Mostly it’s just a whole lot of rambling

new shoes new socks new leggings & its too fun not to share

new shoes new socks new leggings & its too fun not to share

I’ve written before about taking a chance on a 7 year pen. Its failure haunted me way more than should be considered reasonable. It was a disappointment that was only compounded when the replacement cartridges also failed to work. I’m sure I could have written them another missive–from a customer service standpoint, they were awesome–but I didn’t want to. As a customer, I’ll only go so far for a product before swallowing my losses. And I learned where my limits lay with the pen experience. Do I sound dramatic enough? Could I be more over the top about this?

Well my mom was in the mood for a pen, and we were standing next to a display of 7 year pens. One thing led to another and before I knew it my mom was urging me to open my heart and take a chance on love again. On her dollar, that is. So here I am with a new 7 year pen. This one has two bicycles on it, thus ensuring that everyone who sees me writing with it will know I’m a super cool hipster who commutes everywhere on a bike. It saves me the trouble of telling all those people who didn’t already pick up on my hipstertasticness by the mason jar I was using to hold my drink. Anyway, all things considered, I am super stoked to have a working 7 year pen. I’m only a week into using it, but most days I’ve been clocking around 1k words. Which is fabulous news, because NaNoWriMo is coming up and I am so fucking ready to tackle this shit again! In fact, I’m writing this as I take a break from writing a layout for my NaNo piece.

Oh and speaking of writing, I’ve finally convinced a certain hunky someone to share his video game reviews with a broader audience than just me and whatever friend he can rope into listening. Yeah that’s right–David started a blog. Well, co-started, because I’ll be blogging along side him, but in a limited capacity. It’ll be very video game-centric, with related fanfics and comics tacked on. Comics that will only sometimes be  video game related, and other times be about the dorky moment sin our life, as well as an assortment of unnecessary pie graphs and Venn diagrams. Oh and some music reviews & recordings he’s done. I’ll also probably start posting my book reviews there, but we’ll see. It’ll be an awesome blog, and I’m not just saying that because I’m sleeping with the blogger.

And yes, I will still be writing here. In fact, I’ll be writing even more, what with NaNo coming up. This space is for outfit photos, nonsensical ramblings, and non-video game related fiction. And all that “etc” stuff. Sound good? Excellent. Without further ado, please feel free to go check out the new blog Dorktasm42




5 thoughts on “Mostly it’s just a whole lot of rambling

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  2. 1. I’m really late at reading blog posts right now. 2. I CAN NEVER TRY TO BUY PENS IN UNDER FIFTEEN MINUTES. Do you also have that problem? I’ll pick up, read, feel about a million packs of pens before I settle on one, and it’s never, ever “just right.” I need to find that Holy Grail of pens.

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