new year, same dorks


Happy new year! David and I were talking about our plans for the new year when I asked him if we could plan to actually celebrate holidays this year. He agreed, because we both had just no oomph for celebrating this year. I’m pretty sure we basically just clinked coffee cups together for our anniversary. Like I said, pretty damn lazy. For New Year’s Eve we were just playing Age of Empires while binge-watching Battlestar Galactica. An awesome evening, truly, but not that celebratory. We did a two-hour-early celebration in case we tuned out for actual midnight.

Then I realized that we needed to start the new year properly, by, you know, actually celebrating it. I had this cheap wooden frame laying around so I painted it and added every ridiculous piece of shiny crap I could find, and we dressed up for some pictures! I don’t think I’ve blogged about the backdrop before (I do have one coming up–oh how do I have posts coming up) but I cannibalized it from the studio I worked for after they went out of business. It’s so campy and I just love it so much. In our new apartment (we’re moving and I’m completely in love with our new home) I’m planning on hanging it on the wall our bed butts up against. It’ll be romantic. Or just dorky and awesome, you know, it doesn’t really matter.

So we took a few pictures, then threw our pajamas back on and settled in for more Age of Empires & Battlestar. Around 12:10 we looked up, had a New Year’s kiss, clinked our hot chocolate together and continued to conquer our enemies in battle. I hope your year started just as amazingly.



6 thoughts on “new year, same dorks

  1. I drank just enough (read: too many) Moscow Mules, had a small party, and flopped onto my husband’s lap at midnight. It was surprisingly low key, considering how much I suffered the next day! Your New Year sounds like a whole lot of fun.

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