Hi guys do you miss me? I miss you

January has been every bit as crazy and hectic and off the walls as we expected it to be and I’M SO GLAD IT’S OVER HOLY CRAP

Marci Selfies

David was having a rough day so I flooded his phone with stupid selfie pictures to cheer him up, and then GoogleSingularity was thoughtful enough to make a gif out of them. Cheers!

The good news is we’ve moved. We’re in our new little home and we’re not moving anywhere any time soon. Because bleck. The bad news is we aren’t going anywhere any time soon because we’re trapped by the mountains of boxes. I thought things were going really well but holy crap that last load, guys. It was the worst. It was that point where I just didn’t understand why we didn’t just throw every single thing away because it all looked like trash that we could live without except when I did that in our last move, David got all upset that I threw important things away. Like fans. I don’t know. It just seems so disheartening to pack it all up when you’ve already got the apartment looking pretty decent and nice after a move and you don’t know why on earth you need to add anything else to the mix. Ugh. I’ll live, but ugh.

Let’s end on a happy note, eh? One of the first times we were driving past the apartment I saw a sign in a building for one of my favorite used bookstores. It was so exciting and I squealed all the happy squeals. All of them. I tried pointing it out but David didn’t see. Then my mom and I were driving by and I tried to point it out but I didn’t see the sign. It was awful. This happened every time we drove by that spot and starting thinking maybe I had imagined it, but then I walked to work (because I live UNDER A MILE FROM WHERE I WORK OMG HEAVEN) and I saw it! I saw the sign! And I saw a truck with the same bookstore name unloading boxes! They’re putting a bookstore only like half a mile away from me! Oh my gosh guys! The best part is? That’s not the only bookstore near me. There are two just slightly on the other side of my work, and we’re equidistant from two libraries, like the tasty tasty center of a library sandwich. The only downside is having the libraries a block further away from me than the bookstores. Seriously, though, I now live in heaven, because heaven has five separate sources of books, all either used stores or libraries, within a mile of where I live. It just doesn’t get better than that!


One thought on “Hi guys do you miss me? I miss you

  1. I ran away from the blogworld for oh so very long, and am now jumping back in. i have missed you! moving is the absolute worst, but I think finding the motivation to unpack is even harder. bleck!

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