Life, universe, everything and thoughtful thoughts

That’s what David told me to write about when I asked him his opinion this morning so here goes….

Okay but seriously, though, have you seen this? I hadn’t seen this until yesterday when my boss showed me*.

It makes me laugh. He also showed me a hilarious video of a turtle humping a shoe, but I’ll leave that one off for today. Which is to say, though, that work is going well. It feels so fucking good to have a job again. I can’t even begin to describe how satisfying it is to come home and be all fuck this day! I’m tired from work! It feels so much more solid than saying fuck this day! Staying home all day doing chores and watching Netflix sucks! (Because, believe it or not, after doing it for a year, it really does suck)

It also means I’m busy, because of the whole not-staying-home-all-day thing. Pros include biking and having an excuse to hang out in a coffee shop (I’m one of those perpetually early people) and new people to interact with, cons include not having enough time during the day to get so bored I write a blog post. So no blog posts.

I do have an outfit post for tomorrow, though, so look forward to that. You get to see my ugly-crazy hipster sweater. I love it so much.


*I had a dream last night that I was showing someone some of my favorite internet videos and they laughed at them because the videos were awesome, but then the person like leaned over my shoulder and looked at the dates on the video and was all “Um these are years old. They aren’t new. You’re so behind on everything.” What a loser character, amiright?


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