My Mondays are really Slowdays

UPDATE!!! I checked my email right after posting this and had TWO emails from David about Diablo III which included no less than nine exclamation points. In case you thought the excitement was stemming from just me. It’s not.


I always feel so lazy Monday mornings (and all you folks with M-F full time jobs can just glare and hate all you want. I don’t mind) because I always end up messing around on my computer and catching up on the internet’s weekend. My own weekend was spent playing Starcraft for 30% of the time, after a week full of two hours of Starcraft a day. David’s a huge fan and I’m getting into it, so we got a little absorbed last week. Then 65% playing Diablo II in preparation for THIS!! and 5% outside time with a dog park, bbq and a little grocery shopping.

It’s funny to see how excited David is for Diablo III because I remember yeeeeeears ago when I was a sophomore in college someone got me into playing Diablo I in order to advance to Diablo II (which ended up never working properly on my computer) because ZOMG DIABLO III photos were released! And people were angry about it! Because they were too… colorful? But they were so angry! But it was exciting! Because because because DIABLO III

I jest, I jest. Well, I mock but I mock out of love. I’m pretty excited abut Diablo III as well.

But all in all, this weekend was lazy as fuck. Oh and I worked on an art project. I haven’t done a reduction linocut since I took that one (and only. ever.) art class a few years ago, and it was a blast. After a few caves in Diablo we’d pause, I’d do a color or two, and we’d head back for more Diablo, then break for another color or two. Etc. I realized (after a friend made a (admittedly nice and not mean) comment about the amount of art hanging on our apartment’s walls) that our living room is slowly turning into a shrine of my art. Not exclusively mine, that is, but my stuff is definitely outnumbering the rest of it. I feel weird, like that’s some ego-filled shrine I’ve built for myself. But then I remember that one of the reasons I work on specific projects to hang up is so that I have cheap and easy art to hang on the walls.

This post seems like it’s rambled along enough. If you’re curious about the prints I was talking about, I plan on spending a couple hours scanning some recent things and posting them on tumblr. If nothing else, to at least make my tumblr account more than a constant repost of my blog. Because really, ew gross double posting.

Oh I remember something else. The other day I was walking Lyra and I looked up at the trees alongside the path and what in front of my wondering eyes should appear? Twenty-two crows sitting in one tree. All looking down at me. I looked to the left, and the power line held seven more. Coupled with the other nine ravens in surrounding trees.  I’m not lying because I was very careful to count every single one. How could I not?

It was terrifying, even having never watched Hitchcock’s Birds. We retreated without turning our backs on them and rushed back to the apartment.

This morning’s walk went much more smoothly. The only wildlife was the five squirrels playing freeze tag in the parking lot. Really they were only playing tag, but then one ran up to Lyra and realized what was happening and froze like a little statue. A tiny, furry statue.


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