Starting my day off with peanut butter M&Ms

Because really, why not?

Today  is Friday, which really feels like something worth celebrating.

This week has just been crazy full of Diablo II. It’s a bit embarrassing, but David and I are having a blast so who’s to judge. The computers are set up in the bedroom, so when David and I picked up Dairy Queen for dinner in the middle of the week, it was a little (a lot) strange but not unexpected when he looked at me and asked “should I just take the bag straight to the bedroom, then?’

Even weirder was when I said yes, of course.

This morning David had an hour and a half before he needed to leave for work, so we spent it making a chunk of progress in the third act (further than I’ve ever been before!!!1!!one1!). Found two waypoints and fought two dungeons, bitches. Because we’re dorks.

On a different (but eventually related) note, I have one of those mild little irritant-turned-questions buzzing in the back of my brain. I don’t understand couples who conduct their relationships publicly on Facebook. I almost feel like a dick for mentioning it, since I may have a friend or two who do it (bless you guys) but I don’t understand. I mean, if you’re using your phone to Facebook, then why wouldn’t you just text your partner directly? Wouldn’t that be faster and more immediate? Or maybe you’re sharing a link–that wouldn’t send through text message. At least not easily. But isn’t that what email is for? And then your conversations stay a bit more private? David and I have an epic email chain going that we talk to each other on throughout the day, on top of texting.

To each their own.

That email conversation, though? It’s full of David sending me super excited Diablo III for PS3 reviews. It was started by the nine exclamation point email and it’s only gotten more out of control. We’ve been theorizing about game play and guessing about what kinks will be there, and how they’ve possibly been worked out. I already know exactly I’d want the controller to be configured, but I’m still pretty stoked on what it actually looks like.

Okay so that’s enough about Diablo for now. But don’t expect any kind of relief from this, at least not for a bit. The only things slowing us down from finishing the game this weekend is 1) Starcraft and 2) Rise of Nations.

Enjoy the weekend!


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