Beauty at every size, because progress guyz

Lyra1I know, I know, a picture of my dog probably isn’t what you expected. It might almost be considered mocking, but it’s not, I promise. We took her to the vet a couple weeks ago. Nothing serious, just updated shots for our move, but the vet talked to us about her weight. 77.6 lbs, for those curious. That is, 77.6 pounds of pure love–poor baby didn’t even blink with the shots, although her eyes got pretty wide for the temp check. Anyways, a bit of history. Every time any of my family sees Lyra, they immediately comment on her weight. Either she’s gained weight or lost it, and usually two family members disagree. While her weight does fluctuate a bit, I think it has more to do with the fact that she’s super barrel chested and has very long legs for her build–making her look lean with a round belly, or slender and sleek, depending on the angle. It’s pretty goofy and wonderful. The vet put it to rest, though, when she commented on how, as Lyra is becoming an older dog, her weight–and hold up because who gives a damn, I immediately stop listening whenever anyone mentions Lyra and anything about her age or being advanced. Because no. She’s my puppy. She’s always going to be my puppy-it’s a natural result of spendingยย her whole life with me. But yeah, the vet gave us a warning, if you shall, about her weight and to keep an eye on it. Which was code for she weight too much and I just don’t even care. I think in some world it makes me an irresponsible pet owner, but I just don’t care. She’s happy, she’s active, she’s come out of her shell so much in just the past few months with other dogs. ย So nope, don’t care.

*Also if you look at the tags and see ‘rescue dog’ and remember how I said I’ve had her from birth so wait a minute that doesn’t add up, um here’s the thing. Her ‘birth story’ might be worth a whole separate post, maybe, but her mom was a rescue dog from a really bad situation, and came to us pregnant. We fostered her eight puppies before sending them off to really good homes, found through the rescue organization we originally went with. We kept her because she showed some not-awesome signs like snapping around little kids that made us worry too much about sending her into the world unchaperoned.


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