This is my happy hat

My mom bought me the most amazing hat yesterday after a really bad day turned into a really awesome day. The hat is just the bees’ knees so I made David take some quick photos of it before we settled in with our new Diablo 3 characters (my new character is a female barbarian and I would share her name except I have an awful and delightful habit of giving my characters creatively x-rated names). Also don’t be alarmed but I am wearing my pajamas.

Marci Hat 92313 2An astute observer will take note that this hat has  a grand total of FIVE  pompoms, which is more than I’ve ever seen a hat have. It’s very stretchy and turns into a dorky looking bonnet when I wrap the unruly tassels around my neck. I’ve been trying to get myself more motivated to post on the blog, in case you’re wondering why there is a post devoted entirely to this hat. Also, though, this hat earned its post. It is an amazing hat. David could not stop laughing giddily when he came home and saw it, which means a lot, since he came home in a pretty grumbly mood after a bad day at work. My brother in law stopped by and also professed his love for my hat, but that was a given. The man loves anything that looks like it’s even remotely connected to Jayne Cobb. I walk down the street in this hat, people will know I’m not afraid of anything.

Marci Hat 92313 1That’s really all I’ve got for this post, but let’s be honest. This hat is more than enough. I hope you guys are all having a splendid Tuesday. Mine is definitely going well.


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