What’s red, white, pink and happy?

MarciHrmm 111113Well probably a lot of things, okay, but also me! I had a somewhat ridiculously almost-manic weekend and convinced David to do some outfit photos. One of which I meant to post yesterday, but sitting on the couch watching Voyager with David while painting in my art journal just sounded so much more appealing. I have no regrets.

MarciCollage 111113

We don’t have to talk about how I can’t actually take posing for photos seriously, right? We can just accept the ridiculous faces and move on with the post? Excellent. Now, for full disclosure, I will confess that after taking these photos, I looked at the purple-y-maroon pants I was wearing and thought to myself, you know, this would look way better with red tights. So that’s what I changed into and wore for the rest of the day. I like to think of outfit photos as test runs for what I want to wear. Sometimes you guys get the rough draft.

MarciFull 111113

Jacket: Costco lol | Top: H&M | Pants: Target | Keffiyeh: Value Village, believe it or not



4 thoughts on “What’s red, white, pink and happy?

    • Haha yeah I’m such a total embarrassment to her 😉 Nah I think it was probably a cat. There are so many of them, and she wants to have all of them love her and be her forever friends.

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