It wasn’t so much a snow day as it was a snow afternoon.

Marci Lyra snowfall

thanks GoogleSingularity for my silly snow gif!

I mean, let’s be serious here. I read blogs about Canadians, I know we don’t get actual real snow. But we did get a little cold white and fluffy gift from the snow gods, a light smattering compared to basically everywhere else in this quadrant of this hemisphere. Lyra loves the snow, so David took a video of us playing fetch together while he took some outfit photos. Let’s watch that first because oh my god Lyra is the cutest thing on the planet. Also you might notice that Lyra wasn’t the only one super excited about the snow. I’m sorry in advance for my cackling.

marcisnowday 1real

neonscarf: fred meyer | fringscarf: paris | sweater: target | shirt: H&M | pants: kohls | jacket: jcpennys | shoes: rei

So my mom was raised in the northish part of Alaska and has some seen epic snow in her day. She is also never cold. Ever. Like, her hands are always toasty warm, which I think is the best mom trait on the planet, especially when you’re in elementary school and you’ve been playing in the snow with no gloves on. Well I’ve only been to Alaska twice, but we joke that I have it in my blood, because I wore a long-sleeved lace top, and scarf while we were out. I mean sure in the photo you’ll see my coat and snow shoes, but I was definitely wearing ballet flats when her and I actually went out to run errands. Because um pshh it was barely any snow. Also I totally doubled up my scarf because I’m so smitten with my neon infinity scarf. I think I found it at Fred Meyer or someplace silly like that and I just love it to bits.marcisnowday 2 marcisnowday 3 marcisnowday collage marcisnowday pteradactylface


Kelsey don’t read this post until your check your mailbox, okay?

snail mail 1 first

So I had a ton of fun participating in Lisa’s ProjectLife swap*, and it has me just itching to really sink my teeth into the scrapbooking project world. I’m all sorts of inspired and getting into my sparkly glittery things, but I’m still not quite at a point where I can devote enough time into jump starting this new hobby. I still wanted to make some stuff, though, so I started making cards. And I’m sending them to basically everyone I have an address for. So, if you know I already have an address for you and I’ve send you something in 2014, then you have something coming your way within the week. If you want one, though, email me your address marci.likeasmallfire at gmail dot com. It’ll be great. Well, it’ll be great it you’re into sequins and magazine cut outs. If you hate that stuff, though, you probably don’t want a card. From me, at least. Or tell me and I’ll make a different one 😉

*Honestly, it’s embarrassing to admit but I feel like I dropped the ball, mostly because I was mid-move when I mailed my package out and I couldn’t find the majority of what I wanted to send. I did, though, eventually find it so Nicole expect another package soon!snail mail 2 snail mail 3 snail mail 4 snail mail 5 snail mail 6 final

I’ve been looking for my own place ever since we moved

I figured I should probably cut it out with those titles and start coming up with random sentences instead, since this groove of blogging seems to really be working for me. Spoiler alert, but that groove consists of looking through my phone’s photos and deciding which ones inspire me to write about them, or about what they make me think of. Voila! Because I’m not sure if you guys are catching this, but I’ve totally blogged every weekday for the past couple weeks. Gotta keep the weekends to the me time, eh?

sharing with lyra smile

Anyway. I’ve talked a bit before about how the new roles in our relationship are a bit of an adjustment. It came to a head when I was in the apartment and everything just looked like work. That swampy, inescapable, bone-crushing kind of claustrophobic work, you know? It’s inescapable when a big part of your ‘job’ is your home. I wanted to get out of the house and it was really nice out, so I thought I’d take Lyra for a walk and maybe find the nearby park and write outside. I took her for a walk but I still haven’t quite worked up the nerve to adventuring out yet (big city! a man murdered down the street a week ago! scary!) but I realized we have this beautiful little outdoor area with nice wicker chair-couch things. It felt super weird to just go out and sit in them, since the apartments kind of look down on them, but whatevs, right? If I don’t, then who will? Plus as a bonus, if I ‘claim’ these chairs now (no one ever sits in them) then come sunny warm weather, no one will question it and I’ll already feel settled, right? I feel like a lot of my calm time involves spending money. Not like shopping, but like going to coffee shops and such. It’s one of my goals to cut that out, and find a satisfiable replacement that doesn’t feel like I’m missing out on something. This new space I’m claiming? That is that replacement. Well, that and the coffee maker my mom is handing down to me. (David uses a french press and for the love of god I’ve tried for five years to get behind it and I just can’t. Can’t. I miss brewed coffee SO BAD)

Oh and I’m sharing another short video at the end of this. It’s literally five seconds, but if you know what to look for you can see the best part of Lyra’s personality. She’s stubborn and will refuse to do something if she doesn’t want to. She insisted on sitting next to me on the seat, even though she had barely any space. It was hilarious. She finally stretched out and laid down nicely once her sweater was on (it was a bit chilly, after all). So yeah that pause? Where she stops for the brief moment? That was her moment of considering, before her answer of “no, no I don’t think I will”

sharing with lyra sweater

I just got rewarded for ignoring my Stranger Danger instincts, yay!

I remember being in middle school (like ages 12 – 14 ish) and my mom telling me that basically everyone on the internet is a psychopath stalker killer and that I should trust no one. Which is a really good thing to tell a middle schooler like me, except it stuck. The internet has been changed, mostly through Facebook and blogging, building pockets of space where people weren’t anonymous. They had names and faces and friends in real life, which is cool. But the problem was mostly that I didn’t let myself update with it. I read all these cool bloggers but I’m absolutely atrocious at reaching out and building friendships. Soooooo when the lovely Lisa talked about doing a Project Life swap, I was all in. All of you marvelous awesome dolls are so cool and it’s my goal for this year to work on being more involved, and more than half of you guys have gotten me itching to get into Project Life so this seemed just perfect. And I was rewarded for my efforts with all of these awesome goodies! The rest of this post is basically one big brag about all the things Lisa sent me–I definitely got pretty spoiled. And I don’t think I’m alone in nudge nudging and wink-winking to Lisa that she might want to consider doing it again…

open letter 2princess kate stamppostcard hearts closeuppostcard heartsboomephemera all star wing ephemera with yellowephemera flourish rose ephemera high voltagewashi tapeheart like close up 2

Random Phone Photo #004

fuckinfavorite faces

So it’s a few photos that I turned into a gif. This time it was all me, people, no help from GoogleSingularity. I made it for David, though, when I was at home and he was at work. I always feel so clever when I come up with silly photos like this in a sequence, but then I go home to my mom and on her fridge is a similar set of goof faces I made when I was a freshman in college. I guess this kind of selfie has some solidly formed roots.

It’s been very strange finding a balance of working part time and turning into a very domestic mostly-stay-at-home partner, but I’m not complaining. I think I’m so lucky to have David and I work out a balance like this. There are definitely days where I feel like my world is way easier than his, and those are the days I try to cheer him up with goofy selfies with post it love notes. It’s also a phrase we use on a daily basis. It usually goes something along the lines of “Ummm sooo…. yer my fuckin’ favvvvorite” because we’re gross and mushy all of the time. Gag, I know, but this is what you get when I talk about the smaller details of my life.

I really hope this doesn’t lose me a friend but I can’t help myself

I have a friend–I won’t say who so as not to embarrass them–who has an amazing hidden talent. When she blows her nose, she does the best impersonation of what we imagine a moose call sounds like. It’s true–I’ve heard her do it a ton and it always slays me. She’ll even get into it, too, and wiggle her nose to make a wobbly snorting noise. Seriously, few things in life are funnier and I hope she won’t hate me for talking about it. Because it makes me super happy.

I have a picture of her doing it, too, although no on in the world will see it but me, for sure. It’s hilarious. She has a roundish forehead and it gets super wrinkled because her face is all scrunched up. She has big eyes, too, so she looks like this angry baby bird calling out for a moose. It’s awesome. I actually have a whole collection of her scrunching up her face at me and making the baby bird face, although each photo is really her way of saying “oh for the love of god get the camera out of my face”. NEVER.

Anyway I was going through old photos yesterday, looking for ones I want to print to put on the wall, when I stumbled on that photo and it made me smile, and today just seemed like a good day to talk about her talent.

Anonymous friend–you’re pretty bad ass.

What to Wear: Pop Of Colours

what to wearimage

I never thought about having  specific colours represent you until I met David. David owns the color red more than anyone I’ve ever known. He possesses a full range from bright apple red to a deep, sunset maroon. I used to joke that I knew what our wedding colors would be, since it’s not like I’d have much of a choice (maroon and pale blue, with silver accents, if you must know). Over the years, though, my own colors have infected him as well, and now our apartment has a really great blend. Chartreuse, turquoise, bright red, and pops of coral. Funny enough, it’s similar to what I’m wearing in the outfit. Oh right, segue…


I was already thinking about the colors when my mom and I headed out for a play date at the art store They were having a beautiful and glorious sale that resulted in the utter annihilation of even the word budget, as well as the addition of a few beautiful paintbrushes to my collection. Paintbrushes that are a beautiful robins egg blue and bright red, because there is little in life I do better at than keeping to a color palette. Also go say hi to Nicole and see what all the other girls are wearing because it’s definitely a What to Wear week!

image     image


Random Phone Photo #003


Keeping an eye out for quirky little details in my new neighbourhood is my new favourite thing. The awesome thing about walking everywhere and having a nice camera phone is getting the chance to see all sorts of street art and being able to keep a record as well. I’ve been getting really into drawing geometric black and white drawings in making labels and using them as stickers, although I’ve never stuck them on anything other than my phone case…

This guy makes me laugh every time I see him. My first instinct every time is to call him creepy, but he’s really not, not if you look carefully. Imagine him interrupting himself all the time trying to say something, or even if all his mouths synchronized to say the same thing. Or maybe he is his own barbershop quartet quintet.

street art 2street art 1 street art 3

Random Phone Photo #002


art table black and silver triangles glowinthedark hi triforce onsie triforceLike I mentioned yesterday, one of my best friends is pregnant and I had a ton of fun figuring out what I wanted to make for her tiny little soon-to-be-arriving offspring. I know next to nothing about babies, but I am definitely a big fan of them and think they rock. I also have lots of opinions on babies (because really, who doesn’t?) one of which is that 85% of what you need is onsies. Onsies, burp cloths, and diapers, and that’s basically it. Well, you know, warm place to sleep, loving caretakers and basic nourishment too but details, people, details. So I got a pack of onsies and had a ton of fun coming up with some designs. The dad-to-be is a huge Zelda fan so a triforce was a given, right, and then the word “hi” in glow in the dark letters, for the midnight parties and then a cute pattern of triangles. It makes me excited to be a mom, because I want to spend the whole nine months painting and embroidering onsies and blankets, gearing up to be the most hipster of moms ever. For now, though, I’ll be content making them for the newest cutest little arrival in our friends’ group.

Random Phone Photo #001

hama flowerhama beads

I want to call them hama beads because of a couple captions on Pinterest but I keep worrying that I misread it or misremembered it, because the name on the box said perler beads and I’m not sure which one is a brand name and which is the original name. But hama beads is the name that stuck. So anyway.

I saw a few really good hama bead designs and they inspired me to want to go out and puck up some of my own to play with. My friend’s recent baby shower seemed like the perfect change to test out the medium with a fun craft. I wanted to make coasters with the color scheme so I went through and pinned a bunch more pins looking for flowers or something cute. I didn’t find quite what I wanted to look for, but I found tons and tons of other cool things. Which was exciting and inspiring, but I ended up just google image searching for the patterns I wanted to use on the baby shower coasters. Because really, it’s almost embarrassing to admit how often google image searches trump Pinterest in actual assistance. Whatevs.

The flower is actually my own design, just eyeballing it color by color. After I sorted color by color, which I shared a little bit of on instagram. Holy crap that was hell, guys, it’s like my eyes couldn’t stop sorting even if I wanted to! After two days though the bucket is entirely sorted and contained in little plastic baggies, so hurray.

I know this can be fixed with a wikipedia article or google search, but after this whole think what I really can’t figure out is how you’re supposed to iron them. I mean, if you see my above one, that’s how melted it go to stay together. It looks kind of neat, but is it supposed to look that way? The Pinterest photos all show  separate circles of independent beads–do you just iron on one side? I almost prefer it all melted together, but it’s really hard to do it evenly without the colors starting to melt together. Maybe if I iron it on a cooler setting? I tried that but it didn’t seem to work.

It kind of took me by surprise how hard this is for me. I think it’s funny that I can’t figure out hama beads on my own, but it’s definitely a ton of fun trying. There are all sorts of things that I’m excited to try and I usually postpone it with a “I can’t wait to have a kid to do this with!” like shrinky dinks and hama beads, but whenever I say it out loud whoever hears usually responds with a solid “Um why are you waiting to have a kid to do this?”

Point taken. Now I’m playing with Hama beads. Maybe for my birthday I’ll ask for shrinky dinks 😉