On the other side of that tunnel

Marci stranglingherself

I kid, I kid. I don’t hate the holidays like that. I’m lying right now. Seriously, though, I’m only a smidge bit of a scrooge. This year I was positively delightful, all busy with the fancy wrap jobs and thoughtful presents. We keep white lights by our front door because it makes a really pretty entrance way when they’re lit (for reference, the photographer is standing literally in the door frame for these photos).

Do you like my glasses? I won’t lie, painting them was a ton of fun. The paint (um wall paint samples, if you must know) was a little too chalky, and so there are some ridges. I also had a bloody hard time painting right by the lenses, so that was that. I’ve only worn them out of the house once, but it’s fun to throw them on around the house and pretend to be a little old granny art teacher.

I hope you had a great holiday. Or holidays.

David’s parents (whom we spent Christmas with) took us to see Tuba Holiday, which is just fucking baller. So good.

Marci sassytiltMarci simplesmile Marci upagainstawall


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