OOTD New Year, New Look. Ish.

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So in case you guys were wondering, I’m posting these outfits all kinds of out of order. If any of you are particularly observant, you’ll be relieved to know I don’t cut and trim my hair this often–you’re just seeing out of sequence grow out hair, lawls. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s a month later, this is what I wore on New Years. Anyway my darling dearest bestie Kels gave me this scarf a while back and it somehow managed to get horribly tragically lost. I’m so glad it reappeared during the Great Exodus because yum, amiright? Oh also? It’s not 100% consistently accurate, but I take photos even on my bad, depressed & grumpy days and you can usually tell because there will be a lot more ridiculous photos than nice smiling ones. Insider tips, y’all.

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Leggings as pants, a cold sore, and a wrinkled shirt. What could possibly go wrong?


Cozy night in


It’s cheating to admit I wore this out in public, but does it count that this is my ideal at home outfit? I really shouldn’t have been out in public so I think it counts. Because yeah so when I say I had a cold sore for this I mean it was the worst one in years. I had an allergic reaction to the meds I usually use and half

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Beauty at every size, because progress guyz

Lyra1I know, I know, a picture of my dog probably isn’t what you expected. It might almost be considered mocking, but it’s not, I promise. We took her to the vet a couple weeks ago. Nothing serious, just updated shots for our move, but the vet talked to us about her weight. 77.6 lbs, for those curious. That is, 77.6 pounds of pure love–poor baby didn’t even blink with the shots, although her eyes got pretty wide for the temp check. Anyways, a bit of history. Every time any of my family sees Lyra, they immediately comment on her weight. Either she’s gained weight or lost it, and usually two family members disagree. While her weight does fluctuate a bit, I think it has more to do with the fact that she’s super barrel chested and has very long legs for her build–making her look lean with a round belly, or slender and sleek, depending on the angle. It’s pretty goofy and wonderful. The vet put it to rest, though, when she commented on how, as Lyra is becoming an older dog, her weight–and hold up because who gives a damn, I immediately stop listening whenever anyone mentions Lyra and anything about her age or being advanced. Because no. She’s my puppy. She’s always going to be my puppy-it’s a natural result of spending lit.er.al.ly her whole life with me. But yeah, the vet gave us a warning, if you shall, about her weight and to keep an eye on it. Which was code for she weight too much and I just don’t even care. I think in some world it makes me an irresponsible pet owner, but I just don’t care. She’s happy, she’s active, she’s come out of her shell so much in just the past few months with other dogs.  So nope, don’t care.

*Also if you look at the tags and see ‘rescue dog’ and remember how I said I’ve had her from birth so wait a minute that doesn’t add up, um here’s the thing. Her ‘birth story’ might be worth a whole separate post, maybe, but her mom was a rescue dog from a really bad situation, and came to us pregnant. We fostered her eight puppies before sending them off to really good homes, found through the rescue organization we originally went with. We kept her because she showed some not-awesome signs like snapping around little kids that made us worry too much about sending her into the world unchaperoned.

OOTD Floral Dress

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I’m pretty god damn in love with this fucking floral dress. Like, in love enough to use some fairly crass words on the internet. Yeah. That much. I picked it up on a whim at F21 (side note: I’m such a hypocrite, I badmouth that store so much but man it’s good for a quick fix) and it’s just perfect. The fit is perfect and, before I washed it, the length was perrrrrfect. It shrunk a bit in the wash, but next time it goes in I’ll skip the dryer and let it hang to stretch it back out. Should do the trick, according to David’s mom. These photos are from my favorite outfit spot, the dog park we take Lyra. It’s a little tucked away ledge spot that works really well, especially since it’s a fairly deserted area in the park. Lots of privacy for those awkwardly public & narcissistic photos. Oh also? I’ll say it a million more times but black tights + brown boots = YUM. Really, though, black tights + ANYTHING = perfection.

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This post is long, pointless, will take forever to load BUT has a ton of goofy gifs

Rockin DavidThis is a gif that the great GoogleSingularity* made for me after I took a bunch of photos of David with my snazzy new phone. It’s the goofiest and kind of creepiest thing, but GoogleSingularity occasionally “auto awesomes” my photos, and sometimes that means I get adorable gifs of David. This one in particular captures his personality better than any photo possibly could. The rest, though, I found on the internet. This page is going to take forever to load.

condomjackiechanbowing creepy pie face falling koala

jenna marbles

picard & whoopi

picard deal with it

whose line dino mask

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*sure I know its true name is just plain Google, but who are we kidding. It’s the GoogleSingularity

Ignore the holiday theme because srsly guyz this card is the most versatile thing ever

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First things first: the longer my titles, the more paranoid I am about typos. Fingers crossed, eh? Okay but seriously, like I said, this card is the easiest thing to make and it’s the most versatile card in the world. If David and I were of the save-the-dates variety, this would totally be how we do it. Heck, we would probably do wedding invites like this, only with nicer paper and ribbon instead of bakers twine. Also it rocked that I had all of these materials laying around, thus making it the cheapest card I’ve sent out (the only project-specific purchase was printing the photos). You could also tuck in a cardstock with a written note, which I kind of wish I did. Next year I’ll be sure to put in a little year-summary letter, but this year was a little too boring and meh (lost a job, got a job, who cares). Oh and if you’re not lucky enough to have a change-as-needed text stamp, handwriting works great. 1 2 2 3 4 5 6

What to Wear: Layers

what to wear

This outfit is feeling like a brand new classic look. Sound like an oxymoron? Well pfft say I. Also, for those who saw a different outfit last Thursday when I screwed up which date I was posting, um shh. You saw nothing. And for those who saw it again when it accidentally posted on this Tuesday, well, um, shh x two. You saw double nothing.

Also also? Prepare yourself for a bit of a photo dump. David and I are on a bit of a roll when it comes to outfit shots. And for realziez this time, check out Nicole’s blog post to see her awesome-as-always outfit and everyone else’s!

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I don’t do new year resolutions but


But the beginning of this particular year coincides with an important shift in my life, so I want to keep some priorities steady through the process. First, though, the shift–David and I are moving to a new apartment. We aren’t just moving to just any apartment, though. We’re moving into a place that has an air of permanency. It’s a place we’re actively excited to settle into and grow our life around after a couple of years of being in an in-between phase. I can get caught up in all the flashy excitement of newness, planning all sorts of grand ideas for a shiny new life, but that’s not where I want to be focused. I want to be rooted in reality, and actively working to make my reality reflect the genuine love and excitement my life contains.

In true hipster fashion, I was on Pinterest before it was big. I’m a snob, I know, but I was the first wave of users post-beta testing, and it was a pretty cool experience to watch it just blow up in success. I stopped using, though, after a while because I didn’t like feeling caught up in the trappings of all the planning and good intentions without any of the follow through. With the allure of decorating a new apartment, though, I let myself get drawn into that colorful and exhilarating little addiction. I’m working on keeping only pins that are attainable, though, things I genuinely think I can implement in my real life. That, and a collection of awe-inspiring art, because that stuff is just so fun.

Being bipolar is like living an exaggeration of a normal life, and I get caught up in the waves of big big BIG ideas, and then getting crushed by a feeling of absolute failure when those grandiose ideas don’t grow out of the initial planning phase. That’s pretty quid pro quo for humans in general, I know, but the thing about bipolar brain chemistry is just how exaggerated and overwhelming those normal experiences can turn into. This year is the year I want to work on balancing those waves, though, with a more practical and realistic mentality guiding me through the brain chemistry. The more time I spend on medication, the more I feel in control of my life, and that’s a pretty amazing feeling. I still get caught up in the waves, though, and not too recently I went through a couple of [awful] weeks refusing to take meds because omgcrazybrainmuch, but I’m definitely finding my rhythm.

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new year, same dorks


Happy new year! David and I were talking about our plans for the new year when I asked him if we could plan to actually celebrate holidays this year. He agreed, because we both had just no oomph for celebrating this year. I’m pretty sure we basically just clinked coffee cups together for our anniversary. Like I said, pretty damn lazy. For New Year’s Eve we were just playing Age of Empires while binge-watching Battlestar Galactica. An awesome evening, truly, but not that celebratory. We did a two-hour-early celebration in case we tuned out for actual midnight.

Then I realized that we needed to start the new year properly, by, you know, actually celebrating it. I had this cheap wooden frame laying around so I painted it and added every ridiculous piece of shiny crap I could find, and we dressed up for some pictures! I don’t think I’ve blogged about the backdrop before (I do have one coming up–oh how do I have posts coming up) but I cannibalized it from the studio I worked for after they went out of business. It’s so campy and I just love it so much. In our new apartment (we’re moving and I’m completely in love with our new home) I’m planning on hanging it on the wall our bed butts up against. It’ll be romantic. Or just dorky and awesome, you know, it doesn’t really matter.

So we took a few pictures, then threw our pajamas back on and settled in for more Age of Empires & Battlestar. Around 12:10 we looked up, had a New Year’s kiss, clinked our hot chocolate together and continued to conquer our enemies in battle. I hope your year started just as amazingly.