Technically this isn’t a Halloween costume, but it could be

CMarci 102613 Horiz

My face when I try to get Lyra excited about life. She’s pretty mellow, so it takes a lot

So it feels awkward to admit, but this isn’t a Halloween costume. If it was, I’d be going as an obnoxious fucking hipster, but actually this is just what I wore to the dog park last weekend. This spot is my all-time favorite place to do outfit photos, but I get super self conscious. I’m pretty sure all the other dog park goers are laughing at me, but I try not to care. Too much. I’m still going to link up with Nicole’s What to Wear for Halloween.

CMarci 1026143 VertCollage

I have to gush about this sweater, because isn’t that what an outfit post is for? I found it at Value Village (Savers, for the east coast peeps) for $3. Its tag says it’s from the Gap and that it’s hand-knit, so I’m trying not to imagine a little Chinese orphan girl with only three fingers frantically trying to knit this pattern. Second hand makes it okay, right?

My other thrift find feels even more awkward, if possible, but I’m going to wear them both proudly. The scarf I’m wearing is definitely a thrifted keffiyeh, which was a very convenient find since I accidentally dumped coffee over my last one, but also strange because who donates their political statement? Like, it isn’t even a fake little UO keffiyeh-patterned scarf. Makes no sense,  but I’m grateful. It’s a little smaller than my white & black one, so it’s a little easier to just wear day to day.

Last outfit commentary, and I promise this one is less politically charged than my other two. My new job is one of those fancy dress-up-like-a-conservative-professional types that requires black or nude pantyhose/tights, so I went ahead and restocked my closet with black tights. I can’t believe I stopped always having black tights because OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM WITH EVERYTHING. They’re the bestest easiest color of tights to just pair with anything for a more streamlined, easy look.


4 thoughts on “Technically this isn’t a Halloween costume, but it could be

  1. Umm, this is a really cute outfit. And I hope a three fingered Chinese girl didn’t knit your sweater; sad. I think about that too, but then if it’s thrifted you’re just recycling, right? Looove your background; looks like a great dog park. Props for braving the weird looks & taking the photos anyway.

  2. We have Value Village over here!!! I’ve been to two different ones! And I have also been obsessed with black tights lately-they are awesome and you can even wear them under pants to have an extra layer of warm. So very versatile, comfy, and cute.

  3. I do not put this outfit in the obnoxious hipster category. It’s super cute. I love the colours and the mixture of patterns. Also, heck yes black tights are the best. I need new ones DESPERATELY. My wardrobe is noticeably lacking in that department these days.

    You’re the cutest and I hope your new job is going swimmingly… despite the conservative wardrobe requirement. Eeep. How are you managing!?

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