What to Wear: Layers

what to wear

This outfit is feeling like a brand new classic look. Sound like an oxymoron? Well pfft say I. Also, for those who saw a different outfit last Thursday when I screwed up which date I was posting, um shh. You saw nothing. And for those who saw itย again when it accidentally posted on this Tuesday, well, um, shh x two. You saw double nothing.

Also also? Prepare yourself for a bit of a photo dump. David and I are on a bit of a roll when it comes to outfit shots. And for realziez this time, check out Nicole’s blog post to see her awesome-as-always outfit and everyone else’s!

1closeup 2closeup 3 1mostlyfull 3 2full 4horiz 5horizgoof


10 thoughts on “What to Wear: Layers

  1. I LOVE this outfit. The colour of that skirt is divine and that little Peter Pan colour is so cute with the studs. Cute, cute, cute! Also, yay, to having you back for WtW. And yay to your new design. It looks awesome.

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