Wait, what faces are in season this year?

Marci 9-21-13 FullMarci 9-21-13 Goofy

Outfit// Shirt & Skirt, Thrifted | Scarf: Sears (?) | Shoes: Madden Girl

I mean sure I’ve got the ballerina pose down, but what comes after that? Monster faces? If monster faces aren’t in season this fall, if they have been trumped by the all-powerful all-knowing pumpkin spice latter, then I just don’t know how to handle life and humanity. Sidenote: the first time I saw the PSL abbreviation used in my reader I was stumped for a solid twenty minutes before context clues finally tipped me. Also, is it only me who has a conspiracy theory that Starbucks is secretly promoting their stuff through the bloggers? Because I was in one the other day, and even they had the same omg psl=fall perfection type attitude. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a PSL hater. Haterz gonna hate.

Today is Day 2 of work and I’m pretty stoked. Day 1 went fabulously and, as cheesy as it is to say it, I have a lot of the This Is The Right Place For You Right Now feels. After a year of unemployment-except-for-the-six-months-you-were-employed-somewhat-before-that-company-went-under-followed-by-more-unemployment, it feels really amazingly awesome to get back into the working saddle. I know it’ll wear off after a week or two of waking up at 530, but until then, I say BRING IT ON.

Oh right! This is an outfit post! Okay so this is my unofficial What To Wear For You Anniversary post, I guess, because this is what I wore on our anniversary. Bright colors to the max. I always forget I have this skirt, but it’s kind of a joyous moment when I remember it again. Except the hem refuses to lay flat, even on theΒ admittedly rare occasions that I iron it.


7 thoughts on “Wait, what faces are in season this year?

    • David ordered pumpkin flavored pancakes this morning at breakfast and as I ate half of them I felt like such a hypocrite for dissing on the internet’s obsession with pumpkin-spided-everything. Even though it’s still pretty stupid.

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