Technically this isn’t a Halloween costume, but it could be

CMarci 102613 Horiz

My face when I try to get Lyra excited about life. She’s pretty mellow, so it takes a lot

So it feels awkward to admit, but this isn’t a Halloween costume. If it was, I’d be going as an obnoxious fucking hipster, but actually this is just what I wore to the dog park last weekend. This spot is my all-time favorite place to do outfit photos, but I get super self conscious. I’m pretty sure all the other dog park goers are laughing at me, but I try not to care. Too much. I’m still going to link up with Nicole’s What to Wear for Halloween.

CMarci 1026143 VertCollage

I have to gush about this sweater, because isn’t that what an outfit post is for? I found it at Value Village (Savers, for the east coast peeps) for $3. Its tag says it’s from the Gap and that it’s hand-knit, so I’m trying not to imagine a little Chinese orphan girl with only three fingers frantically trying to knit this pattern. Second hand makes it okay, right?

My other thrift find feels even more awkward, if possible, but I’m going to wear them both proudly. The scarf I’m wearing is definitely a thrifted keffiyeh, which was a very convenient find since I accidentally dumped coffee over my last one, but also strange because who donates their political statement? Like, it isn’t even a fake little UO keffiyeh-patterned scarf. Makes no sense,  but I’m grateful. It’s a little smaller than my white & black one, so it’s a little easier to just wear day to day.

Last outfit commentary, and I promise this one is less politically charged than my other two. My new job is one of those fancy dress-up-like-a-conservative-professional types that requires black or nude pantyhose/tights, so I went ahead and restocked my closet with black tights. I can’t believe I stopped always having black tights because OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM WITH EVERYTHING. They’re the bestest easiest color of tights to just pair with anything for a more streamlined, easy look.


Life, universe, everything and thoughtful thoughts

That’s what David told me to write about when I asked him his opinion this morning so here goes….

Okay but seriously, though, have you seen this? I hadn’t seen this until yesterday when my boss showed me*.

It makes me laugh. He also showed me a hilarious video of a turtle humping a shoe, but I’ll leave that one off for today. Which is to say, though, that work is going well. It feels so fucking good to have a job again. I can’t even begin to describe how satisfying it is to come home and be all fuck this day! I’m tired from work! It feels so much more solid than saying fuck this day! Staying home all day doing chores and watching Netflix sucks! (Because, believe it or not, after doing it for a year, it really does suck)

It also means I’m busy, because of the whole not-staying-home-all-day thing. Pros include biking and having an excuse to hang out in a coffee shop (I’m one of those perpetually early people) and new people to interact with, cons include not having enough time during the day to get so bored I write a blog post. So no blog posts.

I do have an outfit post for tomorrow, though, so look forward to that. You get to see my ugly-crazy hipster sweater. I love it so much.


*I had a dream last night that I was showing someone some of my favorite internet videos and they laughed at them because the videos were awesome, but then the person like leaned over my shoulder and looked at the dates on the video and was all “Um these are years old. They aren’t new. You’re so behind on everything.” What a loser character, amiright?

My history with an author

So a long time ago, my stepmom gave me a book she thought I’d enjoy. This one, which I’m just now realizing isn’t even on my shelf. Um, what the heck? No nevermind it’s cool. I just realized where it is. Which is funny, since I always joke with David about how I know where all of my books are. He used to threaten to rearrange them when I wasn’t looking, and I told him I’d know if he did. He didn’t quite believe me (my collection is somewhere around 400) but he never actually tried it. Apparently, though, I can lend out one of my favorite books for a few years without remembering. Oops!

Anyway, I really loved that book of short stories. I think they’re absolutely great, especially as a primer for how to read deeper into stories, if you’re trying to grow your reading comprehension (which is exactly why I lent the book out). When she published The Namesake I read it as well, although I wasn’t as big of a fan as I was her short stories. Her next novel, Unaccustomed Earth, was way better in my mind, and really primed me to be excited about The Lowland, which didn’t disappoint AT ALL.

A lot of the time I like to reference Franzen as my core Great American Novel example, because I really think he has an amazing grasp of taking a broad snapshot of America in a certain decade and boiling it down to its core components, and then infusing that into a family he writes about. Which means he ends up being my comparison when I see another author writing in a similar fashion. Which means that Lahiri pulled off the immigrant version of Franzen’s themes SPECTACULARLY. As in, no comparison to Franzen at all, sine she’s an amazingly strong writer in her own right. She wrote an amazing novel about an Indian family and used it to capture the feelings and politics surrounding them through revolution, political activisim, borderline terrorism, immigrating to America, forced marriages, and awful, painful family secrets.

So. Good.

A Golden Tree Grows in Edmonds

Gold Leaves with Green

For the first time in a long time I had my camera on me while I was walking the dog. David was there, too, and he was going to take some outfit photos. This tree is growing in the middle of my very ugly parking lot and it took my breath away by how brilliant it just seemed. Very glad I had my camera on me! We don’t get a lot of stunning foliage in the Northwest, after all. Mostly it just gets soggy.

Brown VeinsI can’t remember where I heard this from (maybe from this book?) but there’s this idea (theory? proven, irrefutable fact? imaginary statement that I’m coming up with as I’m typing this up? I have no clue) that all the core color combinations we use are based off of color combinations we see in nature. Blue and gray, like the ocean, or green and brown, like ferns and dirt. My favorite example is the combination of red dirt & turquoise, a color combination seen a lot within the art of the native American tribes in that region.

I’d like to dress up according to this photos. To grow out my hair really long and let it be wavy, and wear a tighter shift dress the color of the leaves with small bits of blue and brown embroidered on it. It’s so cheesy writing this, but I love that everything that makes up people–all of our cultures and art and imagination–all of it has roots with our experiences and observations of the world around us. I like playing that game in my head every now and then–to look at something very clearly designed, whether it’s an outfit or an abstract design in a magazine, and see what elements root back to nature.

Gold with blue sky

Wait, what faces are in season this year?

Marci 9-21-13 FullMarci 9-21-13 Goofy

Outfit// Shirt & Skirt, Thrifted | Scarf: Sears (?) | Shoes: Madden Girl

I mean sure I’ve got the ballerina pose down, but what comes after that? Monster faces? If monster faces aren’t in season this fall, if they have been trumped by the all-powerful all-knowing pumpkin spice latter, then I just don’t know how to handle life and humanity. Sidenote: the first time I saw the PSL abbreviation used in my reader I was stumped for a solid twenty minutes before context clues finally tipped me. Also, is it only me who has a conspiracy theory that Starbucks is secretly promoting their stuff through the bloggers? Because I was in one the other day, and even they had the same omg psl=fall perfection type attitude. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a PSL hater. Haterz gonna hate.

Today is Day 2 of work and I’m pretty stoked. Day 1 went fabulously and, as cheesy as it is to say it, I have a lot of the This Is The Right Place For You Right Now feels. After a year of unemployment-except-for-the-six-months-you-were-employed-somewhat-before-that-company-went-under-followed-by-more-unemployment, it feels really amazingly awesome to get back into the working saddle. I know it’ll wear off after a week or two of waking up at 530, but until then, I say BRING IT ON.

Oh right! This is an outfit post! Okay so this is my unofficial What To Wear For You Anniversary post, I guess, because this is what I wore on our anniversary. Bright colors to the max. I always forget I have this skirt, but it’s kind of a joyous moment when I remember it again. Except the hem refuses to lay flat, even on the admittedly rare occasions that I iron it.

I tried to find a good & maybe relevant photo for this post, but all I found was a photo of me holding a bowl of fruit

I tried to find a good & maybe relevant photo for this post, but all I found was a photo of me holding a bowl of fruit*

No really, guys, I’m rolling down a hill. Please send help.

Okay but seriously, two blog posts in two days? It’s almost like I’m a blogger or something. Also, two blog posts in to-day. Check out my book review on Dorktasm42, would ya?

Today’s my first day in a new job, and I’m really mostly hoping I don’t trip and fall on my face or something. I was putting lotion on my face and my skin turned bright red afterwards and I had a mild panic attack (that’s not true–I didn’t have a panic attack. I just panicked). I was afraid I was having an allergic reaction because my skin is super temperamental and I hadn’t thoroughly washed my hair styling stuff off my hands before putting the lotion on. I have an unfortunate tradition of breaking out in an allergic rash before big events (see: full body hives from new sunscreen the evening before my sister’s wedding), so I feel like it’s a reasonable fear.

No worries, though. I think my poor dry skin was just flushed with excitement at having some moisture.

So the more I set up David’s blog, the more structure I give it and I love that. I used to give my blog a lot of structure, but I feel like that’s kind of gone by the wayside. Now I just write to write, know what I’m saying? I like it, but I’m kind of wondering if you guys do. My stats have just plummeted since I stopped blogging consistently, which is to be expected, so now I’m left with the tried-and-true readers. So, tried-and-true readers, what do you expect when you come here? Are you guys feeling my stream of conscious posts? Are you hoping I’ll shut up and post my outfits again? What are you hoping/expecting? Side note–I originally wrote hoping-slash-expecting and then deleted it because wow sometimes I can be a bit of a douche!

I’m always irritated when bloggers have a What Should I Write About poll, asking for feedback, because it always feels like a lazy bid at getting their readers to do their work for them. I assure you–that’s really not what this is. My favorite posts have historically been my worst received (David’s still pretty indignant that this post has no comments at all) and that hasn’t stopped me one bit. So I’m not so much asking for a direction, just curious about your expectations (if you have any, I guess. Maybe you like having a little Russian Roulette in your Reader, and I won’t judge you one bit for it)

*You’d think there’d be a good story to this, but really, it’s just the product of David & I being exhausted from the summer with three weddings, a trip to Hawaii & moving to a new city, all within two months. I have a photo of him doing the same thing.

Mostly it’s just a whole lot of rambling

new shoes new socks new leggings & its too fun not to share

new shoes new socks new leggings & its too fun not to share

I’ve written before about taking a chance on a 7 year pen. Its failure haunted me way more than should be considered reasonable. It was a disappointment that was only compounded when the replacement cartridges also failed to work. I’m sure I could have written them another missive–from a customer service standpoint, they were awesome–but I didn’t want to. As a customer, I’ll only go so far for a product before swallowing my losses. And I learned where my limits lay with the pen experience. Do I sound dramatic enough? Could I be more over the top about this?

Well my mom was in the mood for a pen, and we were standing next to a display of 7 year pens. One thing led to another and before I knew it my mom was urging me to open my heart and take a chance on love again. On her dollar, that is. So here I am with a new 7 year pen. This one has two bicycles on it, thus ensuring that everyone who sees me writing with it will know I’m a super cool hipster who commutes everywhere on a bike. It saves me the trouble of telling all those people who didn’t already pick up on my hipstertasticness by the mason jar I was using to hold my drink. Anyway, all things considered, I am super stoked to have a working 7 year pen. I’m only a week into using it, but most days I’ve been clocking around 1k words. Which is fabulous news, because NaNoWriMo is coming up and I am so fucking ready to tackle this shit again! In fact, I’m writing this as I take a break from writing a layout for my NaNo piece.

Oh and speaking of writing, I’ve finally convinced a certain hunky someone to share his video game reviews with a broader audience than just me and whatever friend he can rope into listening. Yeah that’s right–David started a blog. Well, co-started, because I’ll be blogging along side him, but in a limited capacity. It’ll be very video game-centric, with related fanfics and comics tacked on. Comics that will only sometimes be  video game related, and other times be about the dorky moment sin our life, as well as an assortment of unnecessary pie graphs and Venn diagrams. Oh and some music reviews & recordings he’s done. I’ll also probably start posting my book reviews there, but we’ll see. It’ll be an awesome blog, and I’m not just saying that because I’m sleeping with the blogger.

And yes, I will still be writing here. In fact, I’ll be writing even more, what with NaNo coming up. This space is for outfit photos, nonsensical ramblings, and non-video game related fiction. And all that “etc” stuff. Sound good? Excellent. Without further ado, please feel free to go check out the new blog Dorktasm42



Polka Dot Fancy Feet

Marci PolkaDot Socks 1

Today is a What to Wear Polka Dot edition, hosted by the good lady Nicole so you should be sure to check out every one else’s post. I tried to get a good photo of my polka dot sweater, but due to lighting issues, you get this instead. My socks. Lovely, right? They were a gift from my godparents and came three to a pack so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Marci PolkaDot Socks 2I’m somewhat fixated on how awesome they are–I mean, I know lots of people who mismatch socks. My bestie & occasional roommate Kim does it all the time. It impresses me to no end. I also find it completely baffling–how can you stand it? I mean, if the color palettes and general themes don’t work together, how can it possibly be healthy to put them on your feet? Euuck. So yeah I’m a loser who needs my mismatched socks prepackaged for me. What up, universe, this is who I am.