More of a tangent than a post


David and I were talking about my hair length, and he said he couldn’t remember ever seeing me with pony tail length hair. I laughed, because that’s so not true. That top photo was taken when we had been dating for a year, but no big deal. This morning we were talking about hair, and how I had wanted to grow mine out for a while. During the photo’s time frame, I had been asking him to help me with the process and remind me that I wanted long hair and to not let me get it cut.* It worked pretty well, and David asked why I ended up cutting it. I lol’d and reminded him I did that when we weren’t dating.

I have been thinking about hair, though, and how it pertains to creating a solid image of one’s self. I don’t like having long hair because I feel really plain. Sure, there are people who will remind me that I don’t look plain with long hair (and thanks to all those people) but it doesn’t matter, since I feel plain. I think I’ve settled on the length I want, though, and while all those near me know how that will so not stay that way, I feel pretty solid on it. I want one look. I want to be able to draw portraits of myself and not have them dated by my hair style. It’s silly and possibly shallow, but there it is.

Marci Ideal Hair Length

I’m thinking somewhere around this length, only much shorter in the back.** Bob style, though, not with layers back there. You know, to get a good level of asymmetry down. And, employment providing, with an underlayer of pink peaking out. Yeah, that would be ideal. Also the eyebrows in the first two photos? Never again. Never. Again.

*Not in a controlling way–in a supportive way

**Also, in a completely narcissistic side note, I think this is hands down one of the cutest photos of me as an adult. So precious. So adorable.


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