This should be fun because I really like bandwagons

I’ve been seeing the “Ten Random Facts About Me” meme pop up around the blogosphere and thought it sounded like fun, so without further ado

one I come up with really elaborate analogies, especially when David helps. We’ll spend hours coming up with the perfect analogies, like comparing Star Trek’s TOS, TNG, and Voyager to chocolate cake, brownies and a chocolate cupcake (matched up in that order). It isn’t enough to just come up with that comparison, but we’ll go into detail about why, like the ingredients breakdown and associations between the baked goods.

two I always write in the first one fifth of a journal, and rarely any further. It’s something I’m always embarrassed to admit, because I’m jealous of friends who fill journals cover to cover. I’ve only done that a handful of times, and three times it was with the exact same model of journal from B&N’s Pratt student-designed collection. They stopped carrying that specific one and it breaks my heart, because it always felt like the most perfect journal. I also think the first journal entry and the longest entry (be them the same or separate entries) set the tone for a journal, so I try and make them positive.

three I compulsively buy books. I have over three hundred and my collection is my primary indulgence in vanity, because each book feels like a beautiful trophy. For what it’s worth, my reading of said books is kept at a solid 70%, which is pretty good. I also try to track every book I read with a summary, often kept in molskins.

four I’m legitimately dyslexic when it comes to my left and rights, and it’s my sister’s fault. This is another super embarrassing confession, even though I should probably just get over that feeling. When we were little my sister spent a good three years lying to me about my lefts and rights, alternating between the truth and the opposite. It messed me up in a very permanent way, and in my head the words are completely interchangeable. It probably would have gone on for longer, but my mom caught her when we were at a doctor’s office. I was having knee problems and the doctor asked “your right knee, correct?” and I started to nod when I looked at my sister, who very subtly shook her head (it was my right knee). My mom caught her doing it and the lightbulb went off in her head and she looked at my sister and shouted out “you little bitch!” and the doctor was horrified.  So whenever I have to give directions, I’ll say the words but I also point. Look for the pointing.

five My whole family speaks Spanish except me. My dad is an immigrant from a Spanish-speaking country when he was a preteen, and gave my mom lessons in the beginning of their relationship. He got lazy, though, and never taught my sister and I. My sister took Spanish in high school, but I opted for French as a very weak gesture in teenage rebellion.

six I paint my nails therapeutically. All throughout high school I’d paint them whenever I had a bad day, or was stressed. Still do, although less often.

seven I have arthritis in my big toes. I don’t know why I have it in my left toe, but I injured my right toe (when I was walking down stairs and tripped, huzzah for being a total klutz) and severed the ligaments in my toe. Pretty gross, pretty painful, and I was on crutches for a very long time.

eight I spent seven years hating garlic. In my defense, it was after I went to a garlic festival with my mom and her very pregnant friend, who fed me garlic-flavored chocolate without my realizing it until it was too late. Far too late. Bleck.

nine I subscribe whole heartedly to the multiple best friends theory. It got me in trouble when I was in elementary school and accused of two-timing on my bff, but whatevs. Life is too short to have just one. I have seven.

ten I’m really proud of my relationship with David. I think we’ve done an amazing job building our relationship. We actively work on it on a regular basis, and it really shows when we reap the benefits. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else, and I love watching him grow and develop not just as a partner, but as a person.


Either I’m selfish or a little sister or awesome or all of the above

First off, thanks everyone who commented on my previous post about asymmetry. It’s embarrassing to admit but I had no idea about (nor did I intend for) the negative self-image tone in the post. You’re all such loving, awesome people so thanks for the gentle reality check. Okay now for more pictures of myself! Huzzah!

MarciEEp 111013

I may have impulse bought this sweatshirt at Target the other day, along with a watch and hot pink nail polish. The second I saw the sweatshirt, though, I was super stoked not just on wearing it, but how to make it MINE. Like I mentioned in the title, either I’m a selfish person who wants only one of a kind things, or it relates back to being a little sister tired of handmedowns. Or it relates to my amazing, creative spirit that wants to constantly be involved in what I wear, adding to the art of my wardrobe. Let’s stick with that last one, since it sounds the nicest, eh? I went through and embroidered around the edges of some of the hearts. I really liked it, but now I’m thinking (after a couple weeks of wear) that it isn’t enough, so I’m going to pick up some light greens, blues and yellows to go with it. Oh and with that picture of my watch below? So forever ago Nicole from this adorably awesome blog posted about nail polish on her list of Things I Don’t Understand (PS Nicole I miss those and think they’re hilarious). I can’t find the exact post, but her rant went something along the lines of not understanding nail polish, since it just seems to instantly chip and not look awesome hours after application. I remember when I read it, I was all hey that’s not true! My nail polish lasts forever! And then I went and found a bottle and painted my nails. And then a couple hours later I went to my art table, and then five minutes into painting something I remembered why I never paint my nails. Because um I also paint my nails. Acrylic sticks to painted nails harder than just about anything.

MarciFull 111013

Keffiyeh & Shorts: thrifted | Shirt Watch & Tights: Target | Shoes: Payless | Tank: Romy

Marciheart111013 MarciWatch 111013

But my face is freakishly asymmetrical and it creeps me out


So like I mentioned in David’s symmetrical face post, this whole project started when I started noticing how very asymmetrical my ears were. I’ve always known I have a crooked smile, so it’s not a surprise that the rest of me doesn’t match up either. But um guys I had no idea that I had two entirely different faces. I have a theory that I was originally a pair of twins, but unlike that scifi version of one twin consuming the other twin, I think my twin versions each consumed half of the other, leaving two halves that joined together, so that I am literally two halves of two different people. It’s creepy, and once you see it it can’t be unseen. Also? That crooked mouth and lopsided ears? I checked. They’re the only two symmetrical parts of my face. Oh also also? These photos? Make me feel incredibly self conscious and very vulnerable, since I know they aren’t flattering. I’m posting anyways because I’m a badass. Just thought you should know.

SymMarci1-2 SymMarci1-3

David’s face is shockingly symmetrical, except for his mouth and beard



This is a picture of David’s face, as is. We were having a discussion about symmetry, and we were having it while staring in our hallway mirror (maybe we’re super vain, I don’t know, but I feel like we have a lot of conversations while staring in mirrors. I can’t explain it). I noticed my ears seemed to be hitting different lengths, and the more I stared the more the left half of my face seemed to be longer than the right half. So we conducted an experiment, and I like David’s results a lot. So yeah, the above picture is a picture of David’s face, completed as is. Below are two versions of his face perfectly symmetrical, each using a different half. His eyes never change, which really creep me out, but his whole expression does. Which freaks me out even more. Also the right half of his face is chubbier. Although I think when it comes to facial symmetry as the most beautiful I think he is resoundingly  more handsome with his original, asymmetrical face. Thoughts?



Ten ways to finish but first how to start?

Do I tell the story, or what made me want to write the story in the first place? Common editor advice is easy, tell the story. And if I don’t accurately convey  my desires for the why of writing it all down, if my story fails to explain that which is outside the confines of its apparent limits? Easy, the advice is. Easy, just tell it better. This line is what continues stops me from the rest of my questions, each time I almost have one formed, because it is the answer that interrupts my every attempt to think my next question, blocking me each time I lay my pen on my paper.
Just tell it better.
But what if you try, and the story and the story about the story are two individual pieces, asking very different points, one oil and the other water, two unmixable things, unable to combine in one piece and what if even after the reviews and edits and the just-tell-it-betters, what if as two pieces you stop, unable still to determine the how, the order, without one serving to ruin the effect of the reading the other. Do I lead with the explanation or should I start with the story to breed higher anticipa-

What’s red, white, pink and happy?

MarciHrmm 111113Well probably a lot of things, okay, but also me! I had a somewhat ridiculously almost-manic weekend and convinced David to do some outfit photos. One of which I meant to post yesterday, but sitting on the couch watching Voyager with David while painting in my art journal just sounded so much more appealing. I have no regrets.

MarciCollage 111113

We don’t have to talk about how I can’t actually take posing for photos seriously, right? We can just accept the ridiculous faces and move on with the post? Excellent. Now, for full disclosure, I will confess that after taking these photos, I looked at the purple-y-maroon pants I was wearing and thought to myself, you know, this would look way better with red tights. So that’s what I changed into and wore for the rest of the day. I like to think of outfit photos as test runs for what I want to wear. Sometimes you guys get the rough draft.

MarciFull 111113

Jacket: Costco lol | Top: H&M | Pants: Target | Keffiyeh: Value Village, believe it or not


I’ve spent my fair share of time in closets

I’ve been in gay closets, I’ve been in straight closets, I’ve been in mentally ill closets. I’ve been in more, I’m sure, but those are the obvious ones. I’m not really in a closet right now, I don’t think, but I know perfectly that feeling of standing in the dark, holding a grenade, feeling sure that if I open the door a woolly mammoth will crush me.

This video was like a refreshing hug, so if you need one today, check this out.