Ten ways to finish but first how to start?

Do I tell the story, or what made me want to write the story in the first place? Common editor advice is easy, tell the story. And if I don’t accurately convey  my desires for the why of writing it all down, if my story fails to explain that which is outside the confines of its apparent limits? Easy, the advice is. Easy, just tell it better. This line is what continues stops me from the rest of my questions, each time I almost have one formed, because it is the answer that interrupts my every attempt to think my next question, blocking me each time I lay my pen on my paper.
Just tell it better.
But what if you try, and the story and the story about the story are two individual pieces, asking very different points, one oil and the other water, two unmixable things, unable to combine in one piece and what if even after the reviews and edits and the just-tell-it-betters, what if as two pieces you stop, unable still to determine the how, the order, without one serving to ruin the effect of the reading the other. Do I lead with the explanation or should I start with the story to breed higher anticipa-

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