I tried to find a good & maybe relevant photo for this post, but all I found was a photo of me holding a bowl of fruit

I tried to find a good & maybe relevant photo for this post, but all I found was a photo of me holding a bowl of fruit*

No really, guys, I’m rolling down a hill. Please send help.

Okay but seriously, two blog posts in two days? It’s almost like I’m a blogger or something. Also, two blog posts in to-day. Check out my book review on Dorktasm42, would ya?

Today’s my first day in a new job, and I’m really mostly hoping I don’t trip and fall on my face or something. I was putting lotion on my face and my skin turned bright red afterwards and I had a mild panic attack (that’s not true–I didn’t have a panic attack. I just panicked). I was afraid I was having an allergic reaction because my skin is super temperamental and I hadn’t thoroughly washed my hair styling stuff off my hands before putting the lotion on. I have an unfortunate tradition of breaking out in an allergic rash before big events (see: full body hives from new sunscreen the evening before my sister’s wedding), so I feel like it’s a reasonable fear.

No worries, though. I think my poor dry skin was just flushed with excitement at having some moisture.

So the more I set up David’s blog, the more structure I give it and I love that. I used to give my blog a lot of structure, but I feel like that’s kind of gone by the wayside. Now I just write to write, know what I’m saying? I like it, but I’m kind of wondering if you guys do. My stats have just plummeted since I stopped blogging consistently, which is to be expected, so now I’m left with the tried-and-true readers. So, tried-and-true readers, what do you expect when you come here? Are you guys feeling my stream of conscious posts? Are you hoping I’ll shut up and post my outfits again? What are you hoping/expecting?Β Side note–I originally wrote hoping-slash-expecting and then deleted it because wow sometimes I can be a bit of a douche!

I’m always irritated when bloggers have a What Should I Write About poll, asking for feedback, because it always feels like a lazy bid at getting their readers to do their work for them. I assure you–that’s really not what this is. My favorite posts have historically been my worst received (David’s still pretty indignant that this post has no comments at all) and that hasn’t stopped me one bit. So I’m not so much asking for a direction, just curious about your expectations (if you have any, I guess. Maybe you like having a little Russian Roulette in your Reader, and I won’t judge you one bit for it)

*You’d think there’d be a good story to this, but really, it’s just the product of David & I being exhausted from the summer with three weddings, a trip to Hawaii & moving to a new city, all within two months. I have a photo of him doing the same thing.


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  1. I’m here because I think you’re unique and bright, no matter what you write about. Write when you’re moved to, about what moves you, whether it’s Drew Carey or your outfit that day or your deepest darkest secrets or your current projects or whatever else it may be. You can always tell the bloggers who are writing for traffic, not writing for fun, and I hope that you know that while you may not have the most readers, your content is superb.

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