This is my happy hat

My mom bought me the most amazing hat yesterday after a really bad day turned into a really awesome day. The hat is just the bees’ knees so I made David take some quick photos of it before we settled in with our new Diablo 3 characters (my new character is a female barbarian and I would share her name except I have an awful and delightful habit of giving my characters creatively x-rated names). Also don’t be alarmed but I am wearing my pajamas.

Marci Hat 92313 2An astute observer will take note that this hat has  a grand total of FIVE  pompoms, which is more than I’ve ever seen a hat have. It’s very stretchy and turns into a dorky looking bonnet when I wrap the unruly tassels around my neck. I’ve been trying to get myself more motivated to post on the blog, in case you’re wondering why there is a post devoted entirely to this hat. Also, though, this hat earned its post. It is an amazing hat. David could not stop laughing giddily when he came home and saw it, which means a lot, since he came home in a pretty grumbly mood after a bad day at work. My brother in law stopped by and also professed his love for my hat, but that was a given. The man loves anything that looks like it’s even remotely connected to Jayne Cobb. I walk down the street in this hat, people will know I’m not afraid of anything.

Marci Hat 92313 1That’s really all I’ve got for this post, but let’s be honest. This hat is more than enough. I hope you guys are all having a splendid Tuesday. Mine is definitely going well.


two halves make a whole



I’ll try to keep this from getting too cheesey but four years ago I went over to this really cute guy’s house to bake a chocolate beet cake. It was the best first date ever and man am I glad I gave him my number after we met at our friend’s game night. I’m so lucky to have in my life and the best part is how he feels exactly the same way. And it’s safe to use his anniversary card as the picture for this post because if there’s one thing I know about him, it is that he will never look at this blog unless I tell him he has to because he’ll like a post.


*Oh and for my facebook friends who are all like but facebook says your anniversary isn’t until tomorrow, that’s because we’ve forgotten what day it is a long time ago and so we kind of flip flop between the 20th and the 21st.

Whoa guys I’m writing about clothes again

Marci 91813 WTW Bookstore Face

I know. I know, it’s been a while. But for what it’s worth, that entire time I didn’t do outfit posts? I was still at least wearing clothes. Be grateful for the little things. Anyway I’m participating in this week’s What to Wear, hosted by the one and only Nicole at Gypsy in Jasper. So. The bookstore. Or, at least according to these photos, what to wear when you’re sporting the worst hangover. Yesterday my mom picked me up and took me to the Third Place Books, which is my happy place. I ate a delicious bbq baked potato and we browsed books for much longer than we intended to. I opted for the most comfortable outfit in my closet, so a jersey skirt and a chunky knit cape poncho thing felt perfect. The whole point of a bookstore (to me) is cheering up and feeling calm. Something about a good bookstore centers me, so when I have an off day that’s the first place I want to go. Also I broke out these tights, which are the color of an almost-too-ripe pumpkin and I’m pretty sure the Fashion Police have rules against wearing them in any season that isn’t fall. It felt right. My feelings were further justified when I saw my breath this morning on Lyra’s walk. Hi there fall!

Marci 91813 WTW Bookstore Full

I just realized I don’t remember where I got like any of these items of clothing. The bag is Modcloth and the dress is old navy and the rest is only heaven knows. Sorry.

The happiest Drew Carey in all the land

So David and I watch a lot of Whose Line Is It Anyway. Enough that we’ve developed (and written down) an entire set of rules for a drinking game to play along with the show, but that’s a post for a different day. For now we’ll stick with the happiest I’ve ever seen of Drew Carey. It was glorious and I made David pause so I could take a photo of it with my phone (which explains the bad quality). To keep him entertained on his breaks at work, I’ve been sending him a constant stream of what might be making Drew so happy.

Drew Carey YAY FACE

the original

Drew Carey YAY FACEcake Drew Carey YAY FACEShogwartsDrew Carey YAY FACEfirefly Drew Carey YAY FACESunicorn

This is how I will write all of my blog posts from now on, until forever.

Hey guys!

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**Just wanted to let you know that while I ripped this text off directly from this website and wasn’t even close to compensated because why the heck should I have been, all thoughts and opinions are totally mine and I’d never share anything that didn’t have my full-hearted support **

There is so much relief in not being a fucking fairy tale

mostly unrelation but ohgosh socute

mostly unrelated but oh gosh so cute

I know I’m not the only one who’s been checking in with this site (updated! I fixed the link!) on a regular basis. I also know I’m not the only one who was (spoiler alert) disappointed by the ending, but it is what it is. I can’t say I’m remotely surprised–in fact, it confirmed a lot of suspicions and assumptions I have about how people work. Oh and by the way, this in no way should be taken as anything even remotely resembling relationship advice. Because ew gross and who am I to offer that?

But here’s my theory–I think the relationships with the highest rate of success have the plainest and unremarkable starts. I don’t want to say it’s because it sets the bar low, because that’s not right at all, but it’s kind of close.  (I teased a friend whose boyfriend went to Tiffany’s for their first Christmas together, because man oh man, talk about setting a high-as-a-kite bar! It’s a totally different story and not at all the kind of situation I was actually talking about it, but I just remembered it and the story always makes me chuckle. I hope she gets Tiffany’s every.single.Christmas. And then lends them to me when I have fancy events.) There’s something really beautiful about It lowers expectations of what should  happen in a relationship and instead lets the participants focus on each other, and learn what the other is actually offering.

True story–David and I dated (exclusively and very happily) for nine months before we said the I Love Yous. Nine months. In my previous relationships that barrier was knocked down by the one month mark, and it killed me that he took so long to get there. I kept wondering if that meant our relationship was a bust, if I should cut and run, if he just wasn’t that into me, blah blah blah. In the end, though, it was an amazing (exercise in patience for me to go through) opportunity to learn about how we worked, not how most relationships are supposed to work (based on previous events–I’m sure lots of readers will be all ‘wtf one month you’re crazy’ and that’s okay because um yeah I am). I’m glad I waited for him to be in his comfort level to say it, because it had nine months of evidence that he genuinely felt it on a very deep and permanent level. Okay, confession, I didn’t really wait. We were cuddled up one night and ready to go to sleep when I asked (at the end of my patience rope) if he ever planned on saying it and his response was a somewhat indignant I was just about to, actually. I ruin all that is beautiful.

But the website romance tale seemed doomed to fail from the start, because they set the bar too high. They set themselves up for a romance of modern hollywood proportions, and seemed surprise when it didn’t work out. They wrote about how they fell in their same relationship traps and what got me is that they seemed surprised about it. Like, of course that happened. You spent the whole time analyzing how your experiment would influence your feelings and focusing on your flaws and bad habits and fixating and then it didn’t work out. Hollywood didn’t write your lines for you, so why would you write them differently than you have previously? Especially with a whole internet community focusing in and adding pressure? For what it’s worth, I was totally rooting for them to work out the whole time. I’m not that much of a Humbug.

David and I have modest and mostly unremarkable origin story. Parts of it are awkward and will likely be edited out when our kids ask how we met, and other parts seem exceptional and perfect and adorable because they are components in our story, and our story is very exceptional and perfect and adorable to us and us alone. And the ‘us’ seems to be going well. Eleven days away from four years, whatwhat.

It’s a trend I see played out over and over. Even the Tiffany’s friend had a fairly uneventful start. They had a chance for a whisked away romantic start and instead it played out calmly and very not-Hollywood and that seems like the best and most awesome start ever. (Also, side note? That whole relationship is the closest to Hollywood I’ve seen in a good way and I really hope she starts blogging again so you can all know what I’m talking about. HINT HINT KELS).

With that, I fully acknowledge that this is all based on anecdotal evidence from the people I know, and my opinion is very skewed by that. Are there successful love stories out there with passionate and sickeningly sweet starts? Prove my theory wrong, people. Prove it wrong.

Oh hey that’s right I read

Been a while since I recapped my reading habits, hasn’t it? I can never actually remember if I’ve included all of the books or not. I used to be in the habit of keeping  paper copy of a book journal and it’s clear that I should really get back in that habit.

Inferno Dan Brown

Dan Brown is one of David’s favorite ‘Easy Reads’ so when he finished this book he tossed it my way. I have a hard time taking Dan Brown seriously–I think a great Dan Brown drinking game would include 1 drink for every Mickey Mouse watch reference, 1 drink per tweed reference, 1 shot every time the day could have been saved by a quick Google search. You catch my drift. No seriously, though, even if I mock the book the entire time I read it, I did read the entire thing. It was a fun. At one point David talked me into making a video recording my (somewhat drunken) prediction of what I thought was going to happen. It should be noted that I’m a notorious over thinker when it comes to Dan Brown’s plots, a fact that had David secretly laughing at me for days before I finished the book.

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena Anthony Marra

My mom tossed this book my way after she read it, fell in love with it, brought it to her book club, and had them all return their copies to her. Those ladies are missing out, though, because I did find this to be a great book. The main protagonist, though, is my absolute least favorite character in the whole story. She seems to be the link to connect first world women who lead very safe lives to the war-torn countryscape in the book, and to me that comes across so dismissive. Like, you can only understand the pain of the other characters through her pain. As if their pain is something that wouldn’t be considered worthwhile enough without the connection of someone from “our world”. It’s really unfortunate, too, because the rest of the story was very beautiful and heartbreaking and very well written.

The Defining Decade Meg Jay, PhD

My sister and I both received copies of this book as a (Christmas?) gift. I *coughawkwardcough* may have ignored it entirely and may *cough even joked about how I never wanted to read it because who reads those trumped up self help books anyway. My sister read it, though, and assured me it was great and I’d like it and I should totally give it a shot. So I did. I totally get why it resonated with my sister–she is a very linear, rule-oriented and driven person and I’ve never had any doubt about how much success (stereotypical and otherwise) her life is*. To me, though, in light of my very non linear and messy, unstructured lifestyle, it basically felt like chapter after chapter after chapter of telling me that not only am I doing everything wrong, but that I’m already falling behind on every being able to “catch up” to my peers’ successes. I mean, sure I knew the book wasn’t going to tell me to give myself a pat on the back. I’m unemployed, forchrissake. The only thing I am doing right, according to the book, is develop of a deep committed relationship before I hit 30. And even that I managed to screw up, since David and I have no plans of ever marrying. Whoops!

We Need New Names NoViolet Bulawayo

This was a really powerful book that did an amazing job of sharing the world of a girl who was born and raised in Zimbabwe until she’s a preteen, when she gets sent to live in Michigan with her aunt. The story alone is really amazing, but way it was written just blows my mind. Bulawayo has a very strong control over her writing, and was able to use the shape of her words to add different colors to different parts of the story.

Empire Star Samuel R Delany

I read this yesterday. It’s just a novella tacked on to the back of Babel-17 but man oh man. I love Delany. He’s just my favorite writer. I was about halfway through when David asked me how it was going. “Does it make any sense?” he joked, since it’s our little inside joke that Delany writes nothing intelligible unless you’re high on something or other. The weird thing, though, was his writing was the clearest I’ve ever seen. The story was easy to track, the cultures and over arching plot all made sense and things seemed easy. Then I hit the last twenty or so pages and I’m still dizzy for turning my head around.

Babel-17 Samuel R Delany

Sometimes I feel like when I write a review of a Delany book, I should actually just write “i love delany” like twenty times over and call it good. It would be about as effective and, unfortunately, about as interesting. I feel like the goal of a science fiction writer is to play with concepts in their current culture, stretching them and twisting them and drawing them out into stories that explore or try to explain how people react to.. to whatever there is to react to. That rambling thought has a point, I promise. Delany writes like someone who played the what if game, and then started writing before he finished the thought. It’s messy, but he draws you in and makes you a part of the original questions that sparked the story. In this one he played with the idea of language, of how much it shapes your identity, and vice versa. It’s embarrassing to admit that I feel like I missed a bit of the plot because at times it felt like more of a distraction than the primary point for reading.


*I am sooo not being sarcastic. Not in the least. I’m very proud of my sister and think she rocks. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people who have lives similar to hers and successes like hers. If you read that book and find it helpful, then that’s awesome. My main critique with that book was how it’s roadmap for how to live seemed it exclude any other possibility.