Either I’m selfish or a little sister or awesome or all of the above

First off, thanks everyone who commented on my previous post about asymmetry. It’s embarrassing to admit but I had no idea about (nor did I intend for) the negative self-image tone in the post. You’re all such loving, awesome people so thanks for the gentle reality check. Okay now for more pictures of myself! Huzzah!

MarciEEp 111013

I may have impulse bought this sweatshirt at Target the other day, along with a watch and hot pink nail polish. The second I saw the sweatshirt, though, I was super stoked not just on wearing it, but how to make it MINE. Like I mentioned in the title, either I’m a selfish person who wants only one of a kind things, or it relates back to being a little sister tired of handmedowns. Or it relates to my amazing, creative spirit that wants to constantly be involved in what I wear, adding to the art of my wardrobe. Let’s stick with that last one, since it sounds the nicest, eh? I went through and embroidered around the edges of some of the hearts. I really liked it, but now I’m thinking (after a couple weeks of wear) that it isn’t enough, so I’m going to pick up some light greens, blues and yellows to go with it. Oh and with that picture of my watch below? So forever ago Nicole from this adorably awesome blog posted about nail polish on her list of Things I Don’t Understand (PS Nicole I miss those and think they’re hilarious). I can’t find the exact post, but her rant went something along the lines of not understanding nail polish, since it just seems to instantly chip and not look awesome hours after application. I remember when I read it, I was all hey that’s not true! My nail polish lasts forever! And then I went and found a bottle and painted my nails. And then a couple hours later I went to my art table, and then five minutes into painting something I remembered why I never paint my nails. Because um I also paint my nails. Acrylic sticks to painted nails harder than just about anything.

MarciFull 111013

Keffiyeh & Shorts: thrifted | Shirt Watch & Tights: Target | Shoes: Payless | Tank: Romy

Marciheart111013 MarciWatch 111013


3 thoughts on “Either I’m selfish or a little sister or awesome or all of the above

  1. Ha! I think that was my very first Things I Don’t Understand post. I can confidently say, I still don’t get nail polish. But I do get the need to make things your own. I love the embroidered heart. It looks really cute. I can’t wait to see what the sweater looks like once you’ve gone to town on it.

    I hope you’re having a lovely Saturday.

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