Don’t talk to me. Basically, like ever.

Okay that’s not actually true. But unfortunately, it’s pretty close to true. What can I say? I’m a shy introvert, through and through.


I’ve had one pair of sunglasses for about six years. They cost three dollars when I bought them, and I fully attribute their longevity to the fact that I live in one of the more overcast places in the country and that I don’t wear contacts. I wear them when I’m really desperate to keep people from approaching me, though, and I tend to have my headphones on as well. Because seriously, who approaches a girl with dark shades and headphones? At a bus stop? While reading a book?

People who are dicks, that’s who.

Like, one time I was on the bus reading. With headphones going. And this guy waved me down–like, walked to a seat in front of me and waved his hand in front of my face until I looked at him (I kept the headphones on). “What are you reading” he asked, and my response was holding my book in front of his face while still reading. People like that are douchebags, and that is the worst way to approach a girl who’s reading.

Anyway. The other day I was leaving a bookstore for an appointment. I was wearing my skull-print dress, brown tights and my studded faux-oxford-shoe-things. I also had my purse on my shoulder and a large moleskine art journal under my arm. Most importantly, I was wearing my headphones and my sunglasses. Why are all these details relevant? An older man stopped me. Like, physically moved in front of me so I couldn’t go around him, and asked if I worked there. I just stopped and stared. Do you work here, he asked again. I couldn’t help it (nor do I think I should have) but the snarkiest “uhhh no” came out of my mouth. My bitchy sixteen year old bratty self would have been so proud.

Because seriously–who does that? He even asked again–so you don’t work here? He looked disappointed. I ignored him and pushed my way past. I mean, even if I did work there, I clearly wasn’t on the clock, so fuck off dude! The help desk is a whopping five feet from where I was standing. No excuse.


5 thoughts on “Don’t talk to me. Basically, like ever.

  1. Seriously. People can be so dumb or insensitive… or just generally not give a crap. Someone walked into my office an hour ago and just left the door open. Just walked away from it and left it swinging WIDE open. And when I tell them our tenants moved out and I hand them instructions to find the new office. They stare at it for a second and then ask “Well, why didn’t they tell me they moved?” and “Well, how do I get there?” I’m proud of you for resurrecting your bitchy self for two minutes and giving that man what he deserved!

  2. It’s ok to be bitchy! some people need to learn how to keep out of others’ personal space. My issue, and it’s getting worse as i’ve been getting older, is getting ignored EVERYWHERE. line in the cafe, in line at the DMV, in line at the grocery store, in my car in line to get gas. The clerks ignore me 90% of the time and usually ask the person behind me for their order or whatever. People cut in line in front of me all the time. I hardly ever say anything because I am usually so dumbfounded I don’t know what to say (even thought his happens so often, I am still shocked at the rudeness). Ugh. people.

    • Aaaah that is totally the worst! I have a hard time figuring out what to say in situations like that too, but I have such a strong sense of right and wrong and breaking rules that I can feel my heart rate speed up and I get so anxious! Ugh.

  3. Girl, you would die in a small tourist town. I’m stopped left, right and centre for all kinds of dumb shit. Can you tell me where this is or can you take my picture with this dumb statue…
    I’m used to it and I kind of like people, especially friendly randoms, so it’s no big deal for me, but you would be in absolute hell around these parts. You’d be better off on a secluded trail than anywhere near the town. 😉

    • Oooh I totally would. I mean, I do pretty well with not holding grudges against nice people with understandable requests (re: “Oh could you take a quick photo of my family and I”) but things like being interrupted from my little (and very visible) bubble just because someone wants to strike up a conversation makes me so stabby! Secluded trails it is 🙂

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