly scheduled and scarved outfits next week, folks.


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